Bi-weekly grants & governance workshop (09.12.2023)

Reminder - Tuesday 09.13 is the bi-weekly Grants & Governance workshop at 2pm UTC

These bi-weekly facilitated sessions are open to all delegates and teams/individuals contributing to the Arbitrum ecosystem. Hosted workshops will use design thinking to understand the problems we are facing, align our conversations, and find better solutions.

In past meetings we have explored both bringing topics for discussion and letting the topics emerge from the participants. The blended model seems to be working, so for our next call we will do a scripted 20 min exercise followed by emergent topics.

Regardless, we are committed to making these meetings less about information sharing - and more about issue exploration & next step identification.

Here is our workspace:

The video will be appended to this post.

Not enough notice? I agree!!! Someone please tell me where tf these days go??
Oh - here is the calendar, it is way more up to date than I am. :slight_smile:


hey folks - thanks to the group of about 15 to 20 dedicated delegates and community members who joined us. here is a recording of the call and the mural we worked through. Some really great conversation in there and I think this was one of our best calls yet.

Video from the call:

Mural we built: