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Dear @stonecoldpat @cliffton.eth @eli_defi , our proposal is ready to be adjusted from draft to final and locked

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Firstly, thank you for your proposal and keen interest in growing the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Introduction and Rationale

  • Proposal Summary: Lodestar Finance seeks to attract more TVL and new users through a grant.
  • Suggested Grant Type: Siren Grant, with a requested grant size of 750K ARB (1.5% of total program availability).

Lodestar Finance, a money market native to Arbitrum, complements our DeFi ecosystem by supporting blue-chip and yield-bearing assets. Since its launch, Lodestar has shown promise, achieving a TVL of 17 million before stabilizing at 8 million. The grant aims to distribute 95% of the funds among market participants, and 5% for incentivizing voting participation. We find the use of random snapshots for ARB rewards distribution an effective anti-gaming measure. Overall, the proposal has strong potential to bolster both TVL and user engagement.

Minor Concerns

TVL Allocation in Arbitrum Native Markets

  • Arbitrum native markets contribute only 2.4m to the overall 8m TVL.
  • Our recommendation for change: Devote a portion of the grant specifically to Arbitrum native markets like ARB, MAGIC, DPX, GMX, and plvGLP to better integrate with our ecosystem.


Castle Capital appreciates the commitment and resilience Lodestar Finance has shown, especially its alignment with Arbitrum since inception. While we are in favor of granting the 750K ARB tokens, we strongly believe that a more targeted allocation towards Arbitrum native markets would further benefit the Arbitrum DeFi ecosystem.

Our recommendations can be summarised as follows:

  • Allocate a part of the grant to boost Arbitrum’s native markets.

We hope our comments provide constructive insights that will guide Lodestar Finance towards even greater success within the Arbitrum ecosystem.


Blockworks Research supports this proposal but would prefer to see the requested amount come down from 750,000 ARB to 300,000 ARB based on, among other things, the anticipated sustainable impact on, and goodwill to, the ecosystem, metrics such as TVL / volume / fees on Arbitrum and overall, a comparative analysis of all submitted STIP proposals, the distribution of incentives across verticals, as well as, to a certain extent, the recommendations made by the Arbitrum Working Group through the four grant categories.

After reading the proposal carefully, we would like to support for this proposal. We look forward to the possibility of further collaboration in the future!

Lodestar: @LodestarFinanceDAO

From @Seedgov led by the @cattin delegation, we want to convey our support to this proposal. The reasons why we agree are as follows:

  • Native market.
  • They will overlay with their incentives and issue 300k LODE every month.
  • 95% grant, 5% grant to issuers

We want to clarify that this is not the final vote, since as we clarify in this release, the final vote is defined by our community. We also want to invite you to attend our Governance Call that will be held tomorrow in our discord.

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As ITU Blockchain, we support Lodestar Finance’s proposal to introduce a new algorithmic lending and borrowing protocol on Arbitrum, casting our ‘for’ vote. This protocol will enable users to earn interest by depositing their assets and access liquidity, while also allowing the implementation of leveraged financial strategies. Despite initial challenges, we appreciate their progress and stability, hope they maintain their transparency.

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To all delegates, governance facilitators, and esteemed community members,

A massive thank you for endorsing and supporting our application. It’s truly an honor to be ranked among the Top 10 protocols in terms of positive votes.

We are looking forward to see these incentives distributed, thickening the available borrowable liquidity on Arbitrum’s native money market while incentivising voters in shaping it through our gauge.

Dear Community,

In order to separate the DAO’s Treasury from the Arbitrum STIP distribution, the following address arb1:0xfA62A3A0722a0aF7739c23a361E2285F5B75ecE7 will be used to receive and distribute the ARB incentives, set as a 3/4 multisig.

The Lodestar team’s KYC process is ongoing and we look forward to seeing this grant program unfold.

Thank you

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