#12 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (6.3.2023)

Hello everyone,

In light of GovHack and ETHDenver, we’ll be moving our Open Governance Call to next week.

Please mark your calendars (or you can subscribe to the public Arbitrum Governance calendar and always be up to date with our calls).


  1. Foundation Updates by @cliffton.eth
  2. Security Council Elections by @cliffton.eth
  3. GovHack by Hack Humanity update by @KlausBrave
  4. Questbook DDA program continuation proposal by @Srijith-Questbook
  5. Denver Discussions Recap by @AlexLumley
  6. Onboarding Working Group by @Sinkas
  7. Strategic Pillars update by @danielo
  8. Arbitrum Ventures Initiative by @Lino
  9. Gaming Working Group by @Djinn
  10. Open Discussion

If you have something you’d like to bring up during the meeting, please post it in the replies below so we can plan accordingly and update the aforementioned agenda.

The call will take place again on Google Meet: meet.google.com/ouo-uskg-niq on Wednesday, 6.3.2024 at 5 pm UTC/12 pm EST (same as last time).

We will record the call and publish it later on for a public review, so please keep that in mind.

Lastly, following the discussion we had during the last call, please take a second to vote on the below poll to get a sense of what we should explore.

Time of the open governance call:

  • Keep it as is
  • Change it to earlier
  • Change it to later
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Hope to see you all on Wednesday, and for those of you that are in Denver, enjoy!


Hey @Sinkas

I’d love to do a short update on the Strategic Pillars work

and also Lino would like to make a mention of the nascent Abritrum Ventures Initiative

Could we add those to the agenda?

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Hi, @Sinkas

During your presentation about Onboarding Working Group you shared some Charmverse sites. Can you share the link here? I can’t find it elsewhere.

For anyone who couldn’t make it to the call, below you can find:

The recording - #12 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2024-3-6) - Recording
The chat log - #12 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2024-3-6) - Chat Log
The call’s transcript (auto generated) - #12 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2024-3-6) - Transcript

Next call will happen on the 3rd of April 2024 at 3 pm UTC / 10 am EST / 11 pm SGT.

Please make sure you take note of the updated time!

Tekr0x, you can find the links to the onboarding sites I shared here:

Onboarding Working Group Notion (WIP)
Arbdao Vercel (WIP)


Great, thanks. I will check it out.