Burstek DAO Initiative: Advancing Africa's Blockchain Frontier with Arbitrum


This proposal introduces “Burstek - Empowering Africa with Arbitrum,” a visionary initiative seeking to harness the power of Arbitrum’s decentralized technology to drive innovation and growth in Africa’s burgeoning tech landscape. As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Burstek aims to issue grants to innovative projects across Africa, focusing on the development and implementation of real-world decentralized applications (DApps) built on Arbitrum. Our mission is to foster a robust ecosystem of products and community growth for Arbitrum, through a series of developer workshops, product workshops, community meetups, and comprehensive training programs. We are committed to integrating existing blockchain projects, engaging with companies, organizations, and government entities, and providing strategies for implementing blockchain solutions with a primary focus on the Arbitrum platform.



Burstek is an initiative born out of a collective vision shared by a team of seasoned blockchain experts, dedicated to leveraging the transformative power of blockchain technology to create real-world solutions in Africa. This team, comprised of individuals with substantial experience in some of the continent’s largest and most impactful blockchain projects, brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record to the forefront of this initiative. With a strong and well-earned reputation in the blockchain landscape across the continent and beyond, the Burstek team stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise.

The team are not just advocates but also active contributors to the blockchain space, having developed and launched successful products on the Arbitrum platform. This first-hand experience has fostered a deep and genuine belief in the capabilities and potential of Arbitrum, motivating the team to further its reach and impact. The formation of Burstek as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a strategic step towards realizing this goal, aiming to catalyze the adoption and optimization of Arbitrum in Africa.

Demonstrated Commitment to Arbitrum and Blockchain Innovation

Our team members have actively contributed to the Arbitrum ecosystem, demonstrating our commitment and expertise:

  • Nashons Agate received a grant from Arbitrum via Questbook to run ideathons and productathons in Kenya, which were successfully accomplished in March. This initiative not only showcased the potential of blockchain technology in fostering innovation but also emphasized our dedication to community engagement and development.

    Evidence: Questbook proposal link

  • Victor Gunga, an Arbitrum Advocate, has spearheaded multiple meetups and conducted campus tours and workshops dedicated to Arbitrum since last year. His efforts have significantly contributed to raising awareness and understanding of Arbitrum’s technology across diverse communities.

    Evidence: Twitter Posts For Arbitrum Initiatives by Victor

  • Griffins Oduol and Nashons Agate, as co-founders of Nexuspay, a stablecoin-based payment wallet built on Arbitrum One, have directly contributed to the ecosystem’s growth. Nexuspay leverages the widespread adoption of mobile money in Africa, allowing users to send stablecoins using just their phone numbers. This innovation not only hedges against inflation but also facilitates the adoption of stablecoins and cryptocurrency, underscoring our team’s commitment to blockchain adoption and technological advancement.

The accomplishments and contributions of our team members to the Arbitrum ecosystem are a testament to our dedication, expertise, and vision for blockchain technology in Africa. With this foundation, we are poised to drive forward the mission of Burstek, leveraging our collective experience and achievements to foster a robust and inclusive blockchain ecosystem.

Association with Arbitrum:

The decision stems from a shared ethos of innovation, security, and scalability. The team’s extensive experience with Arbitrum’s technology has not only shown its potential to revolutionize the blockchain space but also highlighted its capacity to address specific needs and challenges within the African context. By harnessing the power of Arbitrum, Burstek is poised to introduce a new era of decentralized applications and solutions that are tailor-made for the region’s unique landscape.

As a DAO, Burstek is more than just a project; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive, efficient, and transparent digital future for Africa. Through this initiative, we aim to bridge the gap between cutting-edge blockchain technology and real-world applications, ensuring that the benefits of this revolutionary technology are accessible and relevant to the communities we serve. Burstek is committed to not just bringing Arbitrum to Africa but elevating it to new heights, making it an integral part of the region’s digital transformation journey.

Grant DAO Mission

Objective: Onboarding Projects and Achieving Decentralization

Purpose: Facilitate a shift towards a decentralized economy, ensuring every individual can participate as a stakeholder.

Strategy: Onboard a diverse array of projects onto Arbitrum, focusing on those that integrate with and enhance existing financial infrastructures.

Vision: Cultivating an Ownership Economy

Aim: Promote an economy where value and decision-making are distributed equitably, empowering individuals and communities.

Approach: Support initiatives that embody the principles of decentralization, transparency, and community governance.

Focus: High-Impact, Value-Adding Projects

Criteria for Success: Support initiatives that address real-world problems, enhance user experience, and provide tangible benefits.

Expectation: Projects should innovate and offer improvements in efficiency, accessibility, or functionality, going beyond mere transposition of web2 applications onto web3.

Commitment: Ensuring User Value and Impact

Core Belief: The true value of a project lies in its positive impact on its community and stakeholders.

Dedication: Prioritize projects demonstrating a clear value proposition to users, emphasizing shared success and recognition of contributions.

Through this mission, Burstek is committed to being a catalyst for change, fostering a more decentralized, inclusive, and prosperous future in Africa. We aim to support the growth of impactful projects on Arbitrum, contributing to a vibrant ecosystem where innovation thrives and everyone has the opportunity to benefit from blockchain technology.


The motivation behind Burstek’s initiative is rooted in the real and tangible challenges that our team, as active members and natives of the African blockchain ecosystem, has witnessed and experienced first-hand. We understand the landscape, the potential, and the hurdles that come with being innovators in this dynamic field. Our drive is fueled by two primary observations: the untapped potential of blockchain in Africa and the barriers that local founders and the community face in bringing their visionary ideas to fruition.

1. Understanding the Landscape:

Personal Experience: Our team, composed of individuals who have worked on significant blockchain projects within and outside the continent, has encountered the difficulties of navigating the complex terrain of funding and development in the blockchain space. We’ve been in the shoes of founders struggling to bring their ideas to market due to a lack of resources, guidance, and support.

Community Challenges: Through our engagement with the community, we’ve seen brilliant ideas remain dormant or unrealized. There’s a palpable need for knowledge, resources, and a supportive infrastructure to help these ideas grow into impactful solutions.

2. Belief in Blockchain’s Fit for Africa

Suitability of Technology: We firmly believe that blockchain technology is not just suitable for Africa but is exceptionally well-aligned with the continent’s needs and potential. The nature of traditional technological and financial infrastructure in Africa presents unique challenges that blockchain technology is well-equipped to address.

Data-Backed Potential: Evidence from various sources across the internet indicates that Africa has one of the highest potentials for blockchain adoption. The existing financial and technological gaps, coupled with a burgeoning young and tech-savvy population, make Africa fertile ground for innovative blockchain solutions.

3. Aiming for Impactful Adoption

Filling the Knowledge Gap: We are motivated by the desire to bridge the knowledge and resource gap. Burstek aims to provide the necessary tools, training, and funding to empower founders and innovators in the blockchain space.

Building on Cultural and Technological Synergy: Understanding the cultural and technological nuances of the continent, we aim to tailor blockchain solutions that resonate with and meet the specific needs of African communities and economies.

In essence, the motivation behind Burstek is deeply personal yet universally resonant within the African blockchain community. It’s about turning challenges into opportunities, potential into action, and ideas into impactful realities. We see Arbitrum as a key partner in this journey, providing the technological foundation upon which we can build a more inclusive, decentralized, and prosperous future for Africa.


The rationale for establishing Burstek as a dedicated Grants DAO under the Arbitrum ecosystem is anchored in a strategic alignment of vision, technology, and impact. It’s about leveraging Arbitrum’s advanced blockchain infrastructure to address specific needs and opportunities within the African context. Here’s why Burstek and Arbitrum together make a compelling case:

1. Alignment with Arbitrum’s Mission and Values:

Technological Synergy: Arbitrum’s commitment to scalable, efficient, and Ethereum-compatible blockchain solutions resonates with our vision of fostering high-impact, real-world applications in Africa. The platform’s capabilities are well-suited to support the sophisticated needs of the projects we aim to incubate and accelerate.

Community and Decentralization: Both Burstek and Arbitrum value community-driven innovation and decentralization. By collaborating, we can further these principles, creating a more robust, inclusive, and participatory ecosystem that aligns with the broader objectives of the global blockchain community.

