Gal Sagie - Candidate for Security Council

Hello All,

My name is Gal Sagie, CEO and Co-Founder of Hypernative (, the leading and most advance real time security and threat prevention platform.
I am nominating myself to represent Hypernative as part of Arbitrum security council, our full team expertise and experience will be leveraged to help and advance the state of security and safety in Arbitrum.

My personal experience and Hypernative security contribution

Over the last 2 years i am the CEO and Co-Founder of Hypernative which created a real time security detection and prevention platform and is today being used by many of the big chains/protocols and funds/asset managers in the space (For example: Consensys Linea, Starknet, Circle, Zettachain, Balancer, Chainlink, OlympusDAO, Radiant, Chainalysis, etc)
Before that i sold my last startup to IBM and was CTO in IBM Cloud after the acquisition , including previous positions at Google, VMware, Intel at variety of cyber security and infrastructure technical roles.

Myself and my team has helped countless projects in the last years after, during and before they got hacked/exploited, even when they arent a customer of Hypernative, few recent examples:

Our team has 3 members in the SEAL 911 team, helping and contributing to make our space safer for all users in both war room help, incident response, vulnerbilities disclosure and root cause investigations on-chain and off-chain.
I am also part of crypto security ISAC, working with top organizations in the space to share security knowledge and information

Our team is a close partner of Chainalysis, we have connections to the biggest security organizations and wallet providers in the space (Metamask, Blockdaemon, Fireblocks, Circle, etc) and have helped with funds recovery and tracking.

Myself and Hypernative mission was from day one to accelerate and improve the security and safety of Web3 for everyone, if its by commercial means but also and more importantly it is our personal goal for all of our team, this is why we continously volunteer and provide support in all the initiatives that were mentioned above.

Our team combine 10’s of years of cyber security and blockchain/Web3 experience in a variety of areas from operational security, network security, Web2 infrastructure security, solidity , smart contract security and frontend/web applications security.
I believe we will be able to contribute to the security council and would like to offer our help in this role

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I’m the Project Lead of Steadefi and I just came across this post organically while browsing the forums.

Just felt compelled to drop a note here to show support for Gal Sagie and Hypernative. Even though Steadefi isn’t currently a client of Hypernative (mostly due to resourcing), we were for about 1 business month. When we got exploited, the Hypernative product did work to give us alerts + Gal and the team was extremely reactive and professional in helping us with our war room efforts to figure things out. Their network is also really good.