DAOplomats Delegate Communication Thread

[Snapshot] GovHack at ETH CC (Brussels)

Voted: For

We are supportive of this proposal. There have also been a history of success with previous gov hacks so that further solidifies this rationale.

[Snapshot] Proposal for Approval of DeDaub as the ADPC Security Advisor

Voted: Nil

Unfortunately, I missed the vote deadline but signaling the support for the proposal nevertheless. We would be voting in favor if it goes to an onchain vote although that is unlikely at this time.

Adding DeDaub as a security SME to the ADPC is vital and required so we glad to see the team move to secure their services.

[Tally] Double-Down on STIP Successes (STIP-Bridge)

Voted: Against

We voted against this proposal during temp check and did the same during the onchain vote. We would have preferred to at least see the results of the LTIPP before discussing what a STIP-bridge could look like.

[Snapshot] Pilot Phase: M&A for Arbitrum DAO

Voted: For

We are in favor of this proposal. Conducting a pilot program is always a good first step and we will love to see the results at the end of the eight weeks.

[Tally] GovHack at ETH CC (Brussels)

Voted: For

We maintained our stance from the temp check, voting in favor during the onchain vote. We can’t wait to see the fruits of the gov brainstorms on Forum.

[Snapshot] STIP Addendum

[Snapshot] Arbitrum Multi-sig Support Service (MSS)

Voted: For

We are in favor of this proposal as it will undoubtedly safeguard the DAO’s interests based on current expenditure analysis.

[Snapshot] Streamlining the LTIPP Bounties

Voted: For

We are in favor of this proposal. We commend the LTIPP council’s efforts and trust their judgment.

[Snapshot] Kwenta x Perennial: Arbitrum Onboarding Incentives

Voted: Abstain

We voted to abstain on this proposal for the same reasons we did with Curve Finance.