2. Addressing the Unique Challenges of Africa:

Infrastructure Gaps: Traditional technological and financial infrastructures in Africa present unique challenges and opportunities. Arbitrum’s technology is uniquely positioned to bridge these gaps, providing a foundation for solutions that are secure, scalable, and accessible.

Cultural and Economic Alignment: By understanding the cultural, economic, and social landscape of East Africa, Burstek can guide the development and implementation of blockchain solutions that are not just technically sound but also culturally resonant and economically impactful.

3. Leveraging Local Expertise and Global Technology:

Insider Knowledge: The team behind Burstek brings a wealth of local knowledge and experience. This insider perspective is invaluable in identifying the most pressing needs, viable opportunities, and effective strategies for technology implementation.

Arbitrum’s Global Reach: Partnering with a globally recognized platform like Arbitrum opens up access to cutting-edge technology, a worldwide community of developers, and a wealth of resources and expertise. This global-local synergy can significantly amplify the impact of our initiatives.

3. Driving Sustainable and Inclusive Growth:

Economic Empowerment: By focusing on projects that not only solve real-world problems but also promote economic inclusion, Burstek aims to contribute to sustainable and equitable growth in the region. Arbitrum’s technology can help ensure that these solutions are scalable, efficient, and secure.

Community Ownership and Participation: Ensuring that the benefits of blockchain technology are widely distributed and that communities have a stake in the projects that affect them is a core principle for both Burstek and Arbitrum. Together, we can foster a sense of ownership and engagement among the local population.

In summary, the rationale for Burstek’s initiative under Arbitrum is built on a shared vision for a decentralized future, a strategic alignment of technology and objectives, and a commitment to leveraging this synergy for maximum impact in Africa. Through this partnership, we aim to catalyze a wave of innovation that is technologically advanced, culturally attuned, and profoundly transformative.

Type of Grants Administered

Burstek is committed to propelling the African blockchain ecosystem forward through targeted support. Focusing on two primary types of grants, Development and Growth, enables us to channel our resources and expertise where they can have the most significant impact. Here’s how we envision each type of grant:

1. Development Grants:

Objective: To support the technical development and innovation of blockchain projects. This includes funding for research, prototyping, development, and testing of new decentralized applications and platforms built on Arbitrum.

Target Recipients: Ideal candidates for development grants are technologists, developers, and researchers who are in the early stages of their project or who need support to take their existing project to the next level of technical sophistication and utility.

Impact Expectation: We expect development grants to result in tangible products or significant advancements in existing projects. The outcome should be innovative solutions that address specific needs or opportunities in Africa, leveraging the unique capabilities of the Arbitrum platform.

2. Growth Grants:

Objective: To accelerate the adoption and scaling of successful blockchain projects. This includes marketing, community building, partnerships, and user education – anything that helps a project expand its reach, user base, and impact.

Target Recipients: Growth grants are aimed at projects that have demonstrated potential through a working prototype or an initial launch. These projects should be ready to scale and have a clear plan for how the grant will help them grow.

Impact Expectation: Growth grants should lead to measurable increases in adoption, engagement, and impact. We’re looking for projects that not only grow in size but also deepen their contribution to the community, whether through increased financial inclusion, more efficient services, or other meaningful metrics

Policies and Procedures for Grant Application, Approval, and Disbursement:

Burstek has established a comprehensive and transparent process for the application, approval, and disbursement of grants. This process is designed to ensure fairness, thorough due diligence, and adherence to industry standards. The following outlines our approach:

1. Grant Application Process:

Submission: Prospective applicants are required to submit a detailed application through Burstek’s designated platform. The application must include a project overview, objectives, team information, a detailed implementation plan, budget, and expected impact.

Eligibility Check: Upon submission, applications undergo an initial review to ensure they meet basic eligibility criteria, such as alignment with grant types (Development or Growth), relevance to the East African context, and technical feasibility.

Comprehensive Review: Eligible applications are then subjected to a more thorough assessment. This includes an evaluation of the project’s innovation, potential for impact, team capability, and alignment with Arbitrum’s technology.

2. Due Diligence and Evaluation:

Expert Review: Applications are reviewed by a panel of experts with diverse backgrounds in blockchain technology, business development, and the African market.

Due Diligence: The panel conducts due diligence to verify the information provided, assess the risks associated with the project, and ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Community Feedback: For selected projects, community feedback may be sought to gauge potential reception and impact.

3. Decision Making:

Scoring and Ranking: Each application is scored based on predefined criteria. These scores help in ranking the projects in terms of their potential for impact and feasibility.

Panel Discussion: The expert panel discusses the applications, considering their scores and any additional insights gained during the review process.

Approval: Decisions on which projects to fund are made collectively by the panel, based on the scoring and discussions.

4. Grant Disbursement:

Agreement: Successful applicants are required to enter into a grant agreement with Burstek, outlining the terms and conditions of the grant, reporting requirements, and milestones.

Phased Disbursement: Grants are typically disbursed in phases, contingent upon achieving predefined milestones and regular reporting.

Monitoring and Support: Burstek provides ongoing monitoring and support to ensure projects are progressing as planned and offers assistance in overcoming any challenges.

5. Compliance and Reporting:

Regular Updates: Grantees are required to provide regular progress reports, including updates on milestones, budget usage, and any challenges faced.

Audit and Evaluation: Projects may be subject to periodic audits to ensure proper use of funds and compliance with the grant agreement.

Final Evaluation: Upon completion, a final evaluation is conducted to assess the overall success and impact of the project.

This systematic approach ensures that Burstek’s grant-making process is rigorous, fair, and focused on fostering high-impact projects that align with our mission and the needs of the East African blockchain ecosystem.

Impact Measurement

Measuring the impact of grants and initiatives is crucial to ensure that Burstek’s objectives are being met effectively. We employ a comprehensive impact measurement strategy that focuses on both short-term and long-term goals. This approach allows us to track progress, assess the effectiveness of our funding, and make data-driven decisions for future initiatives.

1. Short-Term Goals:

Project Milestones: Each grant recipient must define clear, achievable milestones within their project timeline. These milestones serve as indicators of progress and are used to assess the immediate impact of the grant.

User Engagement Metrics: For projects focusing on developing or scaling applications, short-term user engagement metrics such as user acquisition rates, active users, and community feedback will be monitored.

Technical Development Progress: For development grants, technical milestones such as successful prototype development, beta launches, or feature completions are key short-term indicators.

Feedback and Adjustments: Continuous feedback from grant recipients and the community will be sought to make necessary adjustments and improvements in the grant-making process.

2. Long-Term Goals:

Sustainability and Scalability: The long-term success of projects is measured by their sustainability and scalability. Projects should demonstrate a viable path to long-term operation and growth.

Economic and Social Impact: We assess the broader economic and social impact of the projects, such as job creation, financial inclusion, improvement in services, and other community benefits.

Ecosystem Growth: The overall growth and development of the African blockchain ecosystem are key long-term metrics. This includes an increase in the number of successful projects, higher community engagement, and greater international recognition.

Alignment with Arbitrum’s Vision: The extent to which projects contribute to and align with Arbitrum’s broader vision and objectives is a critical long-term measure.

3. Measurement Tools and Techniques:

Data Analytics: We will utilize data analytics tools to quantitatively assess project performance against predefined metrics.

Surveys and Feedback: Regular surveys and feedback mechanisms will be implemented to gather qualitative data from users, developers, and stakeholders.

Regular Reporting: Grant recipients are required to submit regular reports detailing their progress against both short-term and long-term goals.

Impact Audits: Periodic impact audits will be conducted by independent evaluators to assess the overall effectiveness and impact of the grant program.

By implementing this structured approach to impact measurement, Burstek ensures that its resources are being used effectively to foster a thriving blockchain ecosystem in Africa, aligned with both our mission and the long-term vision of the Arbitrum platform.

Phase 1 Timeline: March 2024 - August 2024

June 2024 - Program Initiation and Continuous Grant Applications:

June 1-7: Official launch of the Burstek Grants Program and opening of rolling grant applications.

June 8-14: First set of monthly workshops and codejams.

June 15-31: Initiation of campus tours and ideathons (weekly events).

July 2024 - Ongoing Activities and Grant Disbursements:

July 1-30: Continuation of monthly workshops, campus tours, and ideathons. Evaluation and disbursement of grants on a rolling basis.

July 2024 - Continued Engagement and First Hackathon:

August 1-31: Ongoing monthly workshops, campus tours, and ideathons.

Date TBD: First hackathon event.

Throughout May: Regular review and disbursement of grants.

Sep 2024 - Mid-Program Review:

Sep 1-30: Continuation of monthly activities. Mid-program review of grant impact and ongoing projects.

Sep 15-16: Second hackathon event.

October 2024 - Sustained Momentum and Third Hackathon:

October 1-31: Ongoing workshops, campus tours, and ideathons.

Date TBD: Third and final hackathon.

Throughout July: Continuous grant evaluations and disbursements.

November 2024 - Program Conclusion and Evaluation:

November 1-15: Final round of workshops, campus tours, and ideathons.

November 16-31: Comprehensive evaluation of the entire program, including impact assessment of grants, workshops, hackathons, and other activities.

December 2024 - Future Planning and Reporting:

December 1-30: Analysis of data and feedback from the six-month program. Planning for future initiatives and adjustments based on learnings and outcomes. Preparation of a detailed report on the program’s impact and recommendations for subsequent phases.

This flexible and dynamic timeline allows Burstek to continuously engage with the community, provide ongoing support through grants, and organize impactful events. The rolling basis for grants ensures that funding is accessible when needed, fostering continuous innovation and development throughout the program’s duration. Regular assessments and feedback loops are incorporated to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments, ensuring the program’s effectiveness and alignment with its goals.

Startup Assistance Grant

For the effective setup and launch of the Burstek Grants DAO, we have outlined a specific budget to cover the essential startup costs. This initial funding is crucial for ensuring that we have a robust foundation for our operations, compliance, and outreach. The following is a detailed breakdown of the startup assistance budget:

1. Legal Compliance Cost: ARB 3,000

Purpose: To cover the expenses associated with ensuring that Burstek operates within legal frameworks. This includes the cost of legal consultation, registration fees, and any other legal necessities to establish and maintain compliance with regional and international laws relevant to DAOs and grant-making entities.

Impact: Ensures that all activities of Burstek are legally sound and protected, thereby safeguarding the organization and its stakeholders.

2. Website and Grants Portal Development: ARB 2,500

Purpose: To fund the design, development, and maintenance of a professional website and a user-friendly grants portal. This platform will serve as the primary interface for information dissemination, grant applications, project showcases, and community interaction.

Impact: Provides a centralized and accessible online hub for potential applicants, partners, and the broader community, enhancing transparency and ease of access to grant-related information and resources.

3. Company Emails, Communication Tools, and Social Media: ARB 1,000

Purpose: To set up official company emails, acquire necessary communication tools, and establish a presence on relevant social media platforms. This will facilitate effective internal and external communication, outreach, and engagement.

Impact: Ensures smooth, professional, and efficient communication channels both within the organization and with external stakeholders, including grant applicants, partners, and the public.

4. Miscellaneous Expenses: ARB 500

Purpose: To provide a flexible fund that can be used for unforeseen costs or minor expenses that may arise during the initial setup phase.

Impact: Offers a buffer to ensure that incidental costs do not hinder the smooth establishment and initial operation of the DAO.

Total Startup Assistance Budget: ARB 7,000

This startup assistance grant is essential for laying a solid foundation for Burstek’s operations. It ensures that from the outset, the organization is equipped with the necessary tools, platforms, and legal compliance to effectively carry out its mission. This initial investment into the infrastructure and operational setup of Burstek is a critical step towards achieving our long-term goals and ensuring the success of our initiatives.

Overall Cost

The total budget for Burstek’s operations, events, and grant disbursements is structured for clarity and consistency. The budget includes Compensations, event expenses, operational costs, and the grants fund. Below is a neatly organized breakdown:

1. Salaries:

a) Managers (4 individuals):

Monthly Compensation per Manager: 7,000 ARB

Total per Manager: 7,000 ARB x 6 = 42,000 ARB

Total for All Managers: = 168,000 ARB

b) New Hires (4 individuals):

Monthly Compensation per New Hire: 2,000 ARB

Total for per New Hire: 2,000 ARB x 6 = 12,000 ARB

Total for All New Hires: 12,000 ARB x 4 = 48,000 ARB

Total Compensation Expense: = ARB 216,000

2. Events:

Monthly Workshops and Codejams (2 per Month):

Cost per Workshop: 3,000 ARB

Total per Month: 3,000 ARB x 2 = 6,000 ARB

Total for 6 Months: 6,000 ARB x 6 = 36,000 ARB

Campus Tours and Ideathons (4 per Month):

Cost per Event: 3,000 ARB

Total per Month: 3,000 ARB x 4 = 12,000 ARB

Total for 6 Months: 12,000 ARB x 6 = 72,000 ARB

Hackathons (3 Total):

Total for All Hackathons: 50,000 ARB

Merchandise, Banners, and Necessary Materials:

Total: 7,000 ARB

Total Event Expense: = 165,000 ARB

3. Operations and Contingency:

Total: 15,000 ARB

4. Grants to Fund Projects:

Total Grants Fund: 1,000,000 ARB

Total Overall Cost:

Summing up all components:

Salaries: 216,000 ARB

Events: 165,000 ARB

Operations and Contingency: 15,000 ARB

Grants Fund: 1,000,000 ARB

*Grand Total: ARB 1,396,000 *

This budget presents a clear and detailed overview of the funds required for salaries, events, operational costs, and grants, ensuring transparent and effective utilization of resources for the program’s success.

Group Structure

Burstek’s flat organizational structure is designed to optimize collaboration and efficiency, with a team of dedicated full-time members, each bringing unique skills and expertise.

1. Nashons Agate - Decentralized Operations Coordinator (Full-Time):

Role: Oversees overall strategy and operations, ensuring smooth coordination across Burstek.

Credentials: Co-founder of NexusPay (a stablecoin payment wallet, for Africa, built on the rails of mobile money), with expertise in blockchain-based financial solutions.

Compensation: 7,000 ARB per month.

2. Victor Gunga - Ecosystem Growth Strategist (Full-Time):

Role: Focuses on strategizing ecosystem growth, leveraging community building skills.

Credentials: Arbitrum Advocate Kenya, Former Community Lead at Gnosis, experienced in community management, .

Compensation: 7,000 ARB per month.

3. Griffins Oduol - Innovation and Development Advocate (Full-Time):

Role: Integrates innovative blockchain trends into Burstek’s strategy.

Credentials: Co-founder of NexusPay and UmojaVerse, skilled in blockchain and software development.

Compensation: 7,000 ARB per month.

4. Shem Okeyo - Community and Partnership Liaison (Full-Time):

Role: Manages relationships with the blockchain community and partners.

Credentials: Founder of CRYPTOGALAXY, with a strong background in blockchain advocacy.

Compensation: 7,000 ARB per month.

New Hires:

1. Project Engagement Specialist (Full-Time):

Role: Provides support and guidance to grant applicants and recipients.

Compensation: 2,000 ARB per month.

2. Technical Support Analyst (Full-Time):

Role: Offers technical support for both internal and external projects.

Compensation: 2,000 ARB per month.

3. Outreach and Communication Coordinator (Full-Time):

Role: Handles external communications and public relations.

Compensation: 2,000 ARB per month.

4. Administrative and Resource Manager (Full-Time):

Role: Manages administrative tasks and ensures internal coordination.

Compensation: 2,000 ARB per month.

This team structure ensures Burstek’s commitment to achieving its goals with a dedicated full-time team, whose compensation is competitive and reflective of their significant roles and contributions.


As we bring the proposal for Burstek to a close, it’s essential to reflect on the profound impact this initiative is poised to have on the African blockchain landscape. With a team of dedicated and highly skilled individuals, each bringing their unique expertise and visionary approach, Burstek stands at the forefront of a transformative journey.

Nashons Agate, Victor Gunga, Griffins Oduol, and Shem Okeyo, alongside our committed new hires, are not just team members; they are catalysts for change, advocates for innovation, and builders of a more inclusive and technologically advanced future. Their full-time dedication, supported by fair and competitive compensation, ensures that Burstek is more than just a concept – it is a living, breathing entity, pulsating with the potential to revolutionize the way blockchain technology is perceived and utilized in Africa.

