Niv Yehezkel - Hexagate - Candidate for Security Council

Hi everyone,

My name is Niv, I’m the CTO and co-founder of Hexagate (, a web3 security vendor that provides real-time security and risk detection and response platform for protocols, chains, bridges and asset managers.
Hexagate currently serves and works the biggest names in the industry: Consensys, Polygon, Coinbase, Ava Labs, Chainalysis, GMX, EigenLayer and many many others.

Our team is comprised of the most talented security experts and researchers. We have been involved in the web3 security scene in the past 2 years in lots of war rooms helping protocols to save significant funds during emergency times, notifying protocols about imminent threats in real-time and helping them with incident response as incidents happen. We go way back in the domain of vulnerability research and security in general. Prior to Hexagate, I was one of the first employees and an R&D manager of a very successful company in the healthcare security space, protecting healthcare networks globally in the globe from ransomware and other threats.

Besides building the product, we have been very much involved in multiple initiatives and research that have significantly helped the ecosystem.
We are an active member of the SEAL-911 group ( and Crypto ISAC, which helps with responsible vulnerability disclosure, incident response in times of emergency and contributing our knowledge and expertise in strategic discussions on how to build a more sustainable and secure crypto ecosystem.

A few notable examples from the past:

  1. Helping Compound V2 following the Hundred Finance hack - we monitored the hack and researched the exploit and found out that all Compound V2 forks are susceptible to the same attack. We contacted Compound and OZ team and worked to communicate our findings: Hundred Finance Exploit and Compound v2 - Compound Community Forum

  2. Responsible vulnerability disclosure of a consensus bypass vulnerability on Polygon PoS and helping protect the bridge: Polygon Consensus Bypass Bugfix Review | by Immunefi | Immunefi | Medium

  3. Helping Socket right when we monitored the hack in real-time and notifying them to pause the bridge aggregator: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  4. Helping WOOFi finance with their incident right when it happened:

  5. Helping Radiant in real-time when the hack happened and finding the root cause:

  6. Helping Conic Finance before the hack and tracing funds after it happened:

and many other cases that we’ve been involved in.

Our goal right from the beginning was to make web3 safe and secure. We are devoted to this task and have been operating 24/7 to help anyone using web3 to be be protected, on multiple fronts, as demonstrated.
I nominate myself, also as a representative of Hexagate, to be a member of the security council - we believe this is a perfect fit for Hexagate and the Arbitrum Security Council given our vast experience in the domain and the vision that we have.