Ethelo Community Engagement and Evaluation System Project Update

Hello Arbitrum Community!

I’m Mat from Ethelo. Many of you may have used our platform over past months across a number of different community engagements, most recently during Gov Month for strategic alignment, and campaign #1 and #2 of this ongoing milestone.

This update will provide you with an overview of our current programme, and description of progress achieved thus far. Please find an brief overview of the project below, followed by an update on our progress:

Project Overview:
Our primary goal is to deploy a participatory framework for monitoring and evaluating Arbitrum DAO’s grant programs. This involves gauging community perceptions about these programs’ effectiveness and alignment with DAO strategic objectives.

  • Name: Ethelo Community Engagement and Evaluation System (E-CEES)
  • Leads:
    • Ethelo, CEO: Mathew Markman
    • Ethelo, CTO: John Richardson
    • Ethelo, Fulfillment Specialist/Analyst: Ahmed Lelamo
  • Primary Point of Contact: Mathew Markman
  • Objective: Implement a dynamic community engagement and evaluation system (CEES) within the Arbitrum DAO ecosystem, focusing on enhancing community awareness of and involvement in ongoing grant programs - decentralizing the grant program evaluation process.
  • Outcome: Establish a standard, including evaluative benchmarks, for assessing, improving and increasing awareness of Arbitrum DAO’s grant programs, through participatory methodologies and human-centric design principles.

Progress So Far:
To date we have completed a number of our initial milestones, and launched four total community engagements, this includes:

  • Milestone #1: Project Plan Document and LogFrame (evaluation framework)
  • Milestone #2: Data Collection Tool Development: Creation of a participatory data collection tool and process for effective and decentralized evaluation of ongoing grant programs.
  • Milestone #3: Platform Configuration: Integration of data collection tool into the Ethelo platform for decentralized data collection
  • Community Engagement: Evaluation of grant programs will be conducted across three campaigns comprising 6-8 Grant Programs in each survey. Two campaigns are ongoing at this time, and a third will be launched over the coming week.

Participation Metrics:
In campaign #1, we launched two surveys, one targeting DAO Delegates, and one targeting DAO Community Members.

Campaign #2 engagements are currently live:

All engagements will remain open for the duration of the campaign period, and participation incentives can be accessed on ThankARB.


Our program aims understand and enhance the community’s perception of the value and impact of Arbitrum DAO Grant Programs. We are leveraging Ethelo’s unique participatory technology and complex decision-making engine to engage Delegates and Community Members in an experiential process that aims to decentralize how we collectively evaluate grant programs.

We invite you to share your thoughts or any questions you may have!


Mathew Markman and the Ethelo Team



Hello Everyone, sharing our second project update.

The 2nd round of Grant program evaluations has been live for over a week now, and we have seen solid participation. Thus far, there been 526 responses in the Community Engagement, and 142 responses in the Delegates engagement. Overall sentiment toward ongoing Grant Programs appears to be relatively high, with fairly strong conseus surrounding the 80-89% overall support levels.

Community Survey Results

Delegate Survey Results

Engagements can still be access via, so don’t forget to engage and receive your rewards!

The third and final engagement evaluating grant programs has been configured and is ready to go live, and should be released on ThankArb in the coming days!

Following completion of this engagement we will be completing a final evaluation report.


Ethelo has completed all milestones as part of its Milestone 1 Grant. Overview of findings are presented below, followed by a description of Milestones completed since the previous update. Our final report presenting findings of the Community Engagement and Evaluation System can be viewed here.

Overview of Findings

  • Overall, participants perceive grant programs funded by Plurality Labs in Milestone #1 to be well-aligned to strategic priorities, with an 87.5% support rating across all grant programs.
  • Programs perceived to be most aligned to DAO priorities include: Arbitrum Co-Lab by RN DAO (89%) and STIP - Short Term Incentive Program (89%)
  • The majority of respondents identified as Community Members (126), followed by Arbitrum DAO Contributors (52) and Arbitrum DAO Delegates (36). An additional 21 respondents identified as Protocol Builders, 11 as Grantees, six (6) as Service Provider Representatives, and six (6) others.**
  • The Arbitrum DAO community encompasses a broad array of skills, with User Research being the most prevalent, involving 63 members (16.8%). Following are skills in Marketing Strategy with 44 members (11.7%) and Business Operations with 43 members (11.5%). Blockchain Protocol Analysis, Back End Development, and Smart Contract Programming are equally represented by 36 members (9.6%) each for the first two and 35 members (9.3%) for the latter.

Overview of Lessons Learned

  • Preemptive token and wallet gating and ongoing and regular data validation will decrease the impact of sybil attacks, increase ease of data analysis, and robustness of real time data presentation during engagements
  • Preemptive and persistent data validation measures discussed above would enable both real time synthesis of qualitative sentiments using AI, and easier dating cleaning and organization for analysis during the reporting period.
  • Creating more distinct engagement periods, closing engagements after a set period of time, rather than leaving each engagement open for the entire period will support preventing sibil attacks and increase ease of data analysis
  • Reducing the amount of information contained within each campaign will likely enable capture of more diverse and detailed findings about each program. Information can also be presented in a more navigable way, using different forms of media, including images and videos when relevant.**
  • Token- and Wallet- gating will enable more direct targeting of DAO Delegates, and the creation of two data sets for correlating opinions between Delegates and Community Members.
  • Create a Community Engagement Specialist role, which enable the project manager to administer relations with grant and project administrators, while the engagement specialist maintains a regular and persistent presence within the Arbitrum community, monitoring and supporting validation of data as it is being collected. The specialist will also host weekly sessions to support engagement participation and provide any needed assistance to the community.

Completed Milestones

  1. Campaign #1: Arbitrum Dao 1 Merged
  2. Campaign #2: Arbitrum Dao 2 Merged
  3. Campaign #3: Arbitrum Dao 3 Merged
  4. Final Report: View Here
  5. Technology development for expanded use and ease of access across the Arbitrum ecosystem: Wallet Gating, Token Gating, ENS Profile Integration
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