Discord Server Ban

Hey there
I would love to join back the discord server, I don’t know why but after I posted a dune dashboard for Sybil detection which I developed I got banned from the server. Would love to join back again, can someone help me out?


I think you should contact the support team to see if it’s possible to be added back.


Hey, what is your discord ID?

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Thanks for this awesome suggestion, can u imagine it was also my first idea!? So I reached out to several team members, but after 2 month without any reply I think it’s best to just ask here.

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I send you earlier a DM :wave:t3:

In general, the automoderation on the discord server is just way too intense.

Can’t share any links, there’s a hidden black list of keywords, after typing a long message that gets auto flagged with a hidden keyword, a developer is just going to give up asking a question or comment. This happened to me a few times. I even thought I was shadow banned but it turns out you can’t start a message with ‘hey’.

The little things matter. It’s how you build a community and encourage developers. If you treat everyone like airdrop farmers, then that’s the behavior that will emerge. If you treat people with respect as potential contributors and nurture a developer community, then that behavior will emerge. Heavy automoderation causes developers to leave and participate in more reciprocal communities.

Imo, starknet is an example of developer relations done right. Optimism is even doing a much better job at communication and developer experience than Arbitrum.


@eli_defi I really would love to join back Discord. Can you or anybody else help me and let me join again. PLEASE :pray:t3: