Gauntlet USDC.e Migration Risk Dashboard

Gauntlet USDC.e Migration Risk Dashboard

Gauntlet is excited to publicly release our risk dashboard providing insight into native USDC & bridged USDC.e. This dashboard was built to be a reference point throughout Aribtrum’s initiative to migrate liquidity into native USDC. The dashboard covers TVL distribution for both USDC & USDC.e by token across Aave, GMX, Uniswap, and Radiant; information on liquidity depth; and active account information.

Dashboard Summary

The TVL Share by Token pie chart shows the breakdown of USDC vs. USDC.e TVL across the entire Arbitrum ecosystem. For both USDC.e & USDC, the leading protocols that hold the tokens are listed.

We also provide an area chart breaking down the TVL per protocol over time for both USDC & USDC.e

In regards to trading information, we provide both the 2% price impact & the trading activity. 2% price impact shows what size of trade would be needed to cause a price impact of 2% based on the liquidity available onchain. The trading activity bar graph shows how much of each token was traded on a per-day basis.

Lastly, we provide a line chart of active accounts over time. This shows how many addresses have any balance of USDC, USDC.e, or both.

If there is any additional information you’d be interested in, please respond in this thread and we are happy to incorporate feedback!