DataGrants: Permissionless Suggestion Box Kick-Off & Status

Data Grants Program - Update - 3rd week

We are hitting our stride.

As a reminder, our goal is to crowd-source useful analysis and related projects focused on grants analysis and networks of influence. In so doing we intend to test out various mechanisms while delivering insights useful for governance and grant funding.

Last week I mentioned that we had a goal of getting to 20 issues by the end of February - and that we only had 6 at the time, having just launched.

I also mentioned that the council was planning to vote the end of last week on which issues would have bounties attached to them.

Well - we have already hit the goal in terms of the number of issues. We so far got to 22 total issues, of which 17-18 (one of them is being split into two) appear to be very high-quality issues.

In receiving these issues we actually risked being a victim of our success. Without some editing and grouping, we thought that the issues and bounties could have been confusing to data grants practitioners.

For this reason we decided to group the issues into two types:

  • data gathering issues > bounties
  • data analysis issues → bounties

After all, analysis relies upon data.

With that in mind, we are splitting the approximately 6 weeks we have left in the program.

Data gathering bounty submissions will be due March 3rd. Data analysis bounty submissions will be due March 24th.

Incidentally - I am tracking this and other lessons learned, including details on how to configure Github, Dework, Hats, and Discord, and other thoughts in a document that will be a part of our final report:

Here is the really good news. Once the council finishes voting in the next 48 hours - we will have some bounties that I’m convinced will result in some important steps forward in data gathering and analysis.

Snapshot voting:
[Snapshot](https://Snapshot of Council)

GitHub issues list, with coding for Data Gathering vs. Data Analysis issues:

Thank you to everyone following along and providing feedback and suggestions. The next steps are for builders to build and get ready to submit their solutions in a few weeks. The council will then select from those submissions up to 3 submissions per bounty to reward.