Delegate Violations: Investigation Into disruptionjoe.eth to Determine Suitability for Managing Grant Program


Weston Nelson controls the NFTEarth account making this complaint. He also likely controls the Crypto Cave account currently making physical threats of violence against @DisruptionJoe on X.

Crypto Cave was another failed venture by @0xWeston, purporting to be a paid Discord Group. It has been defunct since 2021 and the account is mainly used now to engage with and amplify Weston and NFTEarth posts.

He has been using this account to attack those such as @Dicaso and @FractalVisions who raised the previous allegations of his abuse of grants on Optimism, such as redirecting Optimism grant funds to his personal Coinbase accounts, misappropriating team funds, draining community LPs, and secretly minting himself hundreds of the NFTs he markets to unknowing users.

This appears to be a pattern for Weston where he uses likely alt accounts such as NFTEarth_Alerts and SatoshiButerin0 to create fake engagement on his personal and NFTEarth posts and uses them to attack and threaten those who dare to speak out against his behavior.

The Arbitrum DAO should have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior.