Delegate Violations: Investigation Into disruptionjoe.eth to Determine Suitability for Managing Grant Program


This AIP proposes an immediate investigation into the actions of @DisruptionJoe - AKA disruptionjoe.eth, a Delegate involved in managing grants distributions for Arbitrum and operating through Plurality Labs as well as his documented colleague @ZER8. The investigation aims to address highly concerning and well document and identified violations in behavior in order to assess the suitability of the current team managing grant distributions on Arbitrum as this is of critical timeliness and also extremely important for the long-term future of the Arbitrum ecosystem.


It is imperative to maintain a non-toxic governance culture on Arbitrum, reflecting the values of inclusion, diversity, and innovation set forth by ArbitrumDAO and Arbitrum Foundation. Recent incidents involving DisruptionJoe.eth and program manager Zer8 during the Gitcoin Funding Round Fest have highlighted a deviation from these values. disruptionjoe.eth actions, such as public inquiries and attempts to undermine the NFTEarth Team, are a violation of community guidelines. This AIP is to seek immediate investigation into the team managing the grants distributions for Arbitrum.


To uphold Arbitrum’s core values and ensure a positive growth environment, it is essential to address the incidents of bullying, denial of rightful grantee funds, and disregard for repeated complaints. An objective review of the delegate and grant distribution team is necessary to evaluate their suitability for the roles they currently hold. ArbitrumDAO and Arbitrum Foundation has made it absolutely clear that its values are inclusion, diversity, and innovation. The Arbitrum Community Guidelines, viewed here: make this very clear and if this is true, this needs to be addressed, as bullying, denying grantee funds they have been rightfully awarded, and overall disregard for repeated complaints by the NFTEarth Team for unfair treatment, by the exact same actors is never going to create a positive environment conducive to growth. This issue has been recently escalated based on communication occurring in the Arbitrum Gitcoin Funding Grant Fest Telegram, to which an NFTEarth team member Weston, asked a straightforward and clarifying question about the new grants round which was being discussed by /DisruptionJoe/Zer8/GroupAdmins, and Joe redirected this question - entirely and completely out of context, in order to incite toxicity:

Other Grantees were also clearly confused by his question to a question answer and bring up a STIP discussion that had - after viewing for 5 minutes, can be clearly well understood, and had been thoroughly addressed in the forums as well, but Weston did follow up with a full answer, which can be viewed here in the screencap here:

The purpose of sharing these two screencaps is of critical importance because it shows the intent of DisruptionJoe - and this is what we are intending to shed light on, that we believe based on our firsthand experience, he should not be running any sizable $ARB grant program and doesn’t act in good faith for Grantees that will be looking to participate, thereby creating a potentially very damaging scenario for the Arbitrum ecosystem.

In creating the sequence of events that has now turned hostile in this Telegram group…which you can now come join to see for yourself, called the Arbitrum Gitcoin Grants Funding Fest, the environment of the group has turned into complete negativity, fighting, and hostility: Telegram: Contact @ArbitrumonGitcoinGrantsFEST

The Delegate and team in question are entrusted with the distribution of millions in $ARB and must exhibit a high level of responsibility and integrity. However, recent events have shown that the conduct of this team, encouraged by DisruptionJoe and Zer8, is not in line with these fundamental requirements. Their actions aimed at spreading libel and obstructing the growth of the NFTEarth Team on Arbitrum underscore their unsuitability for such a critical responsibility. This same group has been approved for a substantial grant allocation of 3,360,000 $ARB to distribute via grants. It is evident that having bad actors in charge of such a significant grant management project is detrimental to the entire ecosystem, undermining the core principles of transparency, fairness, and trust.

For further reference, DisruptionJoe’s involvement in the grant proposal can be viewed here: AIP-3 Non-Constitutional Fund the Arbitrum Grants Framework Proposal.


