Bi-weekly grants & governance workshop (08.29.2023)

Reminder - Tuesday 8.29 is the bi-weekly Grants & Governance workshop at 2pm UTC

These bi-weekly facilitated sessions are open to all delegates and teams/individuals contributing to the Arbitrum ecosystem. Hosted workshops will use design thinking to understand the problems we are facing, align our conversations, and find better solutions.

If you have topics that need to be discussed, pop them in the comments below or add them as we get started.

Note, these meetings are less about information sharing - and more about issue & next step identification.

We will use the Lean Coffee approach to work through sticky Grants & Governance related topics - (link)

The follow up notes will be appended to this post.

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I miss this though I think we should always make a post about it a day or 2 before the call
In between you are doing an awesome job :+1: