Plurality Labs Program Selections

Program Selections: October Update

By Plurality Labs

If you’re looking to find out what grant programs have been selected to be funded by AIP-3, you are in the right place! All programs funded by the Plurality Labs proposal are listed and linked to below. Programs selected after 15.10.23 are in alignment with the strategic framework discovered during #GovMonth.

This post will serve as the canonical place where we will build out links to every program and project brief as they become available.


Thank ARB Incentives | Up to 350k ARB

Program Summary

ThankARB is the nervous system of the DAO. Starting with #GovMonth, a continuous pulsing of the DAO desires and preferences will empower action. More proposals will happen when the Delegates already know if the DAO supports the priority.

The continued pulsing will allow for the creation of segments based on expertise, participation levels, and demographics. It will also give delegates direct input as to the efficacy of grant programs.

Experimentation Highlights

  • Jokerace is deployed on Arbitrum & bot submissions paid $2k in sequencer fees
  • Defining and evaluating meaningful contribution pathways
  • Establishing a DAO native process to align strategic priorities

Expected Projects

  • 100k ARB - #GovMonth (completed in September - recap on Oct 19th)
  • 50k ARB - Mid-Season Pulse
  • 50k ARB - End of Season Pulse
  • 50k ARB - Delegate Activation
  • 100k ARB - Grant Success Evaluation Incentives

Data Intelligence | 300k ARB

Program Summary

This program is the brain. It is both discovery and optimization. Through a combination of direct grants, hackathons, and contests, this program will ensure that grant funding converts to value.

Expected Projects/Grants

  • 20k ARB - TrustaLabs Sybil Scan for #GovMonth
  • Liquidity Incentive Monitoring & Reporting
  • Gitcoin & Thank ARB sybil analysis
  • Open Data Hackathon
  • Grant Evaluation Scoring Schemas & Implementation

Firestarters | 300k ARB

Program Summary

This program started as a need identified by the Plurality Labs team. Delegates want to see action, but no one is paid to get the fire started. Our first firestarter, T-Norm led the DAO to approving a $50 million liquidity incentive proposal. Each firestarter grant will provide support to contributors which drive initiatives which are aligned with the priorities of the DAO.

Firestarters To get us over the “cold-start” problem, drive new proposal creation, and leverage expertise when needed.

Experimentation Highlights

  • Autonomous Management
    • The system does not require managers
  • Checks & Balances in Funding
    • The firestarter doesn’t have one person or entity with power over them
  • Hedgey Token Grants smart contract
    • Using smart contracts to set an stream a grant over time
  • Potential system for workstreams

Expected Grants

Gitcoin Matching Promotion | 300k ARB

Program Summary

These funds are allocated to match matching pools on Gitcoin which choose to use Arbitrum for their round. The intention is to bring new users onto Arbitrum from the Gitcoin ecosystem and generate sequencer fees as a bonus.

Experimentation Highlights

  • This program hasn’t run yet
  • Democratic Matching Pool Allocation
  • Using Quadratic Funding to source grants for another program
  • First rounds deployed on Arbitrum

Expected Projects / Grants

  • Available for any Gitcoin round which runs on Arbitrum which meets conditions (TBD)

Gitcoin Rounds & Hackathons | 300k ARB

Program Summary

These rounds are intended to use Gitcoin’s Quadratic Funding mechanism to source and fund contributors. This includes both funding Arbitrum public goods and hackathons extending Gitcoin’s Allo, Grants Stack, and Passport to better suit Arbitrum’s specific needs.

Experimentation Highlights

  • Questbook support round sourcing grants for their domains
  • Domain allocation round as the first round used to allocate between matching pools
  • Allo on Arbitrum hackathon to promote open data for grant evaluations
  • First rounds deployed on Arbitrum!

