ADPC Update Thread

Hello, everyone! We’re excited to share with the community the Arbitrum DAO Procurement Committee (ADPC) reporting updates from our first 2 months of operation.

The first 2 months have seen strong progress, with the publication of the Subsidy Fund proposal and the creation of the Means Test. We are also in the process of setting up the procurement framework RFP to whitelist security service providers for the DAO, which will be published by May 1.

This thread will be used to update the Arbitrum DAO about the progress made by the Arbitrum DAO Procurement Committee (ADPC). The post will cover 3 sections:

I. ADCP’s mandate and the work done towards fulfilling the mandate;
II. Timeline and Open Items;
IIi. Transparency, i.e., links to the ADPC’s meeting minutes, public Notion page, and bi-weekly call recordings.

I. ADPC’s Mandate & Progress

As ratified by this Tally vote, the ADPC was created on February 8 2024, with an initial mandate of 6 months, extending until August 8 2024.

We will break down the progress we have made for each of the ADPC’s mandate points:

:one: The primary mandate of the ArbitrumDAO Procurement Committee (ADPC) is to oversee and facilitate the recently ratified procurement framework for security-oriented service providers within the Arbitrum Ecosystem, as per the following reference: Snapshot. In this capacity, the ADPC bears the responsibility of diligently executing the steps essential to implement the aforementioned procurement framework in a manner characterized by transparency and efficiency.

  • The ADPC is currently in the process of setting up the procurement framework RFP to whitelist security service providers for the DAO.
  • The RFP includes a Framework Agreement which outlines detailed considerations around general provisions of the framework, administration of the framework, financial provisions, personnel, information management, risk management, IP rights, termination and dispute, delivery, security, and reporting. The RFP also includes an Order Form and Contract Details for all applicants.
  • The first draft of the RFP has been created and is currently being vetted and reviewed internally by the ADPC.
  • The aim is for the ADPC to publish the RFP by May 1, with applications needing to be submitted 4 weeks after the RFP being published and a subsequent review period consisting of 4 weeks, which will be a rolling process where the ADPC will approve applicants through the course of this period. We aim to have the service providers white-listed by the end of June.

:two: The ADPC will be tasked with researching & drafting a proposal to the ArbitrumDAO to set up a subsidy-fund for security-oriented services that will be used to subsidize the costs for security-services for smaller projects within the Arbitrum Ecosystem.

As you can see, the Subsidy Fund proposal has been drafted and shared with the DAO. The proposal is up for vote on Snapshot. We have also created Grant Application T&Cs for any applicants which you can find here. Applications for subsidies will only start getting accepted after service providers are white-listed.

:three: The ADPC will be tasked with researching & implementing a framework that will establish a set of qualitative & quantitative metrics that will be utilized so as to assess a project’s eligibility for the ‘Subsidy Fund’ referred to in point [b] above. This ‘Means Test’ (as referred to in traditional administrative practices), will be bundled in with the proposal that will set up the subsidy fund referred to in [b]. The Means Test will be used to assess whether a project is eligible for security service-fee subsidies. Initially, this methodology will only be applied to security-oriented services. However, this does not preclude the application of this same concept to other verticals within the ArbitrumDAO.

The Means Test is included as part of the Subsidy Fund proposal and you can find it in the same forum post.

:four: The ADPC will be tasked with establishing procurement frameworks for a myriad of verticals/service-types that the ArbitrumDAO could need in the foreseeable future. This proactive approach towards procurement will naturally aid in ensuring that projects within the Arbitrum Ecosystem have immediate access to high-quality whitelisted service providers when the need arises. In this regard, all procurement frameworks developed by the ADPC will need to be ratified through a Snapshot vote by the ArbitrumDAO.

Given our focus on establishing the procurement framework for security service providers and creating the Subsidy Fund, we have not worked on establishing any other procurement frameworks yet. However, we are in conversations with BlockScience to take the findings of their report to develop Expert Service Provider Networks for Arbitrum forward and identify the best process for outlining the next procurement frameworks for the DAO to create. As these conversations become more advanced, we will provide further updates on this thread.

:five: The ADPC will be tasked with creating & communicating guidance notes & circulars that will substantiate & provide additional detail in relation to any procurement framework that is ratified by the ArbitrumDAO from time to time. The aim of these guidance notes & circulars is to provide prospective applicants going through the procurement process with the necessary information that would enable them to satisfactorily complete the steps of the corresponding procurement framework.

We are currently in the process of creating guidance notes and circulars alongside the RFP and will publish these in due course.

II. Timeline and Open Items


  • Publish RFP on the forum by May 1.
  • Application period between May 1 and May 29.
  • Whitelisting and evaluation period between May 29 and June 26.

Open Items

  • Obtain feedback from the community on the set-up of a separate committee as mentioned by @pedrob and @coinflip in the response to the Subsidy Fund post.
  • Ratify the Subsidy Fund proposal on Snapshot and then Tally.
  • Publish the RFP on the forum and begin the vendor white-listing process.

III. Transparency


Hi all, this is a short update on the ADPC’s open items and progress.

Publication of RFP Documents

The RFP currently has two key dependencies that we are waiting on confirming before publication. Firstly, the security expert who we are currently onboarding, DeDaub, as we have mentioned in this post, is currently drafting the technical and business requirements for the RFP. We have put up a Snapshot vote for the approval to use part of the ADPC’s operational buffer to compensate DeDaub.

Secondly, the Arbitrum Foundation is currently reviewing the RFP from a legal perspective and we are awaiting their feedback.

Once DeDaub has finalised the requirements and the Arbitrum Foundation has completed its legal review and we have incorporated their feedback, we will be ready to publish the RFP.

Committee Structure

We are currently working on creating the structure and processes for the independent committee for selection of subsidy recipients and will provide further details soon.

Hi all, this is a short update on the ADPC’s open items and progress.

Committee Structure

We have published the Committee Structure here and look forward to the community’s feedback on it.

Publication of RFP Documents

In terms of next steps, we haven’t published the RFP documents yet and everything is almost in place to do so. We’re just waiting to incorporate feedback from the Arbitrum Foundation legal team and are in discussions with them to do so at the moment. We have obtained the technical requirements from DeDaub and the only remaining component is the refinement of the RFP documents in alignment with the Foundation.

We’re hopeful that we will be able to publish the documents ASAP and will provide guidance on the application process at the time of publishing.

Link to the ADPC Bi-Weekly Call Recording on 16 May 2024:

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Hi all, as an update, the Snapshot proposal to set up a Sub-Committee for the Security Services Subsidy fund is now up for voting here.

Also, find below the link to the ADPC Bi-Weekly Call Recording on 30 May 2024: