Arbitrum DAO - official social media account discussion

Hey everyone, this post has the goal of kickstarting the conversation around Arbitrum communications and starting sampling the need for an official “Arbitrum DAO” account on social media: Twitter, Farcaster, etc. We can use YUP to cross post on all of the platforms also.

I think that the DAO has reached that stage in which we might need a community run twitter account to showcase, communicate, bring more awareness and also people together.

There are multiple community ran accounts such as ANDAO(who are killing it btw), but they serve the Arbitrum ecosystem as a whole, the Arbitrum DAO currently does not have an “official twitter account” that people can follow to see the 100% of latest developments, proposals and stuff that’s happening in the DAO!

Concentrating and connecting all the initiatives that are currently live in the Arbitrum DAO is not an easy task, but having an official DAO account can help:

-create a go-to resource for everything that’s happening in the DAO
-fill the information asymmetry gap
-people navigate around the DAO
-cement the Arbitrum DAO as a brand in web3

If this is something that makes, let’s chat on how we can collaborate around this idea and bring it to light.

Do we need an Arbitrum DAO social media account?
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At the moment we have these accounts in the DAO:

ANDAO - by far the biggest account :blue_heart: :rocket:
Thank Arb :blue_heart: :people_hugging:
ArbTreasury :coin: :euro:


It is an Interesting offer.
There are several questions:

  1. In theory, there is a forum where all the activities of the DAO are visible
  2. There are also announcements of DAO in the discord
  3. That is, in essence, you propose to enter only a new account for Twitter. This is a good proposal, but who will lead it? This is a lot of work, taking into account how many proposals and discussions take place on the forum - and this information needs to be structured and some general explanations and links must be given

This is a great proposal. It’s and opportunity to meet people where they are and leverage social media to have a wider reach for gov related content.


This is a good proposal. While we have forums for users to engage and interact with proposals, it would be nice to hold separate Twitter Spaces to discuss some proposals. Some users may not have the time to scan through forums, but they will definitely join the space discussions on X.


I fully support this proposal as I in particular share @Jl_DefiEdge view on the enhanced transparency for discussions. I also see the opportunity to attract more contributors by having these social media accounts.


Hey @ZER8, have you explored using Push Protocol, it is a web3 communication network that enables cross-chain notifications. Notifications are sent to your web3 wallet and you can receive notifications straight to your phone, metamask, or the Push app whenever there is a new development in the DAO (this can be tailored to be whenever a new forum topic is posted).

This is much easier than say a DAO Twitter account, as it might not be practical to post every single forum post on Twitter. Feel free to reach out if this sounds like a good fit for Arbitrum DAO.

If there is any interest

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Did this lead anywhere, was just about to make a post on coordinating all socials in automated fashion, there should be a 4hr-24hr arbitrum eco system post posted in tldr form for all socials. Automation tools are there right?? oh i see @tnorm voted no here, can you provide your perspective here please?