Arbitrum RWA Education Sessions Thread

Summary: RWA Education Session Call #1 (May 22)

[Link to Meeting Recording]

Hi all, thanks for joining our great first RWA education session on Wednesday!

We are excited about the engagement with this first session and are encouraged by the enthusiasm shown within Arbitrum DAO to learn more about RWAs and their potential. To date, RWAs represent a small percentage of Arbitrum’s builder activity, accounting for 1.1% of grants in 2023. It is critical for Arbitrum to take the lead and future-proof platform growth, especially when competitors like Polygon and Avalanche have made significant strides in tokenizing assets on their platforms.

As promised, we are sharing the summary notes and resources from our session for those who were unable to attend or want to review! Additionally, we now have a dedicated TG channel for comms and questions on this keep topic (h/t Robin Nagpal).

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I. Key Highlights

The session began with an introduction to the topic of RWAs and their relevance to Arbitrum, followed by presentations from Devansh and PaperImperium of GFXLabs. After, we heard in-depth presentations from industry leaders Chainlink, Karpatkey, and Gauntlet. The 60-minute session concluded with an open-ended Q&A period, allowing community members to engage directly on RWAs with these experts. Below, we highlight the industry expert presentations in turn and share their slides:



[Presentation Deck Link]

Colin Cunningham, Head of Tokenization & Alliance at Chainlink touched on how they’re viewing RWA, including the importance of integrating reliable data feeds for RWA projects. Colin shared his insights from Chainlink, where they’re actively building a lot of the foundational infrastructure that underpins the RWA ecosystem.


[Presentation Deck Link]

Jy Park from Karpatkey discussed the different types of tokenized RWAs and their risk profiles. Jy also touched on how each of these different types of tokenized assets can be used within DAOs, exploring the topics of treasury diversification and yield-bearing collateral.


[Presentation Deck Link]

George Beall, BD Specialist from Gauntlet, broke down the key RWA sectrs and focused on the utilization of tokenized RWAs in the DAO’s treasury. George’s presentation categorized the key distinctions, including advantages and disadvantages, between RWAs and traditional crypto assets.

II. Main Community Interests

The session included an open Q&A period where community members engaged directly with the presenters. The most pertinent topics from the community addressed:

  • Composability of RWAs
    • Renewing focus on integrating these assets with one another to break up silos.
  • RWA Purchases
    • Discussing the logistics of how the Arbitrum DAO should approach RWA purchases, including considerations and assessments of RWA providers.

III. Next Steps

This education session marks the first in a series of discussions aimed at delving deeper into the realm of RWAs and are excited to explore the vast opportunities this asset class presents for the Arbitrum DAO. Join our Telegram Channel to contribute to the RWA discussion and stay tuned for our next education session!