Interest in a monthly governance call?

Hey, this is a great idea! Ideally, we should do this on Arbitrum’s discord so that the rest of the community can also get involved, and regarding the timezone, I guess maybe EST works best for me - but we can def ask around and see what’s best.


Yhup, we can view the first one as a pilot. these are some action items I would say we flesh out.

  1. Create an agenda format
  2. Agree on day and time for the call. I suggest that time should be qouted in UTC, which is more universal. folks can then convert to their respective timezones if they have to.
  3. Call for moderators, we could have 1 or 2 per call.

hey ser, I think this is a wonderful idea! There is for sure a lot to discuss.


I’m in from the @gauntlet side. We are a delegate but also support Compound and Aave deployments on Arbitrum.


I am for this!
Although I am in Asia time zone, so hopefully the time difference won’t be too bad


So here’s my proposal:

  1. Time: I propose to do it on Wed, 03.05. It’s obviously impossible to pick up a time that works for all timezones so I propose 4pm UTC which is ok for Europe and US and still probably doable for Asia. Otherwise we can choose 2 different timeslots if there’s enough interest.
  2. Platform: Discord would be probably the most suitable but I don’t have much experience with organising calls there and we’d probably need to coordinate with somebody with privileges for the official Discord channel. Furthermore, I’m not sure if it’s possible to have screen sharing on Discord. Thus for the first call I propose to do it on Google Meet (link below) and in the future we can decide to use anything else.
  3. For the agenda and format, let’s discuss it here (I propose some topics below). I can moderate at first (or share this with somebody) and we can rotate this role later on.
  4. I would like to also invite some Foundation representatives to the call.

If that works for us then here is the calendar event and the call link.

The agenda that I propose for the first call:

  1. Discussion on the topic Proposal: Return funds to arb users who sent their airdrop tokens to the contract address
  2. Discussion on the topic: Proposal: Count ARB Balance in QiDao Vaults into Voting Power also discussed in Proposal: Include LPs in Gov Voting
  3. Discussion on the DAO Grants Programme as discussed in [1] [2] [3] and [4]
  4. Open discussion on how should we frame ArbitrumDAO Governance and how should DAO maintain relationship with Arbitrum Foundation.
  5. Questions + Open Mic

What do you think? Please keep in mind that all above is just my proposal to have something concrete on the table, but feel free to suggest any changes.


Yea. I think this would a good idea. Could it even be recorded and stored on an IPFS server for everyone to listen back to?


Count me in! Sounds awesome. EST.


That time/date work great for me. Agree Google Meet makes sense. Thanks everyone for getting this in motion!


Hi @krst

I will attend on behalf of the Foundation. I want to take the opportunity to discuss how the Foundation can help/support independent initiatives run by the DAO. Alongside the type of relationship I would like to see going forward between the Foundation and DAO.

That time works for me. I’ll be at a conference, so hopefully the hotel’s wifi will work ok!

p.s. the calendar link didn’t work for me!


I cannot make that time. I could do the 4th or the 5th. Don’t worry about scheduling around me though! I’m happy to see the community starting to move things forward!


We will be there! Looking forward to it


Thanks for the proposal! We’ll be there as well!


Glad to see this coming together! Thanks for the great framework and agenda @krst, looks solid to me and should be a good foundation to get going on.


Sorry to hear that! If it works for you I can jump on a quick call with you before this Governance Call and get your feedback on the topics on the agenda to pass on during the call to make sure your point of view is represented. If that sound interesting hit me up on DM and we’ll set it up.

The same goes for anybody else that can’t attend at the given timeslot but would like to be able to express their opinion - I’m happy to coordinate with you somehow on that.


I will be in attendance!


Could we create a shared Calendar? That might be useful to subscribe to! :slight_smile:


This is great, I’ll be there! Echoing someone else that I am having trouble getting the calendar link to work. I think a shared calendar would help with that discoverability issue to @dennison 's point


Just a quick reminder that the call is happening today, 4PM UTC, I encourage all interested delegates (along with other community members) to come over and join the discussion!


I am interested and it should be started as soon as possible. I also like the proposal by @krst. We can discuss some changes to it, after the first call. If we feel, some more changes can improve the overall experience.

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