Based on documented incidents, it is evident that DisruptionJoe.eth actions were aimed at creating hostility and toxicity within the community and were not aligned with the expected conduct of a delegate. Consequently, a fair review of the grant system is proposed, with the possibility of forming a committee to replace DisruptionJoe.eth to guarantee an unbiased evaluation of protocols seeking adoption on Arbitrum. He has allowed brand new members to join in on the conversation to continue the bullying, such as @Dicaso after clear and factual evidence of Dicaso repeated attempts to harm the NFTEarth team and by larger effect, the Arbitrum ecosystem. Please see the screencap of the Post on X that Discaso sent out publicly the day after the NFTEarth team announced their excitement for being included in the Arbitrum Odyssey which is still live and seen in this screencap on the Odyssey page:

This image contains a warning: to users on Arbitrum. States as fact that using the NFTEarth protocol is a fraud, and that users would lose all their money by interacting with the contracts.

Any quick simple review of the OpenEdition NFT deployed by NFTEarth will determine this is 100% untrue in every capacity, demonstrating Dicaso’s blatant libel, and @DisruptionJoe encouraging this type of behavior. This should never be tolerated.


Proposed Actions and Remedies

  1. Conduct a thorough investigation into the actions of disruptionjoe.eth and the grant distribution team, examining the incidents and assessing their compliance with community guidelines and delegate responsibilities.
  2. If deemed necessary based on the investigation, form an impartial committee to oversee grant distribution and evaluate new protocols aspiring for adoption on Arbitrum, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

Steps to Implement

The investigation will commence immediately, with a retroactive review of the Gitcoin Funding Round Fest (September 19th, 2023 - September 30th, 2023). The findings and subsequent actions will be communicated transparently to the community, fostering trust and accountability within the ecosystem. The Arbitrum on Gitcoin Funding Fest (which concluded on September 30th, 2023) can be reviewed here:


  • Start Date: Immediate (retroactive to the Gitcoin Funding Round Fest, September 19th, 2023 - September 30th, 2023)
  • Conclusion: To be determined based on the investigation, aiming for a swift resolution.

Overall Cost

  • Anticipated Legal Costs: Potentially significant for resolving damages incurred by NFTEarth.
  • Investigation and Committee Formation: No direct cost anticipated, relying on the dedication and cooperation of the community and relevant stakeholders.

I understand you are upset but is not your team the well known scammers from l2dao? at least weston is


The Arbitrum DAO being a closed cartel of delegators deciding everything?

Can’t be. This is muh decentralized finance



Weston Nelson controls the NFTEarth account making this complaint. He also likely controls the Crypto Cave account currently making physical threats of violence against @DisruptionJoe on X.

Crypto Cave was another failed venture by @0xWeston, purporting to be a paid Discord Group. It has been defunct since 2021 and the account is mainly used now to engage with and amplify Weston and NFTEarth posts.

He has been using this account to attack those such as @Dicaso and @FractalVisions who raised the previous allegations of his abuse of grants on Optimism, such as redirecting Optimism grant funds to his personal Coinbase accounts, misappropriating team funds, draining community LPs, and secretly minting himself hundreds of the NFTs he markets to unknowing users.

This appears to be a pattern for Weston where he uses likely alt accounts such as NFTEarth_Alerts and SatoshiButerin0 to create fake engagement on his personal and NFTEarth posts and uses them to attack and threaten those who dare to speak out against his behavior.

The Arbitrum DAO should have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior.


Thanks for reminding the Arbitrum community about your involvement with L2DAO, it most def looks like that a lot of people know about it and the tactics you use to “legitimize” your projects and the strategies you use to dissimulate in order to create uncertainty.

It’s truly sad that in this inclusive environment that Arbitrum has created certain actors are trying to leverage that for their own malicious intents. This should remind everyone in the Arbitrum ecosystem that being inclusive and tolerant without logic can be bad for the tolerant and inclusive!

As a reference I will share this article that’s related to K.Popper’s views on tolerance: Woke arrogation of Paradox of tolerance – Sridhar Ratnakumar


We will be presenting further findings into our rationale and findings for opening this topic, but a great place to start is perhaps an example:

@ZER8 and @DisruptionJoe had already made the decision to withhold earned grant funding prior to this post even being live. In essence proving our point they are not fit to be managing a grant program of this calibur.

