Delegate Incentive Program Results (APRIL 2024)

We are proud to announce the initial outcomes of the second month of the Delegate Incentive Program. After completing the second month of the program, we can now share both results and conclusions with the Arbitrum ecosystem.

:family_man_woman_boy: April Participants

For April’s iteration of the program, 44 participants enrolled, out of which 42 met the necessary requirements to qualify.

You can see the full list here.

:gear: Parameters Breakdown

:yellow_circle: Snapshot Voting

During the month there were a total of 79 Snapshot Votations, which were considered for the assignment of scores by SV, it is important to note that only those proposals that ended in April were counted. These are the proposals that were taken into account:

  1. 76 LTIPP Votations.
  2. Delegate to Voter Enfranchisement Pool — Event Horizon
  3. Subsidy Fund for Security Services
  4. Safeguarding Software Developers’ Rights & the Right to Privacy

:large_blue_circle: Tally Voting

Also, for this month there were a total of 4 Tally Votations that were considered for TV scoring, it is important to note that only those proposals that ended in April were counted. These are the proposals that were considered:

  1. Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program
  2. Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal 2.0
  3. Expand Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO
  4. Request for Continuation of the Arbitrum DDA Program Request

:orange_circle: Communication Rationale

As stated in our forum post, LTIPP Rationales won’t be taken into consideration for this month.

For the CR, the published rationals of all the votes of the month were considered, taking into account Snapshot and Tally, that is to say that to obtain the maximum qualification in this aspect a delegate had to express his rational of all the votes of the month, in other words 7 (3 Snapshot + 4 Tally).

:green_circle: Commenting in proposals (3 CPs)

Only 3 proposals were considered. These proposals were the ones that went through Snapshot.

:clipboard: April Results

You can see the dashboard with the results implemented by Karma here.

Of all the participating delegates, 30 were eligible to receive compensation.

Delegate Address Snapshot Profile Tally Profile PARB
L2BEAT 0x1B686eE8E31c5959D9F5BBd8122a58682788eeaD LINK Profile L2beat 5.000,00
BlockworksResearch 0xA5dF0cf3F95C6cd97d998b9D990a86864095d9b0 LINK BlockworksResearch Profile 4.880,00
GFXLabs 0xa6e8772af29b29B9202a073f8E36f447689BEef6 LINK GFX Labs Profile 4.807,50
404 DAO 0xe93d59cc0bcecfd4ac204827ef67c5266079e2b5 LINK 404 Profile 4.750,00
PrincetonBlockchain 0x18BF1a97744539a348304E9d266aAc7d446a1582 LINK PrincetonBlockchain Profile 4.750,00
cp0x 0x6f9BB7e454f5B3eb2310343f0E99269dC2BB8A1d LINK cp0x Profile 4.710,00
Bob-Rossi 0xb29A655f3D67B2B6724Fb22B2C2303cB660c946B LINK Bob Rossi Profile 4.670,00
mcfly 0xAfD5f60aA8eb4F488eAA0eF98c1C5B0645D9A0A0 LINK mcfly profile 4.630,00
DAOplomats 0xd4879f876eE383067F80ACAdBE283B93141908e9 LINK DAOplomats 4.630,00
UADP 0x8326D18edfC50B4335113C33b25116ec268FF3fE LINK UADP Profile 4.580,00
Angela 0xa19a11CB5928Bf07B5B6aBa256F63142343A59bc LINK ocandocrypto.eth Profile 4.460,00
Savvy DeFi 0x4f54Cab19B61138e3c622a0bD671C687481eC030 LINK Savvy DeFi Profile 4.393,54
Blue Clarity 0x560b03B06eF02B24F994e470d949008cda5e1841 LINK BlueClarity Profile 4.390,09
Jojo 0x4f685b29514eed0c9d929386e86d9cd81981118b LINK Jojo Profile 4,330.00
Frisson 0xb5B069370Ef24BC67F114e185D185063CE3479f8 LINK Frisson Profile 4.141,50
BristolBlockchain 0x43D3938Ebd74106e2d177f9A304C1E9f914f2b52 LINK BristolBlockchain Profile 4.130,00
Ruslan Klinkov 0xC3e8aC233f02d13C1E299e47aE230C205E0177Ed LINK Ruslan Profile 4.097,65
Bobbay 0x5a35923ed6950eff4412ef6d27cea8b1d405a844 LINK Bobbay Profile 4.080,00
TreasureDAO 0x0eB5B03c0303f2F47cD81d7BE4275AF8Ed347576 LINK TreasureDAO Profile 4.035,71
0xCasio 0x47E98aA12dB2017295d33e94002521820442F827 LINK 0xCasio profile 3.991,43
Premia (DK) 0xAD16ebE6FfC7d96624A380F394cD64395B0C6144 LINK Premia (DK) Profile 3,940.09
Kuiqian.eth 0xf3FE8c6c75bE4afB2F8200Fc77339abE4D7CFF33 LINK Kuiqian Profile 3,714.29
MaxLomu 0xd333Bc5c9670C9cEb18f9A2CF02C6E86807a8227 LINK MaxLomu Profile 3,691.79
Ermia 0x8e22a4c2901da99777d76f80f29640fc81ae96bb LINK Ermia Profile 3,554.79
StableLab 0xea172676E4105e92Cc52DBf45fD93b274eC96676 LINK StableLab Profile 3,504.29
NathanVDH 0xf9551c66995ed3ff9bb05c9fd7ff148bd75dc99a LINK NathanVDH Profile 3,373.30
olimpio 0xF4B0556B9B6F53E00A1FDD2b0478Ce841991D8fA LINK olimpo Profile 3,357.14
0x_ultra 0x539629494be6b004d33d290e6243806750a3a2f4 LINK 0x_Ultra Profile 3,347.65
Penn Blockchain 0x070341aA5Ed571f0FB2c4a5641409B1A46b4961b LINK Penn Blockchain Profile 3,164.32
Griff Green 0x839395e20bbB182fa440d08F850E6c7A8f6F0780 LINK Griff Green Profile 3.129,08
Total 124.234,16

