#5 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (23.08.2023)

once again I’d like to invite all the delegates to the fifth Open Governance Call this Wednesday. Please mark your calendars (or you can subscribe to the public Arbitrum Governance calendar and always be up to date with our calls).

The call will take place again on Google Meet: meet.google.com/ouo-uskg-niq on Wednesday, 23.08.2023 at 4pm UTC (same as last time).

We’ll keep the agenda a bit flexible as before and will adapt to whatever will be brought by the participants, but overall the structure will be as follows:

  1. Updates from on-going DAO initiatives (grants, liquidity incentives, other).
  2. Ongoing or upcoming proposals looking for delegates attention
  3. Updates from the Arbitrum Foundation
  4. Open mic

Please post in this threads all the other topics that you would like to cover and don’t hesitate to show up in person to present your issues directly to the delegates.

We will record and publish the call.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday!


Looking forward to it! We could also talk a bit about our recent temperature check vote.


@krst , apologies, disconnected before the end of the call to schedule a time to discuss this proposal

How about in 2 weeks? August 30th at 17:00 UTC?


Looking forward to the next call as well to calibrate community expectation(s) regarding Gauntlet’s USDC.e Initial Migration Report.


Thank you all for a very productive and interesting discussion during the #5 Arbitrum Open Governance Call!

Here you can find the recording: #5 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2023-08-23 18:04 GMT+2) - Google Drive

Here you can find the chat log: #5 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2023-08-23 18:04 GMT+2) - Google Drive

And here is a transcript: #5 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2023-08-23 18:04 GMT+2) - Transcript - Google Docs

As a reminder - next call will be in four weeks, on the 20th of September. I believe we will also have some in-between working calls, you will be able to find all of them in our ArbitrumDAO Governance Community Calendar.

Once again, please share your feedback below, if there’s anything you’d like to add or change in those calls, please let me know.

Till next time!


Just to make sure - In two weeks you mean September 6th not August 30th? If yes, then 06.09, 17:00 UTC works perfectly for me, I’ll try to coordinate with all the interested parties.


yes, perfect, i meant September 6th :+1:


Great, I created an event for us, please send it to whoever you believe should join this discussion.

Link to the Google Meet: meet.google.com/cpm-jdby-cgv
Link to the event: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=N3ZqNzQ4dXV0bjlwaGZtMTFqdTM0b242aWcgY180MTU3OTg1ZDI0NTJkZmQ4YTkxYjZhMzZiY2NhYjM3ZGViOWJmZmU5MDUzYTRiOWJjYzRlOWZmZjllZjAyOTI0QGc&tmsrc=c_4157985d2452dfd8a91b6a36bccab37deb9bffe9053a4b9bcc4e9fff9ef02924%40group.calendar.google.com