Introducing the Real World Assets Innovation Grant Program (RWAIG)

Hello Arbitrum!

It’s an exciting day for RWA’s on Arbitrum as the pilot phase of the RWA Innovation Grants program (RWAIG) goes live!


The RWAIG is a 2-month initiative, in partnership with Gitcoin, that aims to support the development and integration of RWAs on the Arbitrum network. With a funding allocation of 300k ARB, the program targets three key categories: Building, Research, and Awareness. The program is opening for applications as of June 17th.


The RWAIG aims to offer comprehensive support across the lifecycle of RWA development on Arbitrum and kickstart the RWA vertical on Arbitrum. By partnering with experts from top RWA-focused projects like Chainlink, Securitize, PV01, Libre Capital, Centrifuge, and, the RWAIG ensures quality and consistency in the development of the Arbitrum RWA ecosystem. Moreover, having a ‘guiding hand’ for projects aiming to deploy will enable tighter integrations between new and existing projects. We’ve designed the program in alignment with existing RWA initiatives on Arbitrum, such as STEP, to facilitate the integration of RWAs onto the network and increase the TVL of top DeFi apps on Arbitrum, like GMX, Aave, and Pendle.


Through our RWA education sessions and other forum discussions, it’s apparent that RWAs are a critical vertical for Arbitrum to develop. JPMC estimates tokenisation can add $400B in annual revenue for the alts industry and tokenised private credit is only 0.4% of the global market, demonstrating the high growth potential. RWAs currently only constitute 1.1% of Arbitrum’s grants while competitors like Polygon and Avalanche progressing fast.


For this pilot phase, the total size of the fund will be 300k ARB and will be distributed over a 2-month period from 17 June to 16 August, with the review period beginning on 19 June. The program integrates quadratic and direct funding mechanisms in partnership with Gitcoin, with 100k ARB allocated to QF and 200K allocated to direct funding. RWAIG funding targets 3 categories, including suggested deliverables within each:


  • Deployment of RWAs: [1-3] Number of innovative RWA projects launched or in the process of launching on Arbitrum.
  • Strengthening Analytics: [1-2] Number of analytics tools or dashboards developed.
  • Advancing RWA Token Standards


  • Publish Research Reports: [2-3] Number of research reports published as outcome target, incl. assessment of cost-saving for new RWA projects to deploy on Arbitrum with use of the research.


  • Drive Awareness to Arbitrum as the Home of RWAs: [2-3] Number of awareness content pieces.

We’ll be hosting a X Spaces AMA to share all program details next Wednesday at 15:00 CET. Should you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Finally, we’d like to extend our gratitude to ThankArb for making this program possible. Thank you!

Contact points

:white_circle: To find all info: RWAIG Information Hub

:white_circle: To stay up to date: Twitter