Explore the Arbitrum Ecosystem with a Learning Mind Map by Lampros Labs DAO

Hey Arbitrum Community,

I hope this post finds you well.

Recently we(LamprosLabsDAO) started going through and learning about the Arbitrum ecosystem, and in the process, we created a comprehensive mind map using Miro to help visualise and understand the various components that make up this vibrant ecosystem.

The mind map covers essential information that we have gone through as a new user, including protocols, benefits for users, and the governance structure of Arbitrum. We designed it to serve as a learning resource for anyone or any new user like us who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

You can explore the Arbitrum Ecosystem Mind Map with this link - Arbitrum Ecosystem Mind Map.

Feel free to explore the mind map and share your insights! This is a collaborative effort, and we encourage community members to contribute their knowledge.

If you have any suggestions, changes or additional information you’d like to see included, drop a comment, and I’ll gladly update the mind map accordingly.

Looking forward to seeing the community thrive through shared knowledge!


Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re doing well!

As part of our recent journey into understanding the Arbitrum ecosystem, the team at Lampros Labs DAO has compiled a comprehensive database. This sheet contains all the forum posts across categories like Proposals, Governance, and the DAO Grants program, covering everything posted until now in respective categories.

The purpose of this database is to serve as a valuable resource for those who want to understand Arbitrum. It’s a repository of information that we believe will be beneficial for anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge.

We welcome your input and contributions to make this database even more robust. Feel free to explore the sheet using the link provided below, and if you have any insights or know of additional posts that should be included, please share your thoughts in the comments or in the DM. We’re committed to keeping this resource dynamic by updating the database with new posts at regular intervals and reflective of the collective knowledge within our community.

Link of Forum Database - Arbitrum Forum Database

Whether you’re an expert or just starting your journey with Arbitrum, your contributions matter. Let’s come together to build a knowledge hub that benefits the entire community.

Thank you for your time and looking forward to our collaborative learning experience!