Bird's Eye View Explorer: A Network Perspective

Right now we have arbiscan for onchain visibility and arbitrum website for project visibility, but imagine every arbitrum project as blobs next to every other by the size of their activity with the ability to zoom in and out of any area from the whole. I think this would provide a very cool visual for new entrants and arb daoists.

Not a dev,(yet) but in time I would create this. Maybe others can pull this off, here is a simple explanation of the design concept:

Building the Visualization

Data Collection and Preparation:
Collect Data: Use Arbitrum’s APIs or blockchain explorers to extract data on transactions, smart contracts, and interactions between them. Focus on identifying projects and their interactions.
Prepare Data: Process the data to highlight relationships between projects. This might involve mapping transactions to the projects initiating or receiving them and identifying smart contracts that facilitate these interactions.

Network Analysis:
Create a Graph Model: Treat each project as a node and each interaction (transactions, smart contract calls) as edges between these nodes. Use attributes to represent the volume or significance of the interactions.
Analyze the Network: Use network analysis techniques to identify key projects (nodes with high connectivity), clusters of closely interacting projects, and the overall structure of the network.

Choose a Visualization Tool: Options include graph visualization tools like Gephi, web-based libraries like D3.js, or programming libraries like NetworkX in Python.
Design the Visualization: Represent the Arbitrum blockchain’s project ecosystem as a network diagram where nodes represent projects, and edges represent interactions. Customize node sizes and edge thicknesses based on metrics like transaction volume or interaction frequency. Use color coding to differentiate types of projects or activity levels.

Interactive Features:
Implement Interactivity: Allow users to zoom in/out, click on nodes to get more information about projects, and filter by types of interactions or projects.
Dynamic Updates: If possible, make the visualization dynamically update with new transactions and interactions to keep the overview current.

Thanks for reading

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Surprisingly there isn’t an official DUNE dashboard for arbitrum chains.