:gift: Bonus Points

For the month of April there were certain proposals that were candidates for the allocation of Bonus Points.

These proposals were reviewed in detail in order to comply with the rules expressed in this thread, where we clarify that:

Based on the above and after the review, we conclude that the only proposal that meets the necessary requirements for the allocation of Bonus Points is:

This proposal is born from two different forum posts:

The evaluation rubric for BP assignment is as follows:

As it can be visualized, the final result was 24%, which will be the BP assigned to the creator and contributors of the proposal, which were:

Also, 5% Bonus Points were added to those delegates who contributed to uploading LTIPP proposals. These delegates were:

  • Frisson
  • DK
  • L2BEAT
  • Princeton Blockchain

Coinflip also uploaded some LTIPP proposals, but he’s not participating in the program.

:moneybag: Costs

The program has several costs associated with it. These are:

Incentives to delegates (APRIL)

According this the results presented before the total cost destined to the delegates will it be 124.234,16 ARB

Karma: 0xc98786d5a7a03c1e74affcb97ff7ef8a710da09b

Multisig Members: 0xff1f38f8cDae7C1B1B289FCF6f5C1AA234DF1443

  • Payment 1 (MARCH):

    • 0xd333Bc5c9670C9cEb18f9A2CF02C6E86807a8227 - 1k ARB Done
    • 0xA9D2BCF3AcB743340CdB1D858E529A23Cef37838 - 1k ARB Done
    • 0xb5B069370Ef24BC67F114e185D185063CE3479f8 - 1k ARB Done
    • 0x1de39f894c2DC773C8A11862F58165EcC7611C91 - 1k ARB Done
    • 0xAD16ebE6FfC7d96624A380F394cD64395B0C6144- 1k ARB Done
  • Payment 2 (APRIL):

    • 0xd333Bc5c9670C9cEb18f9A2CF02C6E86807a8227 - 1k ARB Pending
    • 0xA9D2BCF3AcB743340CdB1D858E529A23Cef37838 - 1k ARB Pending
    • 0xb5B069370Ef24BC67F114e185D185063CE3479f8 - 1k ARB Pending
    • 0x1de39f894c2DC773C8A11862F58165EcC7611C91 - 1k ARB Pending
    • 0xAD16ebE6FfC7d96624A380F394cD64395B0C6144- 1k ARB Pending

