Urgent discussion

Hello guys,

I’m an anon, arb citizen. It seems that in the recent weeks, the whole respect towards holders has been forgotten by most if not everyone.

I have been asking questions on Arbitrum discord and Plutus discord, concerning staking, sequencer fees sharing and so on.

Note that I have been muted for 1 week in both for asking questions. Some community managers don’t understand their job is to answer community members. Transparency is key.

Yet it seems random anons can’t get any respect. I expect nobody to answer this as always since I have 0 influence. But I know that right now I’m talking on the behalf of the majority.

Lots of questions unanswered, lots of shady disappearence and on top of that you get kicked for asking questions.

I’m wondering where is this going for genuine believers.

I have nothing to propose since the road of proposal for anons is nearly impossible.

You can talk here, in the corresponding thread.
I haven’t noticed any bans or hostile attitude towards any suggestion or criticism here