It should be of note that ZER8 seems to have removed this link since his original post, as shown in the screencap.

But it can be reference here: NFTearth removal from grant program - Google Docs


I’m just gonna post it in a different thread. GL :four_leaf_clover:


Also just curious: Why do you make sarcastic / hostile replies in nearly every comment? You claim the NFTEarth team is argumentative and hostile - it appears to be the opposite.


Interesting string of accusations. Again, stated as facts, but not substantiated with evidence. AFAIK - the Discord community for this group is alive and well. I left it a while back so I don’t know their status as to growth metrics, but being that there are still people active in the server I don’t think you should be calling them “defunct.” I have absolutely zero abilitiy to control what they say or don’t say, agree that some of these comments taken out of context seem intense though, but again, their admins are going to post whatever they want to.

Why would you even reference Satoshi Buterin? This just makes zero sense - he designed the artwork for the Earthlings NFT collection and has been promoting it for 5 months. He was even on the NFTEarth team until about a month ago, but I think clearly intends to still support what we have been trying to build on Arbitrum.


Here is a YouTube video I made discussing this situation - i should add a couple tbings for context right away.

We were made aware that Joe received $OP the day before our $ARB gramt round started and this raised several red flags. It seems reasonable to investigate this to understand the nature of the relationship with Optimism and Arbitrum because being that they are HIGHLY competitive rollups, i find it nearly impossible for any grant program administrator to remain impartial and credibly neutral if they are being compensated by both networks. The entire premise of their argument is that because the same (@Dicaso and @FractalVisions) keep making accusations about the team, well then the team must not be good. They have not presented a single piece of actual rational or onchain evidence of any wrongdoing - yet when a call for additional review is asked for, the IMMEDIATE response is to deny the team their earned matching funds? I thought Arbiscan was a DAO.

Further proving the point, upon our investigation being released, the @NFTEarth team has nust been made aware they will NOT be receiving ANY of the earned $ARB matching funds. So key point being… speak up, get censored. Is this the message Arbitrum wants to be sending in trying to attract new builders? I don’t think so.


Here are the findings as to why your grant was removed from eligibility.


We were made aware that Joe received $OP the day before our $ARB gramt round started

This is what you are complaining about? :sweat_smile:


This makes sense, thanks Dicaso.

@DisruptionJoe is a prime example of a very well engaged and active community member on Optimism.

Getting over 3000$ worth of OP, with minimal ecosystem interactions, what a lucky guy…


Anyone who delegated OP would have been eligible. Your own screenshot proves that he delegated OP 500 days ago. It’s pathetic that your whole arguement is that receiving a standard user airdrop makes someone complicit in corruption.

Meanwhile NFTE has scammed its own users, stolen dao funds, and botted its governance! All proven on-chain


NFTEarth is not L2DAO :joy:


Thanks for letting me know I got an airdrop!


Don’t insult our intelligence.

A Twitter account from a defunct project you founded has been exclusively used for over a year to RT and engage with your tweets and you would have us believe it is someone else running it? It posted nonstop about L2DAO until you were removed from that team in March. It was tweeting about Hyperdrive until you had a falling out with that team. Since then it has been tweeting nonstop about NFTEarth. Then all the sudden one night it suddenly became interested in @Dicaso, @FractalVisions and @DisruptionJoe?

There are no active paid Discord groups who rather than promote themselves for over a year would dedicate their Twitter accounts to amplifying the tweets of one guy who claims to not even be a member and his pet projects. No groups that care enough about your personal feuds to accuse others of crimes and threaten delegates with violence.

You are only making things worse for yourself.


Hi all,

I know there is disagreement here amongst several parties, but please maintain the maximum politeness policy.


A quick search :mag: on Google reveals public records that the Crypto Cave was created by Weston Nelson according to facebook records.

Weston is indeed acting as a third party in an attempt to manipulate the Arbitrum governance into thinking there was some sort of wrong doing from an alternative account that had been setup.

Don’t be so naive to think that you can simply hide information that is already publicly available. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to put together the puzzle pieces on this case.

This type of behavior from a grantee should not be tolerated.