Frax Finance Bi-Weekly Update (Final Update)

Recap of the Previous Two Weeks

ARB Received Last Disbursement: 0 ARB

ARB Utilized as Incentives in the Last Two Weeks: 156,053 ARB

Contracts incentivized over the last 2 weeks:

Contract Address Contract Tag/Name
0x2Aa638596429e4734D872feC6e7a42e3f3D9fBf8 Paladin - QuestBoardSidechain
0x9D682578385C3F1Db08f50f4b87E7C3472535A33 GMX-msig
0x8BB4C975Ff3c250e0ceEA271728547f3802B36Fd Merkle - DistributionCreator
0xB1a17c8BCb17cd0FDAb587c6b09749b021861E70 Curve - Gauge - Direct LP Incentives
0xB8c52da3db9EdF9Da6a20959410B007a2387E5a2 Frax - FraxCCFarmV4_cvxLP
0xA81F4b86B412CcB51C7420000F59a639F3459f49 Frax - FraxCCFarmV4_cvxLP
0x421Efd53FA0d90687db5ef370D5DCD7f89CbD9dE Frax - FraxCCFarmV4_cvxLP
0xc920B52E610659bCb3d902001b8C52c5A31AAf51 Horiza - Bribe
0x92C06eA48D96B499ea5a2B102232E7916a7ECA96 Horiza - Bribe
0x743d7683e67cF5719fad4149311CD7C24e3D1ffA Ramses - Bribe
0xdc16a1877e44ac80b6befdda5a6d8a89300cbff9 Ramses - Bribe
0x066d6f97b3f1456ED5b148A3c3d5C5C235869d7E Ramses - Bribe
0x4995f8a28f0E8d2920AE787e32d0f1013AEc29e1 Ramses - Bribe
0xeBC15b33f0a0D940267B4c5DA7428eD9a95d542c Ramses - Bribe
0xeb473a6a0bf7b4d820d8fed61d2ab1402d637994 Ramses - Bribe
0xe3003b04fbb20a3a18497bc5106a0e45d601ac4f Ramses - Bribe
0x43DB1214e9c5d7d980267a2031b380fc80b88f86 Ramses - Bribe
0xa9092a2cfd11f8e42cfd84c0217743f28b3c285c Bunni - Timeless BUNNI-LP Gauge Deposit
0x4b6052E271C1a1aF0eB62376fbba95Fa4A1E282B Bunni - Timeless BUNNI-LP Gauge Deposit
0x45d19CAc4901983E02fb93D7579C247D5F89f38B Wombat - Bribe
0xe3c747896C76aEE3f4c18F34A36eE58b425B8E17 Wombat - Bribe
0xFD0AF0B852e8937b2767C1a344E1fD9b34EC1b1A Wombat - Bribe
0x45100bd2b5c8b36fdf49808abfe3408ff803fb0d Bunni - Timeless BUNNI-LP Gauge Deposit
0xF10878bc18193DD92F934C8A9b945c1172CCb5cA Staking Vault
0x86Aa9599A8edE1F5d181c2dAc37D826c16792408 Staking Vault
0xdBd005FCe7767e7e66AeCfC53f054065187330A8 Staking Vault
0xDF58845C5A03116067215374A40aEfdd248Ce1f1 Lodestar - Incentive msig
0xB671Eb5Cee01d681df07a245df2fcf9FCB808c0a Premia - DualMiningProxy
0x24e927daC110Aab7189a4F864d41680e4F7865FB Frax - FraxCCFarmV4_cvxLP
0x66fE69A5D2f44645aa904d44152Bd92d49A0E7d7 Horiza - Bribe
0xa67a352B1501775e7C2A25C3f39E310E6F198f31 Horiza - Bribe
0xb69BB749bCc1cdD56861525fF9DADf5AF76Fc5f1 Ramses - Bribe
0x99e0896d149c3d2a50a6aFd44fE41fb73448dBb5 Ramses - Bribe
0x49894a90c15Fde52bAD37AC4a8cb54465FEc3a72 Ramses - Bribe
0x364C80e9418B65110157Bc7681Ed761B3188F59E Ramses - Bribe
0x9Dc623a12fc3dC87cB23c53C68330A22ea084B3A Ramses - Bribe
0xcb81454ec05274640eD5129cC0363947B0B9d0ec Ramses - Bribe
0x96412caB79c3A4c5cACD8b6fbFbEa36F4cA3791a Wombat - Bribe
0x68F6d90727EB96eeC1C9f50578213e8e6d59128b BeefyBoost

Contract address label Form 12 completed for all addresses: Yes

ARB left over: 0 ARB

Plan for leftover ARB: N/A

Summary of incentives: Over the last two weeks, we have successfully used our automated incentive distributor contracts, known as Incentive AMOs, for two of our primary assets: FRAX, and frxETH.

Additional Info / Disclosures to Multisig:

FRAX Incentivizer AMO Address (All of FRAX pools are being incentivized through this contract): 0xefa5D36deBF5191328b17f2Ff74090DAdfda9A70

frxETH Incentivizer AMO Address (All of frxETH pools are being incentivized through this contract): 0x3C6d74267b01E00B2C8F541ff132A7b03bcC6c70


Average daily TVL: $44,906,165.86

Average daily transactions: 3946

Average daily volumes: $3,639,470.53

Number of unique user addresses: 9523

Transaction fees: Since our pools and vaults are within multiple different protocols, fees are not applicable here.

day tvl volume dau trans
2024-03-29 $44,113,867.17 $5,478,167.19 712 4646
2024-03-28 $44,337,062.80 $6,475,334.98 694 5630
2024-03-27 $45,525,913.13 $2,941,863.22 605 4069
2024-03-26 $45,815,375.61 $1,886,867.44 578 3081
2024-03-25 $45,375,404.36 $2,479,932.41 561 3406
2024-03-24 $44,712,319.60 $3,293,232.58 506 3132
2024-03-23 $44,463,218.33 $2,920,895.89 502 3661
AVG $44,906,165.86 $3,639,470.53 594 3946.428571

Link to dashboard showing metrics:

OpenBlock Dashboard:

Frax Fianace Arbitrum Dune Dashboard:

Final Update:

Throughout the Arbitrum STIP program, we made significant strides in expanding our Total Value Locked (TVL) within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Leveraging strategic partnerships and innovative strategies, we successfully increased our TVL by nearly threefold, surpassing the 50 million mark. The graph below illustrates this remarkable growth trajectory over the course of the program, showcasing the steady rise in TVL and highlighting our commitment to fostering a robust DeFi environment on Arbitrum.

This substantial growth in TVL not only demonstrates the growing confidence and participation of users within our ecosystem but also reflects the effectiveness of our liquidity strategies and engagement initiatives. By attracting more assets and liquidity into Arbitrum, we have contributed to the network’s overall vibrancy and liquidity depth.

In addition to the impressive TVL growth, our efforts in the Arbitrum STIP program led to a notable expansion in Daily Active Users (DAU) and the overall user base. The graph below showcases the upward trend in DAU, highlighting the increased engagement and activity within our ecosystem.

Moreover, our collaborative efforts with approximately 30 different protocols played a crucial role in creating, bootstrapping, and nurturing liquidity pools, thereby enhancing the economic value within Arbitrum. This collaborative approach fostered a thriving ecosystem and contributed to the overall growth and development of DeFi on Arbitrum.

Additionally, we initiated Fraxlend on Arbitrum, providing users with advanced lending and borrowing capabilities and further enriching the decentralized finance landscape on the Arbitrum network. These achievements underscore our ongoing dedication to innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

At the end, we want to express our deep gratitude to the Arbitrum Foundation and community for entrusting us with the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and contribute to achieving the chain’s aligned goals. Your steadfast support and collaboration have been invaluable to our success. We eagerly anticipate continued partnership and growth. Thank you for placing your trust in Frax Finance.