Arbitrum DAO News: Governance, Grants and Arbitrum GovHack EthDenver Announcement, January 31 📰

With several proposals ready to be executed, EthDenver on the way, and the ACPC elections about to conclude, we can expect plenty of news and, for delegates, some proposals to analyze and vote on.

Let’s dive into the Arbitrum DAO Updates! :rocket:

:eyes: TL;DR - Snapshot of the Week

  • Arbitrum GovHack EthDenver
  • Plurality Labs Milestone 2 Proposal Discussion
  • Allo on Arbitrum Hackathon Winners Announced
  • Election of Procurement Committee Members (ADPC)
  • Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program Proposal
  • Changes to the Constitution and the Security Council Election Process
  • ArbitrumDAO Transparency Commission Work Group Charter & Pilot Program
  • Upcoming DAO Calls and Events
  • Active Proposals Live for Voting
  • Notable Forum Discussions

:speaking_head: Arbitrum GovHack - ETHDenver

ArbitrumDAO is celebrating its ten-month anniversary and has experienced significant growth. Now, it’s time to take it to the next level during a three-day governance bootcamp and the Arbitrum community open day on February 26th and 28th at the Oxford Hotel in Denver.

Let’s lay the groundwork together and set up the ArbitrumDAO for success

Limited spots available, so sign up here.

:newspaper: Governance News

:bookmark_tabs: Election of Procurement Committee Members (ADPC)

The procurement committee of the Arbitrum DAO was selected through an off-chain vote on Snapshot, and now we know who will be leading this initiative, which is currently active on Tally and for now has received the approval of the DAO just a few days before the voting deadline.

The selected members are Joseph [Immutablelawyer], Paul Imseih, and Bernard Schmid [Areta].

If you would like to know more about the selected members, a pitching session was held on Monday, January 29, 2023, and you can watch the recording here.

:lock: Changes to the Constitution and the Security Council Election Process

The discussion revolves around a proposed amendment to the ArbitrumDAO Constitution and the Security Council (SC) election process.

Aims to extend the election process from 42 to 49 days by adding a 7-day ‘Contender Submission’ stage before the ‘Nominee Selection’ stage. Candidates are required to sign a transaction from their EOA to apply for a Security Council position.

The Constitution will also be updated to correct wording mistakes and to reflect the new election process.

An off-chain proposal is now available on Snapshot and will be open until February 5th.

:dollar: Plurality Labs Milestone 2 Proposal Discussion

The ongoing discussion revolves around a proposal to fund Milestone 2 of the “Thank ARB by Plurality Labs” project, which aims to enhance value creation within the Arbitrum DAO. The proposal entails a significant funding increase, totaling $30 million in ARB on an annual basis, as compared to Milestone 1.

Feedback from main delegates has been shared on the forum, and as a result, a meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 31st at 11:30 am EST, where the community can ask open questions and analyze the proposal.

:dollar: Grants News

:jigsaw: Allo on Arbitrum Hackathon Winners Announced

The winners of the Allo hackathon have been announced, congratulations to the winners and to all those who submitted a project. You can find more details here.

:saluting_face: Round 3 of “Our Biggest Minigrants Yet” is live!

This week, the ArbitrumDAO will be granting 2,500 ARB to each of the top four projects in the ‘Play to Earn, Reimagined’ category, for a total of 10,000 ARB distributed in the second round.

If you are developing in the ‘The Future of Identity in Web3’ category on Arbitrum or utilizing Arbitrum technology in any way, we encourage you to submit your application.

:fire: Grants Domain Allocator Education, Community Growth and Events and Updates

Updates on the distribution of grants through the Questbook program have been released, providing the current status of each application and proposal in the Education, Community Growth and Events and Updates Grants Domain Category.

You can find more information here.

:bank: Treasury News :

:scroll: Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program ready to go to snapshot

The Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program (STEP) proposal is ready for off-chain voting on snapshot and should be published in the next few hours.

:woman_judge:t2: Some Governance Discussions:

Experimental Delegate Incentive Test #1


The Arbitrum ecosystem is testing an incentive program to reward delegates who actively participate in governance, with criteria like holding a minimum of 50,000 Voting ARB Tokens, maintaining a historical Tally participation rate over 25%, achieving a monthly participation rate over 60%, completing an application template, and undergoing KYC with the Arbitrum Foundation.


The test used December 2023 data to evaluate delegate participation and determine eligibility for compensation.

And you can see it here.

Introducing the ArbitrumDAO Transparency Commission Work Group Charter & Pilot Program


This initiative is designed to establish a high standard for transparency within the ArbitrumDAO ecosystem. The goal is to build trust, enhance collaboration, and ensure that community members can make informed decisions


A pilot program will run for 4 to 6 weeks to gain insight into the current landscape within the DAO and organize the work group. Regular updates on the project’s status will be provided voluntarily.

:ballot_box: Voting Reminders

:date: Governance Calls

Previous Calls:

  • ADPC Pitching SessionRecording
  • Open Arbitrum Delegates Emergent Workshop

Upcoming Calls:

  • Plurality Labs Milestones 2 Proposal DiscussionContext
  • Grantee Help Session - Prepping for Decentralized Reviews
  • Arbitrum - L2Beat Office Hours
  • Arbitrum KPI Working GroupContext

You can subscribe and add the Arbitrum governance calls to your calendar here.

:globe_with_meridians: Arbitrum DAO Resources

To stay connected and informed, here are some valuable resources:

:saluting_face: Stay Connected, Stay Informed

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