SEED Latam: 0xcCC2E9551C143b3295f90A096E75C68E07415843

  • Payment 1: Done

    • SEEDLatam: 3.333 ARB
  • Payment 2: Pending

    • SEEDLatam: 3.333 ARB

Summary Table

By the date of May 3, 2024 this is the corresponding table:

Costs Type Status Tx ARB
Delegate Incentives MARCH PAYMENT 1 Done March 1 57.357,52
Delegate Incentives MARCH PAYMENT 2 Done March 2 11.057,08
Delegate Incentives MARCH PAYMENT 3 Pending - 31.065,75
Delegate Incentives APRIL PAYMENT Pending - 124.234,16
Multisign Members PAYMENT 1 Done Multisign 1 5.000,00
Multisign Members PAYMENT 2 Pending - 5.000,00
Karma PAYMENT 1 Done Karma 1 10.000,00
Karma PAYMENT 2 Done Karma 2 10.000,00
SEED Latam PAYMENT 1 Done SEED 1 3.333,00
SEED Latam PAYMENT 2 Pending - 3.333,00
SUBTOTAL 260.380,51

Note: After the on-chain execution of payments, we will present the total settlement for the month of March and April.

In the table you can see that there are different payments for March, this is because some delegates have not yet completed the KYC process yet. Once these delegates receive their March compensation, this table will be updated.

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: New Members of the Program

As we said in previous posts, any delegate can apply to the program anytime.

In fact, we have some new participants that will be part of it from the next month (MAY):

:identification_card: KYC Process Requirement

As of today, some delegates still need to finish their KYC process with the Arbitrum Foundation. Delegates that already completed their KYC for Delegates Incentive Program don’t need to do it again. On the other hand, if you are a delegate who will receive compensation from this program, you must complete the KYC by sending an email to We will be contacting those delegates via DM on the forum.

:exclamation: [CALL TO ACTION!] Dispute Period

As stated in the proposal, delegates have 2 days to express their disagreement with the results presented by the Incentive System Administrator.

To raise a dispute, delegates should do so by posting a message in the forum using the following template:

Title: Dispute

User name

Reason for dispute (please detail)

:man_student: :woman_student: Conclusions

This month we’ve seen how the LTIPP process took a lot of time from the delegates. This can lead to confusions about Delegates activity. Nevertheless, it’s visible how much effort delegates have put into this month.

Next month activities will be more varied and we are looking forward to see how our program evolves with the next iterations.

As we did in the previous iteration, we’ve collected manually the data related to Communication Rationales and Commenting in proposals.

Here you can see all the information related to CP and CR.

If you want to give any feedback, don’t hesitate to do it in this thread.


You can also find all the incentive metrics on Karma Dashboard here

We collaborated with SeedLatam team on making lot of updates and bug fixes. The most prominent update we made was using AI tools to identify Communication Rationale for various proposals. Delegates post their communication rationale in different places (some on their dedicated thread, some on proposal discussion thread intermixed with other discussion). We now feed all the forum posts through AI to identify the posts that represent Communication Rationale. It is not 100% accurate yet, seedlatam team still has to backfill some data but has reduced manual work quite a bit.

Anyone can see delegate’s voting rationale on the dashboard by clicking on their profile.

If anyone has questions, feedback or feature requests, don’t hesitate to message me.


Excellent job, SEEDGov.
I have applied for the Incentive program in the end of April.
Looks like I may get enrolled next month :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:.


Dispute: Bob-Rossi

I was reviewing my Commucation Rationale & Commenting on Proposals and noticed I did not get credit for 3 of the 4 tally votes.

My comments can be found here:

I have been posting links to the comment section on Snapshot / Tally, however for ease of administration going forward I will use a communication thread - Bob-Rossi Delegate Communication Thread

If I misunderstood anything please let me know - thanks!

Hey Bob!

Seems you are indeed correct. We’ve updated your CR with the correct scoring. You can see it on Karma Dashboard

Thanks, and if there’s something else we can do please let us know.