PGov Delegate Communication Thread

Delegate Name: PGov
Delegate Address: 0x3fb19771947072629c8eee7995a2ef23b72d4c8a
Forum Handle: @PGov

Core Principles:

  • Transparency: Clear communication with votes and explanations of reasoning
  • Growth: We see great potential for Arbitrum and look forward to helping the chain grow as much as possible
  • Real-World Use Cases: We see great use cases in the future for RWA and web2/web3 connecting and look forward to seeing where the RWA use cases will go.
  • Diversification: With Arbitrum controlling the largest DAO treasury in defi currently, we’re excited and always looking forways to diversify and innovatively allocate funding to deserving projects and ideas.

Delegate Statement:

We’re a team of dedicated governance enthusiasts who have been in the crypto governance space for over two years now! Arbitrum is uniquely positioned in defi and with its incredible foundation and treasury, it has some of the most unique governance initiatives we’ve seen across all of defi!

Our primary goal is to use the knowledge we have learned in the past few years to help grow ARB and its community. We’ve been keeping track of ARB since day one and are excited to be here for the ride!

Conflicts of Interest & Resolution:

  • Abstain from the vote if a situation arises a conflict of interest, and clearly state on forums the conflict.

[Non-Constitutional]: Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program (Snapshot)

We voted FOR: This falls nicely in line with one of our main goals for Arbitrum. Sitting with the largest treasury in Web3, we think diversifying a significant amount of this treasury is needed for runway and stability. The team selected has extensive experience with RWAs and stablecoin/treasury diversification and management. We will be keeping a close eye on this topic as it progresses through the difference stages of the governance cycle and subsequent legal and service provider selection.

Proposal [Non-Constitutional]: Establish the ArbitrumDAO Procurement Committee (On Chain)

We voted FOR: We believe this proposal which establishes the ADPC will provide much benefit to the ecosystem through its soon to be established procurement frameworks. So often do companies come to the DAO with their service requests and going forward, this team will be able to properly handle and distribute intake.

Note: This specific on chain vote seemingly did not register on Tally and we are trying to get this fixed. Issues may arise from being near the start of when we first initially received delegation.


Long Term Incentives Pilot Program (On Chain)

We voted FOR: We are voting in line with our prior opinions of support with this program. This is a great way to support a longer term grants program for the DAO and a great way to allocate a significant portion of the DAO’s treasury.

AIP: ArbOS Version 20 “Atlas” (Snapshot)

We voted FOR: Seeing the support and technical work behind this proposal upgrade, we are in support of this network upgrade.

​​AIP: Batch Poster Manager and Sequencer Inbox Finality Fix (Snapshot)

We voted FOR: In similar regards as the prior technical upgrade votes, we are confident in the core team’s decisions for this technical fix and are in support.

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Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal 2.0 (Snapshot)

We voted FOR: These early contributors should be fairly compensated and we think this spurs overall activity and growth in the ecosystem for future contributors to spur more time here. Retroactive payment shouldn’t be expected but in times like this when well deserved and well funded, they should be rewarded.

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Proposal: [Non-Constitutional] Funding for Into the Dungeons: Machinata - a PvP Digital Miniature Game V2 (Snapshot)

We voted AGAINST: This is a pretty cool project and definitely deserves some time and funding, however, should be done through the LTI and other grants programs out there currently.

Changes to the Constitution and the Security Council Election Process (On Chain)

We voted FOR: These changes increase the transparency and effectiveness of the security council and are thankful for the community in creating and executing on this.

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AIP: ArbOS Version 20 “Atlas” (On Chain)

We voted FOR: In line with our prior Snapshot vote.

[Non-constitutional] Proposal to fund Plurality Labs Milestone 1B(ridge) (Snapshot)

We voted AGAINST: This was a tricky vote but at the end of the day, we are voting for this in line with our prior reasoning that we believe such grant and funding should go through grants councils/foundation funding and believe this isn’t distinctive enough to warrant one off funding.

ARDC Research Member Election (Snapshot)

We voted 100% Blockworks/Delphi Digital: We’ve seen these two’s work many times over the last few months and believe they are an appropriate fit for this role.

ARDC DAO Advocate Election (Snapshot)

We voted 100% L2BEAT/Ant Federation: Although we’re not familiar with Ant Federation, we’ve seen these L2Beat’s work many times over the last few months and believe they are an appropriate fit for this role.

ARDC Security Member Election (Snapshot)

We voted 33.33% for Nethermind, Trail of Bits, and OpenZeppelin: We believe these three security member electors are the best fit due to their great work in the past.

ARDC Risk Member Election (Snapshot)

We voted Elect Chaos Labs: This team has consistently delivered and we expect no different for this. 100% in favor.

[Non-Emergency Action] Fix Fee Oversight ArbOS v20 “Atlas” (Snapshot)

We voted Set L1 surplus fee and L2 min, Set only L1 surplus fee, Set only L2 minimum base fee, Set neither option and cancel: We think this ordering of this fee oversight correction is most appropriate.

Request for Continuation of the Arbitrum DDA Program Request (Snapshot)

We voted For: Although we now have a larger grants program, we think running this rather smaller program is still worth it. This will encourage and cause all the programs to be diligent and hold each other responsible while also creating alternative grant sources for teams looking to build.

[Non-Constitutional AIP] Front-end interface to force transaction inclusion during sequencer downtime (Snapshot)

We voted For: We are fully in support of implementing this proposal for a front-end interface to facilitate the inclusion of transactions on L1 during Arbitrum Sequencer downtime. This lets users maintain transaction activity even in the absence of the Sequencer, aligning with the core principles of decentralization and user autonomy. The technical expertise and proven track record of WakeUp Labs also adds credibility here.

[Non-constitutional] Proposal to fund Plurality Labs Milestone 1B(ridge) (On Chain)

We voted AGAINST: Following similar reasoning with our snapshot vote. Frankly, we were leaning towards abstaining here as we think at the end of the day, this proposal is great and should receive some funding, but just done through alternative grant programs that are currently set up to encompass stuff like this.

Catalyze Arbitrum Gaming: HADOUKEN! (Snapshot)

We voted Game Over (Against): We enjoy the concept and think the concept as a whole should be something that is explored deeper. However, the ask is just very unreasonably high in our eyes and almost immediately disqualifies it for further discussion. We think the same proposal with options to choose the amount or a (much) smaller budget would be more appropriate and something we would definitely support.

Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program (On Chain)

We voted For: In line with our past vote reasoning, we are excited to see this finalize and officially start. This should be a good example for DAOs across the space and should hopefully spur more DAOs to do such.

Expand Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO (Snapshot)

We voted For: We have seen Tally help Arbitrum customize the voting portal and have been very responsive to any bugs or requests we have made. This is a great team to continue the working relationship with and the budget ask is very reasonable.

Double-Down on STIP Successes (STIP-Bridge) (Snapshot)

We voted For: We are in favor of this bridge funding for STIP. These programs have shown a consistent and reliable distribution for the Arbitrum project and are relatively reasonable in the grand picture of everything that is happening right now.

Security Council Nominee Selection (On Chain)

We voted Certora: We are putting our full voting weight behind Certora. First, with our limited votes, we thought a proven security provider would be the best fit for the council. Looking at all of the security providers, we’ve worked with and have been how good the team at Certora is first hand and believe they would be great fits for this council.

Expand Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO (On Chain)

We voted For: In line with our first reasoning, we are excited to see this engagement strengthen and know the Tally team will do a great job!

Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal 2.0 (On Chain)

We voted For: In line with our first snapshot approval, these members have shown significant dedication to the DAO and should be compensated accordingly.

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Request for Continuation of the Arbitrum DDA Program Request (On Chain)

We voted For: This writeup is very in depth and for a program that is substantially smaller than some proposals that we have seen be voted in, we are rather confident in the per dollar value add of this program. Like our snapshot vote, we are still in favor of the on chain vote.

76 ​Votes for STIPP (Snapshot)

We voted For: We are voting with the council reviewers’ decisions. Therefore, all of these proposals that they have recommended to be passed we are also voting yes on.

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Security Council Member Election (On Chain)

We voted Certora: In similar reasoning as our prior nominee selection, we are putting our full voting weight behind Certora.

Double-Down on STIP Successes (STIP-Bridge) (On Chain)

We voted For: Voting in line with our prior reasoning and votes from the Snapshot.

Delegate to Voter Enfranchisement Pool ” Event Horizon (Snapshot)

We voted For: We’ve chatted with the Event Horizon team on multiple occasions and are very content with the final output of this proposal. This is an appropriate amount and should be a good experiment to see their product play out at a larger scale. Thanks to the team for their hard work these last few months and constant feedback/responsiveness! Looking forward to seeing their delegate platform more and more.

Subsidy Fund for Security Services (Snapshot)

We voted 100% 1 Cohort of 8 Weeks: This fund as a whole is an interesting idea for us. We think it’s certainly worth exploring, but before diving all in, a smaller test cohort (single) seems most appropriate.

Safeguarding Software Developers’ Rights & the Right to Privacy (Snapshot)

We voted Fund with 1m ARB each: For an amount that is relatively trivial to the DAO, this is an appropriate amount for the type and quality of work that these two teams are doing. It’s imperative we support these teams across DeFi and should hopefully set a good precedence across other DAOs.

15 ​Voting for STIPP Extra Requests (Snapshot)

We voted For: We are voting for all of these extra requests. If the budget permits, this batch is adequate and we think should be awarded the grant as well.

GovHack at ETH CC (Brussels) (Snapshot)

We voted For: GovHack in Denver was a great experience and members from our team attended. We think this is a great initiative for the price and was a very productive experience. Overall, we are super happy to see these events happen again.

Grant Request - Curve Finance (Snapshot)

We voted For: We understand that this grant is not a part of the LTIPP program, but believe this is a value add to the Arbitrum ecosystem as a whole. Overall, we are a fan of the grant match by Michael the founder and think this is appropriate.

Proposal for Approval of DeDaub as the ADPC Security Advisor (Snapshot)

We voted For: We are in favor of DeDaub being added as a security advisor because of their trusted reputation and we trust in the team’s judgment to add them on and the value add they will bring.

GovHack at ETH CC (Brussels) (On Chain)

We voted For: Voting in line with our prior reasoning and vote from the Snapshot. GovHack will be a great event and we’re looking forward to attending!

Pilot Phase: M&A for Arbitrum DAO (Snapshot)

We voted For: With members from our team attending the weekly calls for the last few months, we saw this proposal get workshopped continuously to its current state. We think this Pilot Phase is appropriate and in line with our general goals of further diversifying DAO treasury.

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