Proposal Submission, Pitching & Judging Process

# Deadline: Tuesday 27th 4 pm MST (Denver)

UPDATE: Deadline: Tuesday 27th 4 pm MST (Denver)

Any post or deck with timestamp edits past the deadline will invalidate the submission.

Pitches will be done as a 3 min recording on Loom

  • Day 2: Judges pick 5 finalists to pitch on Day 3. Finalists will be announced via Telegram.
  • Day 3: 10 am to 12 pm, 5 Finalists pitch live. Community vote decides the rank. If you are a selected finalist but unable to physically attend Day 3, your video submission will be played live.

Submission Process

Forum Post

Create one “New Topic” for your Team

Title: Team Number + Proposal Title

Post Content

  • Track Name (updated list)
  • Challenge Statement
  • Members: Name or Alias.
  • Team Lead contact name or alias (Winners will be DM’d for prize distribution)
  • PITCH: Loom Recording 3 mins MAX
  • Proposal (400-1000 words)
  1. What the problem is
  2. What is the solution
  3. Why is important
  • Deck (link or pdf) - this is optional


Should address judging criteria:

  • Viability
  • Desirability
  • Feasibility
  • Track Impact


1st - 5k
2nd - 4k
3rd - 3k
4th - 2k
5th - 1k


  1. Orbit Adoption Strategy
  2. Grants Ecosystem
  3. DAO BD Strategy
  4. DAO operational excellence
  5. Strategic Big Bets
  6. Betting on Builders
  7. Contributor onboarding, activation & engagement
  8. Game Development & Incentives
  9. Sequencer
  10. Arbitrum Liquidity

NOTE: Anatomy of a good proposal and deck to follow shortly