[Temperature Check] Request for Consideration on Late ARB Token Claim

Dear Arbitrum Community,

I hope this message finds everyone well. I am writing on behalf of Gelato to address a recent oversight regarding the Arbitrum Airdrop. We have been supportive and active participants within the Arbitrum ecosystem and are sincerely invested in its growth and prosperity.

To provide some context, we diligently worked to claim the ARB tokens for all our nodes. However, we missed claiming from two of our addresses:


By the time we realized the oversight and attempted to claim, the window had unfortunately closed. We understand that the unclaimed tokens have been moved to the DAO treasury.

Given our genuine mistake and commitment to the ecosystem, we kindly request the community’s feedback on potentially reclaiming the ARB tokens associated with the mentioned addresses. We are fully aware of the processes in place and respect the decisions made by the DAO. This is merely a humble request for consideration.

The total unclaimed ARB from these addresses amounts to roughly $3,000 (according to airdrop alert sites).

We would appreciate any feedback, insights, or recommendations from fellow members on this matter.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Team Gelato

Not supportive of this at all.

Whilst appreciative of Gelato’s commitment to Arbitrum, there has been ample time to claim even if this was an oversight.

If we approve a late claim in Gelato’s instance then it opens the floodgates for everybody that missed the window to submit proposals for late claims. It would only be fair that everybody else’s proposals are then approved as well.

I think at this stage, anybody that has missed the window (due to whatever reason) needs to accept the L.

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Thank you for sharing your perspective.

To provide some additional context, Unlike individual users with personal keys, we utilize a multitude of machine user keys. These keys are a crucial part of our architecture to offer scalable transaction sending services on Arbitrum.

We recognize the importance of deadlines and the significance of adhering to them. Our intent is not to set a precedent that overlooks the importance of these windows but to ask for understanding in specific scenarios where technical complexities contributed to the oversight.

Again, we respect the community’s viewpoint and will accept whatever decision is made.