Expected Projects / Grants

  • 100k ARB - Questbook Sourcing Rounds
  • 100k ARB - Arbitrum Public Works (GG19 Featured Round)
  • 100k ARB - Allo on Arbitrum Hackathon

Future Milestone 1 Allocation | 1.25m ARB


Thanks Joe this is exciting news! Appreciate the “spend in public” spirit with which AIP-3 funds are being utilized, it really sets a template for the other grant recipients :100:

After a month of prep work, we’ve launched our treasury and sustainability firestarter! Our primary goal is managing the price impact of ARB from grant liquidations & treasury diversification, for which we help with writing proposals, research on best practices & liaising with relevant groups

We also distribute monthly ARB rewards to community members, delegates & service providers engaging with us on

  • Price impact of large liquidations
  • Treasury management and diversification
  • Sequencer fee utilization
  • Converting Grants into Investments

Check us out here!


@DisruptionJoe Thank you for sharing this update. Are the DAO desires and preferences from ThankARB available to review or are they still a work in process?


There is a post coming this week encapsulating the results. We were successfully able to derive 4 clear priorities of the community, a mission statement, and a vision statement. These findings were data-driven and cross-validated in multiple ways. We are very excited to share!


Excellent! We look forward to reviewing the results.


we posted it here


Really excited to see what the ‘Firestarters’ initiative will bring forth. Could you share specifics on how the implementation will look like?

So we just got past a long process with the foundation to make sure everything is compliant. We owe a little backpay on this program. Those will go out as lump sums, then we intend to use Hedgey Token Grant streams which release weekly.


We are happy to announce the funding of another program;

Open Source Observer |75k
Program Summary: OSO will curate a directory of open source software projects building on Arbitrum and give the DAO a robust foundation for community-driven grantmaking by early 2024. This is done by;

  • Maintaining a registry of open source projects’ GitHubs, package releases, dependencies, addresses across networks, contract deployments, and funding history.

  • Regularly indexing on- and off-chain data about each project, generating event streams for everything from repo stars and sdk downloads to contract interactions and gas fees.

  • Combine the datasets to offer powerful insights about various ecosystem health metrics, such as developer growth, retained users, and contribution to protocol revenues. The data is accessible via API and soon™ a public front end.


The project has three primary objectives:

  1. Launch an Arbitrum OSS directory with auto-validation and reward mechanisms for community submissions
  2. Grow the directory to include at least 200 well-known projects building on Arbitrum across various domains (eg, DeFi, gaming, developer tooling, governance tooling, etc) with up-to-date, fully indexed data from on- and off-chain sources
  3. Leverage the data to propose an initial 4-5 “impact pools” of projects’ contributions to specific ecosystem health metrics, eg, new user growth, developer activity, sequencer fees.

@feems is the project working on OSO already decided or can projects still apply?


Hello, these are programs that have already been decided and funded, added it to the reply as it is a newly funded program. More info on our programs coming soon!

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Here are some projects that have been funded;

Ethelo Community Engagement & Evaluation System (50k) - The program is aimed at establishing a participatory monitoring and evaluation framework for Arbitrum DAO’s multiple concurrent active grant programs, including the integration of GitCoin passport and Thrive Coin to enhance trust and expand integration potential, ultimately delivering a comprehensive assessment of community perceptions and programmatic recommendations to improve the grantmaking strategy within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

“Our Biggest Minigrants Yet,” Campaign (90k) - Led by Diana Chen (Rehash Podcast) would run a series of weekly JokeRace contests whereby ArbitrumDAO members decide which projects to award grants to during that particular week. Each week there will be a different theme for grant submissions, i.e. DeFi, web3 social, privacy tech, etc. to ensure funding is spread across the blockchain ecosystem.

Arb Co.Lab x RnDAO (156K) - RnDAO will run a 3-month paid fellowship (6) who will be awarded a stipend of $2k per month to provide research skills, mentorship and access to experts and resources. ArbitrumDAO Co.Lab

Karma GAP (45K) - To implement Karma GAP for Arbitrum DAO’s grantees to report updates, allowing community evaluation of the projects.


What would be the right way to apply for these types of grants or the person to talk with?

I think we can help to build a system for the ideas validation, collaboration of the community that will result in the projects emerging to solve your strategic plans


I’d love to talk with you about your idea. Feel free to dm for my calendly. You can also share your idea here if you’d like.

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