The journey ahead is filled with opportunities and challenges, but with the combined strength, wisdom, and passion of our team, we are confident in our ability to navigate this landscape and emerge as a beacon of progress and inspiration. Burstek is not just creating a platform for blockchain development; we are crafting a legacy of empowerment, innovation, and sustainable growth.

As we step into this new era, we invite you to join us in supporting Burstek, not just as a project, but as a movement – a movement towards a decentralized, equitable, and thriving digital future for Africa and beyond. Your support and belief in our mission are not just contributions to a cause; they are investments in a future where technology serves humanity, where innovation breeds inclusivity, and where every individual has the opportunity to be a part of something truly transformative. Let’s embark on this journey together, and witness the remarkable unfolding of Burstek’s story.


I’m a little confused about the purpose of your project.

  1. Do you want to be an intermediary between Arbitrum and projects?
  2. Why can’t projects themselves apply directly? Or you can help them for a fee by agreement.
  3. Why are the salaries of managers currently more than $13,000 per month? And the total amount for analysis is more than $2,000,000!!! There is also no explanation on the number of employees.
  4. Why do you want to essentially duplicate the work of the DAO committees?
    If you think that the existing committees are not doing their job, write a corresponding proposal or become part of the DAO.
    Your proposal simply involves receiving money for grants, which may not even exist.

Thanks for the concerns mate,

First, this is an initiative that was brought up by the foundation itself, they asked any party to form their GrantsDAO, kindly check the Forum for the GrantsDAO proposal and have a read on the instructions to setup one.

The team is coming fulltime, justifies the compensation, plus this ain’t the typical online work, its hybrid we’ll get to ground and interact with projects, kindly re-read the proposal I’ve detailed everything about the employees

Arbitrum believes in decentralized funding sources, hence Burstek DAO.



Appreciate your effort. But I am afraid I can’t support this proposal because it appears to me as a DAO grant gritter.


Take a look at the link below to understand the essence of this initiative


Thanks for link,
However, I see that DAO will allocate $250,000 USD, but you need 10x times more.
And all this $250,000 USD DAO will distribute among all projects, not only one.

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I only need 7000 from what the DAO has allocated for initial setup, the money allocated is initial setup for the grants DAOs, not operational, thats entirely upto each DAO

Kindly re-read the post well


Sorry for any possible misunderstanding.
Indeed, 1,000,000 is needed for grants, the remaining 396k ARB for patches and infrastructure.
This could be an interesting project.
For an example of assessing the effectiveness of grants, you can use the experience of Plurality Labs (passed the 1st milestone of grant distribution) and the development of KPIs from Serious People.


Hello, wonderful Arbitrum community!

As many of you might already know, we’ve introduced the “Burstek - Empowering Africa with Arbitrum” initiative on the forum some time ago. This ambitious proposal aims to leverage Arbitrum’s decentralized technology to drive innovation and growth across Africa, by supporting the development and implementation of real-world decentralized applications.

Since our initial post, we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes, drawing upon our collective experiences and the incredible potential of Arbitrum’s technology. However, the real strength of our initiative lies in the robust and dynamic community that is you. Your insights, feedback, and participation are vital components of this journey we are on together.

Today, I want to reignite our conversation around this proposal. Not just to bring more eyes to our vision but to actively engage in a dialogue with you all. Your thoughts, suggestions, and critiques are invaluable as we refine our approach and strategies to make the most impactful contributions to the Arbitrum ecosystem and beyond.

Here are a few prompts to get the conversation started, but please feel free to share any thoughts you might have:

  1. How can we further tailor our initiatives to address the unique challenges and opportunities in Africa’s tech landscape?
  2. In what ways can we enhance collaboration within the Arbitrum community to support these efforts?
  3. Are there specific areas within blockchain technology or application development that you believe require more focus or support within the context of our mission?

I encourage everyone to dive back into our proposal, share your insights, and help us shape a future where the power of blockchain technology is fully harnessed for the betterment of communities across Africa and around the world.

Let’s make this a thriving discussion. Your voice is not just heard here; it’s essential.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. Here’s to making meaningful strides together in the blockchain space!