[Proposal] Dapps over Apps

Dapps over Apps is an organization that aims to educate traditional developers, tech enthusiast and creative builders about web3 and the potentials of building with blockchain infrastructure.

We are solving the problem of lack of visibility. 9 out of 10 developers in Africa are unaware of Arbitrum developer’s friendly infrastructure and its attributes.

Our Mission: Bridging the gap between traditional developers, tech enthusiasts, creative builders and blockchain technology.

Our aim with Arbitrum is to establish a community of developers, project founders, web 3 enthusiasts and creative builders in Africa. This grant will be channeled into the following:

  • Organizing a global conference for Arbitrum in Africa with 2,000+ attendees
  • Organize hackathon focused on building real-life solution affecting Africa and the world at large utilizing Arbitrum.
  • Establish an active community of Arbitrum builders and web 3 enthusiasts.
  • Workshop and training on how to build dAPPs utilising Arbitrum.
  • Organize start-up pitch contest for businesses and projects in Africa looking forward to integrating with Arbitrum.
  • Organize hackathon focused on building real-life solution affecting Africa and the world at large.
  • Educate and train newbie about the basics of web3 and blockchain.
  • Create awareness for Arbitrum blockchain technology to at-least 40% of 85,000 developer in Nigeria.

Our Tractions:

  • Organized Dapps over Apps conference 1.0 one of the biggest web 3 conferences in Africa with over 500+ attendees of blockchain & web 3 enthusiasts, traditional developers and creative builders. Dapps over Apps Conference in Lagos - YouTube


Our first milestone with Arbitrum is to organize Dapps over Apps conference 2.0 with an estimated budget of $10,000

Budget Breakdown:

  • Venue - $1,000: A conducive for 2,000+ attendees
  • Welfare package for educators - $1,000: For educators and speakers.
  • Prize for hackathon winner - $1,000: Prizes will be share among 2 - 3 winners based on their solution built on Arbitrum.
  • Refreshment: $2,000: $2 per head for 1,000 guests.
  • Promotion: $700
  • Videography & photography: $800
  • Workers and volunteers: $700
  • Remuneration for key team members: $2,000
  • Prints, Banners & backdrops: $400
  • Customized cloths, swag packs: $400
    Total: $10,000

Program structure:

  • Duration: A 2-day global blockchain Conference
  • Target audience: 2,000+guests consisting traditional developers, creators, project founders, government stakeholders and web 3 enthusiasts.
  • Educators & Speakers: 30+
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Tentative Date: December 2023
  • Agenda: Onboarding traditional developers and creative builders to web 3
  • Sessions: Workshop, Hackathon focused on building real-life solutions, Panelist.

KPIs & Deliverables:

  • Educate 500 - 1,000 developers on how to build decentralized
    application on Arbitrum.
  • Organize Arbitrum’s largest web 3 conference in Africa with over
    2,000+ attendees.
  • Create awareness for Arbitrum blockchain technology to at-least 40%
    of 85,000 developers in Nigeria.
  • Organize 2 workshop sessions focused on building with Arbitrum
    blockchain technology for traditional developers and newbies.
  • Organize hackathon focused on creating real life solution utilizing Arbitrum blockchain infrastructures.
  • Running database of 1,000+ developers, tech enthusiast and creatives
    builders in Nigeria.
  • Establish a community of Arbitrum builders and web 3 enthusiasts.
  • Invite government officials and stakeholders to learn about blockchain
    technology and how it can solve immediate Africa problems.
  • Personal mentorship, community building and training for developers
    and attendees after the conference

Core Team members:

  • Abdulkareeem Oyeneye: A web 3 advocate with 37 months experience in blockchain network development and community building. He has worked with Near protocol and helped them onboard over 1,500+ active users and facilitated wallet and on chain transactions.

Furthermore, he founded a community; Near x art which focuses on onboarding creative to web 3 and charitable contributions via the use of blockchain technology and web 3 tools.

His passion for a decentralized world made him start the Dapps Over Apps movement that aims to onboard traditional developers and web 2 builder to build with blockchain infrastructure.

Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdulkareem-oyeneye-82a6aa277

  • Emmanuel Ugwu: A backend developer, software engineer and a blockchain enthusiasts. The idea of a decentralized world excites him. His passion for web 3 fuels his ability to educate and onboard.
    Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmanuel-nwanja

  • Adebimpe Wosilat: Senior quality assurance manager, experienced community builder, woman in tech advocate, and event planner.

She has been involved in onboarding women to web 3. She has guided and trained women in different continent about web 3 education, blockchain technology and NFTs
Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bimpe-o-b7ba68a9