[Non-Constitutional] Empowering Early Contributors: The Arbiter(community) Proposal

This proposal recommends the allocation of 500,000 $ARB tokens, equivalent to 0.005% of the total supply, to acknowledge and reward the outstanding contributions of Arbitrum community members known as “Arbiters.” These contributors have played pivotal roles in Arbitrum’s development, from translation and publicity to community support and protection from fraudulent activity. By establishing a transparent and equitable reward system through the Arbitrum DAO, we aim to recognize past contributions and inspire continued dedication, fostering the growth of our ecosystem.

The Arbitrum community thrives on collaboration, decentralization, and the Ethereum community spirit. This proposal aligns with these principles and strives to:

  1. Recognize the exceptional contributions made by Arbiters to Arbitrum’s development.
  2. Demonstrate the spirit of collaboration and decentralization within the Arbitrum ecosystem, ensuring its long-term sustainability.
  3. Establish a clear and equitable reward mechanism through the Arbitrum DAO, ensuring that Arbiters are treated fairly.
  4. Inspire more individuals to actively participate in the advancement of the Arbitrum ecosystem by retroactively rewarding Arbiters.

The Arbitrum community, driven by its contributors, has been instrumental in shaping Arbitrum over the past two years. These dedicated individuals have contributed significantly through a wide range of activities, including translation, promotion, event organization, community guidance, safety assurance, and collaboration with other communities. These efforts have been essential to the success and vibrancy of the Arbitrum community.

Partial contribution value
Since 2021-2023, the work and contributions made by Arbiter are too numerous to list and quantify individually, and the data provided are statistically estimated due to the lack of prior targeted data counting and retention.

  1. Provided millions of help to Arbitrum community users and developers. It allows Arbitrum team members to focus more on the development of technology, and also allows millions of Arbitrum community members to get answers to all kinds of questions and needs feedback. (Anyone can view the help and contributions of the arbitrators on the arbitrum Discord server, wechat groups, and other language communities, etc.)

2, Arbiters are online 24/7 (in Odyssey and Guild activities related to many arbiters are 16 + hours online, for community members to provide the most immediate, high-quality help) arbiter two years, has been involved in the maintenance and management of the community order, to report and stop more than 100,000 times of the scam, to ensure that hundreds of thousands of members of the community are able to get help in a timely manner and to keep the server safe.

3、Establish Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and other Arbitrum local communities, such as: Chinese more than 10 WeChat groups, WeChat public number, microblog, Coinhub, and other media (due to policy reasons, a number of Chinese media has canceled the account)

The establishment of language communities has further expanded Arbitrum’s influence, attracted more than 100,000 users and developers to choose to use Arbitrum, and promoted the prosperity of the ecosystem.

4、Translate and proofread more than 50 Arbitrum articles, arbiters in various language areas edit, typeset and publish Arbitrum daily information more than 2,000 times, publish more than 300 articles and blogs, explain more than 50 videos, and all kinds of accounts with a large number of real fans and readers, for hundreds of thousands of users around the world to provide a quick understanding of the use of Arbitrum and the information and guidelines.

  1. arbiter has provided community optimization, management, operation, and promotion suggestions for arbitrum more than 300 times, making the system of Arbitrum publicity, service, promotion, and operation more perfect, and allowing Arbitrum users, developers, and ecosystem projects to get better service experience and help.

  2. dock 30 Arbitrum AMA, more than 20 events, more than 100 docking projects, affecting hundreds of thousands of community members, attracting more than 50 projects to choose an arbitrum network for deployment.

  3. Some Arbiters have their own communities, and as KOLs in Twitter and famous communities, they vigorously promote Arbitrum through their own influence, posting blogs and all kinds of information, and their continuous influence involves hundreds of thousands of crypto community users. This has brought great enthusiasm and new users to the Arbitrum community.

  4. arbiters has been accompanying and witnessing the prosperous development of the Arbitrum community and ecosystem, continuously carrying forward the spirit of the Arbitrum community and promoting and marketing Arbitrum.

From 6,400 wallet addresses at the initial mainnet launch to 1,270,000+ wallet addresses now, including the growth of on-chain TVLs and a thriving ecosystem. Helped and assisted Arbitrum Discord to grow from tens of thousands of members to now 460,000, providing millions of high quality help, all kinds of Arbitrum promotion and publicity with millions of views.

The following document is the basis for some of the contribute saved
[arbiter Simple example table of contributions in different categories - Google Sheets]


Arbiters: Comprising the most dedicated contributors to the Arbitrum community over the past two years, recognized for their exceptional and humble service to the Arbitrum community.

Distribution of Incentives:
The Arbitrum community requests a total of 500,000 $ARB tokens, to be evenly distributed among 25 of its members, recognizing their past work for the Arbitrum community.

Calculation: 20,000 $ARB tokens per member x 25 Discord Arbiters = 500,000 $ARB.

Wallet Address Collection and Distribution:
Arbiters’ contributor wallet addresses will be collected through a specified process, ensuring accuracy and fairness. If the proposal is approved, the Arbitrum DAO will disburse rewards to each Arbiter contributor’s address, following thorough verification and confirmation.

Future Plans:
Upon the successful implementation of this proposal, we will continue to enhance Arbiter contribution methods, ensuring the sustained growth of the arbitrum community.

arbiters will continue to translate blogs, do publicity, organize AMAs, hold offline activities, provide community suggestions, optimize community services, maintain community order, provide high-quality help to the community, actively connect with various activities and projects, and help promote cooperation with other communities. On the basis of arbitrum, actively participate in the arbitrum Ambassador Program and explore more ways to contribute, and continue to provide value to the broader arbitrum ecosystem.

Our goal is to continually contribute value to arbitrum and collaborate with the broader community to foster a vibrant and thriving arbitrum ecosystem.
As arbitrum continues to evolve, we will also be able to really demonstrate our knowledge of the protocol and help show more new users that arbitrum is the optimal scaling solution for Ethereum.

When the arbitrum discord server exceeds 700,000 members,or when TVL passes $3b,or when we have helped community members more than two million times, or when we have made significant progress in various types of outreach and publicity. We are committed to transparently communicating milestone updates and displaying data about what arbiters are doing or contributing.

After this proposal, we will pay attention to the statistics and retention of examples of contributions made by arbiters, and data. This will facilitate more detailed examples and data presentation at the next milestone.

The implementation of a robust reward system via the Arbitrum DAO is crucial for recognizing and appreciating the invaluable contributions of Arbiters to the community. This initiative will reinvigorate community engagement, foster openness, and encourage sustained participation, ultimately ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Arbitrum community. Transparency, fairness, and continuous improvement based on community input will be at the forefront of this endeavor. With this proposal, we are confident in building a more collaborative, innovative, and dynamic Arbitrum community that embodies the values and spirit of our ecosystem.

Your insights are valued and essential in shaping the future of our community. We welcome you to provide feedback and engage with us.


We would like to have everyone support and input :partying_face:

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Strongly agree, the community should be rewarded


Strongly agree, the community should be rewarded and hard work should be rewarded

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extremely grateful :heart: :heart: :heart:

extremely grateful :heart: :heart: :two_hearts:

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I highly recognize your work and deserve rewards

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Thank you so much for your support and input! :heart:

Strongly agree, community contributors should be rewarded

Thank you all so much for your support, it’s so appreciated!

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you guys deserve it
good job


good job, support you


Trying to farm the DAO fund? Nice job. lol


Couldn’t agree more! Community contributors should be rewarded. They have spent a very long time helping community members and completed a lot of boring and energy-consuming work. The project should not ignore them after completing decentralization! this is not right!


you guys deserve it。

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Hi everyone, our posts have been moved here, thank you for your support!


I appreciate your work, I hope the community can see this and support us

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Yes, I hope DAO can clearly see the contributions they have made to Arbitrum over the past 2 years

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I’m with you guys. You’re doing a great job

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Good suggestion, I will definitely support it!

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