Update from the Education & Content Creation Fellowship: Community-Driven Research Initiative to Empower the Arbitrum DAO

Update from the Education & Content Creation Fellowship: Community-Driven Research Initiative to Empower the Arbitrum DAO

Fellowship Members:

  • Humberto Beso Oberto
  • Ceci Sakura
  • Nestor Bonilla
  • Habib Maltiba

Greetings Arbitrum DAO community!

The Education & Content Creation Fellowship has been hard at work for the past nine weeks, and we’re excited to share our progress and our vision for the future.

Shifting Focus to Empower the DAO:

We initially explored a wide range of ideas, from hackathon coordination to builder camps. For deciding which one to pursue we looked for the Arbitrum guidelines or any sort of North Star. However, we found out that aside clear technical topics like Stylus, there was no agreed goal beyond the Community Values. From asking around different contributors and looking into education and content proposals we identified the process has been carried out as an experiment without a set of goals and criteria to measure progress against.

With that in mind, we recognized that our most impactful contribution would be to empower the DAO with a deep understanding of its specific needs in Education and Content Creation. To achieve this, we’re developing a comprehensive, data-driven research initiative to ensure our work aligns perfectly with the DAO’s goals and priorities.

Research Goals:

Our research focuses on the ongoing Questbook round named Arbitrum Education, Community Growth, and Events Domain. Answering the following three key questions will allow the DAO and the grant operators to optimize its budget allocation so to accelerate growth of those projects that add to the financial sustainability for the long-term health of the Arbitrum ecosystem, and enable both social and technical inclusivity:

  1. What are the most pressing educational needs of the Arbitrum DAO?
  2. What common metrics have been achieved by approved projects in the “Arbitrum Education, Community Growth, and Events” category on Questbook?
  3. How do these metrics align with Arbitrum’s DAO Community Values and the identified pressing needs?

Research Approach:

To gather this essential information, we’ll:

  • Conduct a targeted survey of delegates, Arbitrum Foundation collaborators, and ARB token holders.
  • Thoroughly analyze the descriptions, milestones, and metrics of approved projects.
  • Engage in in-depth interviews with key stakeholders to gain valuable insights.
  • Leverage innovative tools, such as Farcaster frames, to gather survey data linked to wallets involved in the DAO, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of our research.

The Value We Bring to the DAO:

Our research will equip the DAO with:

  • A crystal-clear understanding of the community’s educational priorities.
  • Data-driven insights into the effectiveness of past initiatives.
  • Actionable recommendations to guide future funding decisions and maximize impact.

Next Steps:

  • We’re finalizing our research proposal and will be applying for funding through Questbook by June 29th.
  • We’re committed to transparent communication and will share regular updates on our progress, actively seeking your feedback throughout the research process.

We Value Your Input!

We invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and any questions you have about this initiative. Your input is invaluable in shaping our research and ensuring its relevance to the community.

Please stay tuned for further updates!

Thank you for your continued support!

The Education & Content Creation Fellowship