Plurality Labs: "Our Biggest Minigrants Yet" (JokeRace)

Plurality Labs Program: “Our Biggest Minigrants Yet"

Program Lead: Diana Chen
Timeframe : December 2023 - March 2024
Judges: Elected council members via JokeRace + Retrofunding Round 1 Citizens (view announcement)
Winners: 4 projects each week over the course of 8 weeks
Prize: 2,500 ARB per project
Total grant amount: 90,000 ARB (80,000 ARB in grants + 10,000 ARB to program manager)

“Our Biggest Minigrants Yet” is an 8 week grant giving series designed to help discover and award funding to the most deserving projects building on Arbitrum.

Over the course of 8 weeks, ArbitrumDAO will award 10,000 ARB to the 4 most deserving projects as determined by the elected ArbitrumDAO grants council each week (2,500 ARB to each project) for a total of 80,000 ARB awarded during this program.

The 8 weekly grants rounds will begin in January 2024. In the meantime, please nominate yourselves for a seat on the grants council if you would like to partake in helping decide the themes for each of the 8 weeks of grant giving, as well as helping determine the most deserving projects to receive funding: arbitrumDAO grants council (deadline to nominate is Dec 18).

ArbitrumDAO Grants Council Election: CLOSED (council members announced)
Weekly Grant Themes Contest: CLOSED (themes announced)

Week 1: [CLOSED] Empowering Web3 Communities (January 15-19, 2024)
Week 2: [CLOSED] Play to Earn, Reimagined (January 22-27, 2024)
Week 3: [CLOSED] The Future of Identity in Web3 (January 29 - February 2, 2024)
Week 4: [CLOSED] Scaling DeFi for the Masses (February 5-9, 2024)
Week 5: [CLOSED] Bridging the Gap to TradFi (February 12-16, 2024)
Week 6: [CLOSED] Sustainability in the Blockchain Age (February 19-23, 2024)
Week 7: [CLOSED] Unleashing the Power of DAOs (February 26 - March 1, 2024)
Week 8: [CLOSED] The Next Frontier of NFTs (March 4-8, 2024)

This program has concluded, and a full program retro can be found here: ArbitrumDAO & Plurality Labs "Our Biggest Minigrants Yet" Progra… — diana


love this and love the idea of using jokerace to facilitate, seems like its going to be fun.


They’rerunning a pre-race before the official launch to nominate a dao grants council (you can nomnate somene or yourself). - arbitrumDAO grants council



Submissions close in one hour: arbitrumDAO grants council


VOTING is now open to help elect our judging council

The top 100,000 $ARB holders have all received 10 voting tokens

All ARB delegates have received 1,000 voting tokens

You have 48 hours to vote

:ballot_box: :ballot_box: :ballot_box:


How many judges will there be in the council?


There will be 50 judges in the council. We’ll be taking the top 25 from this contest and 25 Citizens (The Arbitrum Citizens Retrofunding Round 1 Results & Recap⛄ 💙)


Just over 12 hours remaining to vote for your “Our Biggest Minigrants Yet” judges!

Voting closes at 9am PT / 12pm ET on Wednesday, December 20


There will be 50 judges in the council. We’ll be taking the top 25 from this contest and 25 Citizens.


2 hours remaining to vote!!

If you are an Arbitrum delegate or hold some ARB, you’re eligible to vote. Still seeing lots of good proposals that haven’t gotten any votes yet so let’s go give them some love <3


Just for clarification will all the 4 projects each week be distinct? So, 32 unique projects are being awarded?
Also, is there a safeguard for allowing mini-projects to flourish via this program and deter projects that have received any funding via other programs that Plurality Labs support or funded via STIP, Backfunds or Questbook?


Sorry for the delayed response. To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, 4 distinct projects will receive grants each week. Projects can apply for multiple rounds if their project fits under multiple categories so theoretically we could have fewer than 32 total grantees after the 8 weeks if any projects receive grants in more than one round.

  2. There are no hard safeguards in place, but the voting council has gathered in a private Telegram group to discuss what they’d like to see and the overall sentiment in the group is that they’d like to see smaller projects get funded.


REMINDER: 14 hours remaining to submit a category/theme idea for our 8 weeks of grants.

Please submit 1 idea per proposal to make it easier for the council to vote on proposals.

Each wallet may submit up to 8 ideas (proposals).

Voting will commence as soon as submissions close on 12/28.


Thank you for the response.

Where are the proposals being posted?

Who all are the members from the jokerace contest? Did the council get all 25 or decided on 15?


The proposals are being posted on JokeRace, and the elected council consists of the 30 people who nominated themselves in the previous JokeRace contest as well as the Citizens Retrofunding Round 1 grantees.

Sorry this forum isn’t letting me post links but if you head to the @thankarb twitter account you will see everything there.


Thank you for pointing in the right direction.

Contributed with my thoughts here:-jokerace

Just wondering why should we ask members to spend ~$3.5 only for contributing to themes. :sweat_smile:


That’s a platform fee JokeRace sets by default unfortunately… I think the reasoning behind that is to prevent botting but agree it’s probably not necessary for something like this. Would definitely remove if I could. Apologies for that.

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Yeah, Botting could be a bottleneck.

Would be great to have it in the forum and then batch it up onchain. So more members of the forum can contribute.

Anyway, it is good to see a new platform like jokerace being encouraged for this.

Expecting success in the program.


Great idea! I think it can work


I have voted as a delegate here is my decision making process

And I have also submitted 3 ballots

Here is the post explaining each one: