Development/Maintenance of virtual and face-to-face communities regarding the Arbitrum Ecosystem for Venezuela and Argentina.

Title – Proposal: Development of University communities regarding the Arbitrum Ecosystem for Venezuela and Argentina.
Constitutional / Non-Constitutional - Non-Constitutional
Abstract - Communities, Universities, Learning, Studens
Motivation - Since universities are the fundamental sources for the generation, development and promotion of knowledge, it is more than relevant to sow and promote the strengthening of communities at the level of these universities so that students have the relevant tools for the development of technological solutions based on Blockchain that ultimately seek to provide answers to pressing needs that must be resolved for the improvement in the quality of life of human beings.
Rationale - The Arbitrum Blockchain Platform being an ecosystem through which solutions to multiple use cases can be developed, the relationship of this AIP approach to the organization’s mission/vision/values is directly exposed.
Key Terms (optional) - Dissemination of knowledge about the Arbitrum Ecosystem and how it can provide solutions to needs in order to directly/indirectly change the lives of human beings.
Specifications - Profiles in social networks: LinkedIn, Telegram, Discord, Whatsapp, email accounts, partnerships with schools and student centers on university campuses for the development of on-site events, account in Zoo Social platform.
Steps to Implement -
1.- Acquisition of mobile device for the configuration/maintenance of the different profiles in the social networks.
2.- Acquisition of telephone lines for their association with profiles in the networks.
3.- Development of profiles in social networks.
4 .- Hiring of domains
5.- Email accounts
6 .- Development of Web pages
7.- Hiring of the Social Zoo service/configuration.
8.- Hiring of GoogleCloud platform for the development of Bots.
9.- Implementation of Bots in Google Clouds platform for the management/administration of certain contents in particular social networks.
10.- Posting of communiqués issued by the Arbitrum Foundations.

Timeline -
1.- Start: 01/10/2023
2.- Development: 01/10 - 31/10/2023
3.- End: Because it is necessary to maintain over time the dissemination of the contents/performance of activities.

Overall Cost - In search of the respective costs for their respective analysis.

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