CvH - VP Security @ Polygon Labs - Candidate for Security Council

Hello Arbitrum fam,

I’m Christopher von Hessert, currently VP for Security @ Polygon Labs. Below you can find my socials for a bit around my experience and some details on my nomination follow.

Linkedin: Christopher von Hessert - Polygon Labs | LinkedIn

I want to make web3 more trustworthy, thats my personal goal, thats all I care.
I’ve dedicated my career to cybersecurity and currently helping drive a security culture at Polygon labs and its ecosystem, where I oversee all product and application related security activities. As well, I’m actively involved in helping Polygon’s Security Council and therefor very familiar with the do and the don’ts.
I believe and love the idea that people from other similar projects are able to contribuite and collaborate in this way, given we all encounter similar issues. I absolutely only see this as a win-win and not a conflict of interest at all.

I’ve been in the security & engineering trenches for 20+ years doing every single area of Security, from incident response & pentesting, all they way to Global Leader of a 200+ Security Organization, working for top organizations such as IBM & ServiceNow, but as well involved in startups and entrepreneurs, and even been a multiple failed entrepreneur myself.
Been involved web3 stuff since 2014 (if mining BTC can be called web3). I’m very confortable with reviewing transactions and its calldata, technical proposals and being able to raise risks and concerns.
As well, I’ve participated in (more than I wished for) war rooms, disaster recovery activities, internal and external audits & assessments of all kind, and worked with most known Auditing firms in the space.
Together with a fine eye for detail and operational excelence, I believe I can be a great asset to Arbitrum’s Security Council.

You can find me talking about security at various conferences, once of the most recent ones (which have recording available) was ETH Amsterdam or ETHCC Paris in 2023: