#16 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (26.6.2024)

I’d like to remind all delegates that the 16th Open Governance Call is taking place this coming Wednesday on 26th of June. Τhe call will happen at 2 pm UTC / 11 am EST.
Please mark your calendars (or you can subscribe to the public Arbitrum Governance calendar and always be up to date with our calls).

Be advised that with the introduction of the biweekly calls to discuss ongoing proposals introduced by @cliffton.eth, we have decided to transition the focus of this call to getting status updates by the various ongoing initiatives in the DAO, or discuss higher-level topics that haven’t yet distilled into a proposal (e.g. the more recent discussion around the creation of a DAO Budget).


  1. Foundation Updates by @cliffton.eth
  2. ARDC Update by @Sinkas
  3. AVI Pilot Update by @lino
  4. ADPC Update by @Immutablelawyer
  5. GovHack at Brussels Update by @KlausBrave
  6. Questbook Grant Program Update by @Srijith-Questbook
  7. STEP Update by @thedevanshmehta
  8. LTIPP & STIP Bridge Update by @Matt_StableLab
  9. Gaming Catalyst Program Update by @Djinn
  10. Plurality Labs Milestone 1b Update by @DisruptionJoe

If you have something you’d like to bring up during the meeting, please post it in the replies below so we can plan accordingly and update the aforementioned agenda.

The call will take place again on Google Meet: meet.google.com/ouo-uskg-niq on Wednesday, 26.6.2024 at 2 pm UTC / 11 am EST.

We will record the call and publish it later on for a public review, so please keep that in mind


For anyone who couldn’t make it to the call, below you’ll find:

The call recording: #16 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2024-26-6) - Recording
The call’s transcript: #16 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2024-26-6) - Call Transcript
The chat log: #16 Arbitrum Open Governance Call (2024-26-6) - Chat Log