GovHack Brussels Submission instructions

Deadline: Sunday 7th @ 9:15am CET (Brussels)

Any post or deck with timestamp edits past the deadline will invalidate the submission.

Pitches will be done as a 2 min recording on Loom

  • Day 3: Judges pick 5 finalists to pitch on Day 3. Finalists will be announced live Sunday 12:15pm and via Telegram.
  • Day 3: 1pm 5 Finalists pitch live.
  • Community vote decides the final rank. If you are a selected finalist but unable to physically attend Day 3, your video submission will be played live.

Submission Process

Forum Post

Create one “New Topic” for your Team

Title: Team Number + Proposal Title

Tag: Add the “GovHack Brussels” tag

Post Content, including:

  • Track Name

  • Challenge Statement

  • Members: Name or Alias.

  • Team Lead contact name or alias (Winners will be DM’d for prize distribution)

  • PITCH: Loom Recording 2 mins MAX

  • Proposal (400-1500 words)

  • Share your proposal using the high-level template listed under “Proposal Structure” as shown here

  • Deck (link or pdf) - this is optional

  • Picture of clipboard (optional)

Judging Criteria

40 points

  • (x/10) Desirable - Validate demand for the problem and your solution
  • (x/10) Viable - Is the solution economically viable
  • (x/10) Feasible - Is it technically possible
  • (x/10) Impact - Alignment with Arbitrum ecosystem needs


1st - 6k
2nd - 5k
3rd - 4k
4th - 3k
5th - 2k

Supporting resources and guides:


Hi @raam
Is there a way to register for the hackathon if we are not at the event? I’m assuming that’s how a team gets their number?

Hi @Boiler, no this is just for people here at the event in Brussels. If you are remote contributing to a team who is here in person, they will be handling making the thread for the submission.

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