Call to Discuss the Creation of a DAO Budget


We’re inviting delegates, governance participants, and all interested stakeholders to discuss the creation of a DAO Budget on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024, at 2:00 pm UTC.

In the past few months, we’ve seen plenty of initiatives funded with several million dollars worth of ARB, with many more actively working their way through the governance process as you’re reading this. It’s safe to say that the appetite for DAO spending has grown.

However, as it currently stands, the rate at which we spend money is unpredictable. There’s nothing that resembles any form of control (e.g., a budget), and there’s no way to track all this spending by the different initiatives in real-time.

Furthermore, this situation might lead to proposals being judged, not based on their merit, but on whether delegates feel we’ve ‘spent too much money recently.’ Having a predefined budget can help mitigate that effect.

Recently, @Entropy requested that the ARDC lead the charge in creating a comprehensive budget for Arbitrum DAO. This would allow for better understanding and planning of the DAO’s finances month over month and yearly and help ensure long-term sustainability.

Considering all that, we’ll be hosting a call to discuss creating a budget for the DAO. The discussion will take place on Google Meets on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024, at 2:00 pm UTC.


Hi there,

I think its crucial to have a fixed budget per year, otherwise millions of token and $ will be somewhere floating around without the possibility to really track them down or knowing if too much or too less has been spent.
Also a DAO has to keep in mind, that it has to be sustainable.
So what is needed, is a fixed budget, clear goals the DAO has agreed on and a committe/treasury/finance manager making sure to track all of this.

Otherwise opportunities will be missed.

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Thank you for getting this moving - it’s urgent to establish some baseline understanding and expectations around the DAO’s financial health if the growth-oriented mission is going to be sustainable.

For anyone who couldn’t attend the call, below you’ll find the recording, the transcript, and the chat log.

DAO Budget Creation - Discussion (12.6.2024) - Call Recording
DAO Budget Creation - Discussion (12.6.2024) - Call Transcript
DAO Budget Creation - Discussion (12.6.2024) - Chat Log