How to add an event to the ArbitrumDAO Governance Community Calendar

Arbitrum DAO has a community-run Google calendar where all important calls and events are added for the convenience of delegates and other interested parties.

While any contributor in the DAO can add their event to the calendar, the access to doing so is currently gated to a few members and not open to everyone to avoid having to deal with spam or malicious links.

Below you’ll find a guide on how you can request for an event to be added to the ArbitrumDAO Governance Community Calendar and the information you’ll be asked to provide.

Requesting an event to be added to the calendar

To add your event to the calendar, one of the admins of the calendars will need the following information:

  • Title: What do you want the event to be called? It should be something short and convey what the call is about.
  • Description: The description should provide some additional context for potential participants to be aware of. For example, if the call is going to discuss a specific proposal, the link to the proposal should be shared here.
  • Date: What day will the event happen? Avoid using weekends unless absolutely necessary.
  • Time (in UTC): What time of the day will the event take place (convert in UTC)? Keep in mind that the DAO had participants from all over the world and time differences can be a hurdle. Also, check the calendar to ensure there’s no other event at the same time as yours.
  • Duration: How long will the call be? Most calls take about 1 hour, but it can be less or more than that depending on your needs.
  • Meeting Link: Provide the meeting link for your event. Most events on the Arbitrum calendar use Google Meets but other apps are also welcome. Create a meeting and provide the link so you have host abilities when the event happens. Also, if you plan on recording the call, the recording will be saved in your drive.
  • Frequency of the event: If you plan on creating a recurring event, let us know how often you want it to be (once a week, once a month, etc)

Lastly, if your event has to be edited, moved, or canceled, please notify the person who added it to the calendar so they can take the necessary actions.

Who to reach out to?

Once you have the above information ready, send a message to Sinkas on Telegram. Alternatively, you can also message @AlexLumley (Telegram), @ocandocrypto (Telegram), or @cliffton.eth (Telegram).

Please do not reach out to all the above people at the same time. Allow for some reasonable response time before messaging the next person to add your event.

If you have access to the calendar but are not sure how to add an event using the information above, please refer to the information in the toggle below.

Adding an event to the calendar (for people with access)

When adding an event to the calendar on behalf of someone (and even for yourselves) please make sure to request the above information and use it to set up the event. That way, we can begin having a standardized format for events in the calendar.

How to add a different Google Meet link to an event you create:

When you create an event, the link that you create when you add a Google Meeting is by default under your control. That means only you have hosting abilities, and if the call is recorded, the file will be saved in your drive.

To avoid having to be there to let people in, and manually make the event organise a co-host for every event you create, you can use the meeting link they’ll provide you instead of your own.

To do this, go through the following steps:

  1. When creating the event, add a Google Meeting.
  2. After it’s added, click on the drop-down menu icon at the right

  1. When the options appear, click to edit the meeting link and add the respective 9 characters from the meeting link the event organizer sent you.

:bulb: This method only works for Google Meet events. If the event organizer has provided you with a link to a different meeting app (e.g. Zoom), do not add a Google Meet at all, and instead put the link they send you in the “Location” section.

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