Game SDK for interoperable Game Economies

Proposal Title: “Invo: Revolutionizing Game Economies through Tokenization”

a Game SDK for interoperable Game Economies!!!


In the dynamic realm of game development, the quest for innovation continually reshapes the landscape, yet developers face enduring challenges that stifle growth and creativity. High transaction fees, rapid player churn, and limited revenue streams are but a few of the hurdles that hamper the evolution of engaging and sustainable gaming experiences. The Invo team, comprising Dylan Kawalec, Livia Panez, and Delroy Brown, presents a pioneering solution designed to transcend these barriers by leveraging the power of tokenization within game economies.

Problem Statement

The gaming industry is beleaguered by several critical issues:

  • Exorbitant Transaction Fees: Developers are burdened by high fees on in-game purchases, significantly eroding their revenue.
  • High Player Churn: A daunting 95% of players leave games within the first three days, a trend that severely impacts developers’ ability to build a loyal player base.
  • Constrained Revenue Streams: Traditional monetization methods offer limited financial avenues for developers, stifling their creative and financial potential.
  • Payment Channel Limitations: Legal and operational restrictions on payment channels pose significant challenges for developers, as exemplified by high-profile disputes like EPIC vs. GOOGLE.

Solution: Tokenization of the Game Economy

Invo proposes a transformative approach to revitalize the gaming industry through the tokenization of game economies:

  • Enabling Monetizable Player Interactions: By tokenizing in-game assets and actions, we open up new revenue avenues, turning every player action into a potential source of income.
  • Reviving Legacy Games: Introducing a token economy into older titles can rejuvenate interest and profitability, offering players new experiences in familiar worlds.
  • Boosting Player Engagement: Detailed analytics on the game economy and player financial interactions can significantly enhance player engagement and retention.
  • Securing Transactions: Utilizing cutting-edge Zero Knowledge Proofs, we ensure transaction security, particularly benefiting younger players managing in-game finances.

Importance and Broader Impact

The Invo solution not only addresses immediate financial and engagement challenges in game development but also envisions a broader societal impact:

  • Supporting Public Goods: Our tokenization model enables in-game currencies to be converted into real-world value, funding public goods, charitable donations, and other initiatives aligned with social welfare.
  • Promoting Inclusive Economies: We empower developers to create games with economies that not only drive profit but also contribute to societal goals, fostering environments that encourage responsible consumption and reduced inequalities.
  • Innovating Game Development: Lowering the barriers to integrating sophisticated economic models in games paves the way for greater innovation and inclusivity, transforming the essence of game design.


Invo stands at the forefront of a new era in game development, where tokenization unlocks unprecedented opportunities for developers and players alike. By addressing the systemic issues that hinder the growth of the gaming industry, we pave the way for a future where games are not just entertainment but a force for societal good. Our proposal embodies a bold step forward in the game development incentives track, promising a more inclusive, sustainable, and engaging gaming ecosystem.

Deck and Contact Information

For a comprehensive overview of our proposal, including detailed plans, anticipated outcomes, and examples, please visit our presentation deck: Invo Proposal Deck.

For further inquiries or discussions, please contact our team lead, Dylan Kawalec, as we are eager to collaborate with partners and stakeholders interested in revolutionizing game development through tokenization.