Grant Ships: Weekly Dev Log

DevLog: Week of Apr 29 & May 6 2024

Development Progress

The beta test continues, and we are getting valuable feedback from our testers.

Beacon Feature

Most development effort has been applied to a new “Beacon” feature, which will allow ship operators to invite projects to apply, and allow in-app communication between operators and project managers.

Application Objects

We’re also planning to turn the “Grant Application” entity into a first-class object in the app, giving it its own page and URLs pathing within the app. This is based on user feedback reporting confusion during the application process, we hope adding this piece will improve the grantee and operator experience significantly.

Features and bug fixes finished since last update:

Recruitment Progress

Most support is now happening through our telegram groups. Telegram: Contact @grantships

Operators are making allocation decisions presently, with over 10,000 ARB allocated and distributed through the app contracts already.

Grant Ships has a 2 step grant approval process, with Ship Operators starting the process by approving a grant application. Game Facilitators then handle any oversight and due diligence before approving the grant. In this case, we are verifying ownership of the X profile in the grant application, requiring completed KYC or KYB, and requiring attestation to the Grant Ships Compliance Policy.

See some sample announcement tweets:

Check out the full feed of all funding events here:

Documentation Progress

The most significant update to the docs was to add instructions for attesting to the Grant Ships compliance policy.

What we need

As round 1 draws to a close, we’ll be preparing to solicit feedback from the Arbitrum community on their perception of the Ships’ performances. Higher performing ships will have a greater portion of the funding pool to allocate next round. Between 5/27 and 6/9 we’ll be holding an Arbitrum token holder vote.

The schedule is as follows:


  • Operator Applications Open: 3/29 - 4/3 @ 3EST (6 days)
  • Operator Onboarding: 3/30 - 4/14 (12 days)
  • Round 1 Allocation: 4/22 - 5/26 (35 days) - We are here
  • Round 1 Voting: 5/27 - 6/9 (14 days)
  • Round 2 Allocation: 6/10 - 6/30 (28 days)
  • Round 2 Voting: 7/1-7/14 (14 days)

Tune in on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @grantships
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Special Thanks for this week

Our growing community and all the great feedback we’re receiving during this beta test! Especially 0xjunglepunk for the honest and helpful feedback last week!