Gauntlet Delegate Communication Thread

This will be the main communication thread for Gauntlet’s Arbitrum DAO governance votes both on Snapshot and Tally.

Snapshot Votes
Arbitrum Stable Treasury Endowment Program
Vote: FOR
We believe it is important for the Arbitrum DAO to diversify its treasury. Arbitrum’s $6B treasury is one of it’s most competitive assets. If managed properly the treasury can sustainably fund ongoing DAO operations, offer builders the resources they need to attract users, and serve as a means of bootstrapping DeFi liquidity.

This is a well thought out proposal which will help aid in both diversifying the treasury and attracting DeFi projects via liquidity. We are excited to support this proposal and future treasury diversification proposals.

ArbOS Version 20 “Atlas”
Vote: FOR
EIP-4844 has been a big piece of the excitement around ETH L2’s. It offers the possibility for gas costs on Arbitrum to get reduced even more and may allow for increased sequencer fees. We are excited for what this will help enable when implemented.

Batch Poster Manager and Sequencer Inbox Finality Fix
Vote: FOR
OpSec is an important part of crypto and hacks are too common. Any kind of irreversible hack to the Arbitrum protocol could be catastrophic for it’s long-term adoption. We appreciate this proposal’s efforts to reduce the security risk of Arbitrum by creating a “batch poster manager”.

Empowering Early Contributors
While we do believe it is important to empower and reward early contributors, it can be a tricky balance deciding who does and does not deserve rewards. We do not believe we are prepared to evaluate the contributions of these individuals, so we opted to abstain. If the community values their inputs and opts to rewards these individuals, we support that decision.

Tally Votes
Long Term Incentives Pilot Program
Vote: FOR
Incentives are a core piece of an ecosystem’s ability to grow. It is important for the Arbitrum DAO to deploy their treasury to help ecosystem projects in a responsible fashion. The LTIP is a step in the right direction for getting ongoing project incentives in place, that will rewards developers for coming to Arbitrum.

We encourage the DAO to maintain an analytical approach to their incentive programs, as we learn from these experiments and create positive ROI systems. We hope the committee in charge of LTIP takes time to learn from the STIP program and hones in on long-term value generative incentives for Arbitrum.


Snapshot Votes
Funding for Into the Dungeons
This is a major funding proposal and would be the first time the Arbitrum DAO gave a grant directly to a project. The proposal additionally is asking for the funds to be used for development rather than user incentives or other activity that will directly benefit the DAO. While we understand the importance of helping fund builders, we believe this proposal is a bit premature and would set a bad precedent for project funding.

We would encourage the DAO to continue developing a program to provide funding for gaming projects. It is becoming fairly clear that many of the funding streams are built primarily for the DeFi project lifecycle and gaming projects are struggling to get funding from the DAO. If Arbitrum wants to be competitive in gaming it will need to continue to work with gaming builders.

Tally Votes
Changes to the Constitution and the Security Council Election Process
Vote: FOR
We support this adjustment to the Security Council election process which will help make the elections fairer for all participants.

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