Bi-weekly grants & governance workshop (11.07. 2023)

Our next session of the Bi-weekly grants & governance workshop is Tuesday Oct 24, 2023 - at 2 pm

These bi-weekly facilitated sessions are open to all delegates and teams/individuals contributing to the Arbitrum ecosystem. Hosted workshops will use design thinking to understand the problems we are facing, align our conversations, and find better solutions.

Note: That these meetings are less about information sharing - and more about issue & next-step identification.

We will use the Lean Coffee approach to work through sticky Grants and governance-related topics.

Here is our workspace

The video will be appended to this post.

Here’s the calendar , to add the future ones too!

Note: This workshop is designed to solve problems and share perspectives around DAO-level issues.

It does/is:

  • Lean coffee method
  • Participatory workshop style
  • Allows everyone to share topics they think are important
  • Allows everyone to comment (on post its) on each topic dicussed
  • broaden perspectives
  • introvert friendly
  • fun

It does/is not:

  • offer an opportunity for projects or proposals to pitch
  • allow for one person to talk the whole time
  • the loudest people dominate the room
  • a waste of time