I think I maybe messed up

Hello, I wanted to learn about Arbitrum, so I bridged some QNT tokens and RNDR tokens from Ethereum network to Arbitrum network… The problem is when I try to swap in Arbitrum (in Uniswap) from 1 QNT to USDC I will only get oppox 88 USDC - but 1 QNT is worth approx 140 USDC.

Also, when I try to swap my RNDR tokens to USDC I get this message: “Insufficient liquidity for this trade.”

I also tried the https://bridge.arbitrum.io/ but seems not possible to bridge QNT and RNDR back to Ethereum network…

Any help would be very much appreciated.


There is no liquidity deployed for those tokens on Arbitrum, that’s why you struggle to swap them.
I don’t even know how did you manage to bridge those tokens over here, I guess through a CEX. You should have swapped them before and bridged the USDC.

A recommendation for a next time is to never bridge exotic assets, stick to the most liquid assets in DeFi (ETH, USDC, USDT).
You can always check existing liquidity pools before making the move on sites like gecko terminal, dex screener, dex tools and many others.


You are right, should have done it as you explain… I used the Metamask Bridge and assumed it would be possible also to bridge back if nessecary… I tried the official Arbitrum bridge now, hoping it solves it… it will take 8 days so crossing finger it works :slight_smile: