Proposal: A Proposal for ARB Token Airdrop to Early Arbitrum Devcon Hackathon Participants and GitHub Contributors

Dear Arbitrum Foundation,

I am writing this proposal to request an airdrop of $ARB tokens to the early participants of the first-ever Arbitrum Devcon Hackathon 2022 (KEY) and the open-source contributors who contributed code to the OffchainLabs repositories on GitHub.

The participants of the hackathon played a critical role in shaping the Arbitrum ecosystem as they were the early adopters who exhibited a keen interest in the platform’s capabilities and developed innovative solutions for it. With 199 individuals participating in the hackathon, each of them contributed to the platform’s success in their unique way. We firmly believe that their hard work deserves recognition and reward. You can track user wallets on this contract: TransparentUpgradeableProxy | Address 0xc4bcbaa594843881fc3957c9104965d0f7cfb1ff | Arbiscan

Similarly, the open-source contributors who contributed code to the OffchainLabs repository on GitHub are the backbone of the Arbitrum ecosystem. Their valuable contributions have enhanced the platform’s functionality and have made it more accessible to users. We estimate that there are around 100-150 users who have contributed to the repository, and it is crucial not to overlook their efforts. To verify the users of GitHub contributors, we can use the OAUTH method to fetch data and authenticate the early open-source contributors.

We propose that the foundation distribute $ARB tokens as an airdrop to both hackathon participants and GitHub contributors. While the DAO will ultimately decide on the amount of $ARB to be airdropped to participants and contributors, we personally believe that the amount should be between 25-50k $ARB tokens to each participant/contributor at a minimum. These users are amongst the most valuable members and are among the top 500 members out of multi-million users who have helped shape the Arbitrum ecosystem - which is a significant achievement in itself. We understand that tracking all the users and contributors may be a challenging task. However, we are willing to contribute to the process and work with the foundation to develop a system to identify and verify the wallet addresses of the participants and contributors.

We believe that the foundation will benefit greatly from this airdrop, as it will incentivize developers to continue building on the Arbitrum platform and contribute to its growth. It will also help to create a sense of community and loyalty among the participants and contributors, which will be invaluable for the ecosystem’s long-term success.

In conclusion, we request the foundation to consider our proposal and provide an airdrop of $ARB tokens to the early participants of the Arbitrum Devcon Hackathon 2022 (KEY) and the open-source contributors who contributed code to the OffchainLabs repositories on GitHub. We appreciate your time and attention and look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you.



Disagree! Every contributor should be treated equal , no matter user or developer. The developer take the information advantage than normal user and gain a lot more at the initial phases,and they already gain their part coin!


We respectfully disagree with your points.

Additionally, it is not accurate to suggest that developers have an unfair advantage over users, as each group has different skills and knowledge that are necessary for the success of a project. It is important to appreciate the contributions of all individuals involved in a project and to recognize the unique skills and expertise that open-source contributors and Hackathon participants brings to the table.

Well number speaks for themselves: there are less than 500 participants who are a part of this proposal out of multi-million users of the ecosystem.



Haven’t they received their airdrop yet? They were so early and had all the chances to get the maximum amount possible…


More maxis amount airdrop for next incoming hackathon funding , that s right.


The original airdrop hugely depended on volume, so it is incorrect to say that early users/devs had the maximum amounts. As someone who does not have access to a large volume of assets, even though I’ve been in touch with Arbitrum since almost a year ago, I got only a small amount on the airdrop.


Yes, the volume is a problem for many users including myself, and the exact criteria were unknown. I was trying to say that people who worked with the project from the early days had all the chances to get much more points than an average user.

I might be wrong but I believe that the early code contributors and Hackaton participants should have been already rewarded (in cash or some other way). If not then it would be absolutely fair to airdrop those contributors of course.


There are numerous open-source contributors who voluntarily contributed to the repositories of Arbitrum (Offchain Labs) on GitHub, as well as hackathon participants, who are not officially part of the Arbitrum team. As a result, they are not rewarded directly for their contributions in anyway.



Some possible additions to the proposal:

  1. Award Github contributors based on a certain factor of commits+PRs+engagement
  2. Award hackathon participants based on their placement on the hackathon.

Great project , ARB to the moon


Can you give me the original Airdrop link.
Describe me please.


I agree with the notion of this proposal, but the amount you’re requesting just seems like a lot to me. I understand the point you make about the level of impact the effort has had by these early contributors, but I still feel like 25k-50k ARB per contributor X 100-150 contributors is a LOT. That’s anywhere between 2.5 million and 7.5 million ARB. Personally, I think something between 5-25k per contributor depending on the severity and frequency of contributions makes more sense.


@Arbitrum @DisruptionJoe, could you please share your personal views on this proposal? Additionally, could we get some assistance in creating an on-chain proposal? I personally do not have the threshold to create one;) Thank you!


I think this is a great proposal. It is what the DAO is meant to fund. Creative ideas on how to reward and incentivize builders to build on Arbitrum!

However, I want to see the constitution ratified and AIP-1, and AIP-2 passed before any other proposals. Once those pass, I will take time with you personally to help you properly propose and (hopefully) pass this proposal. Feel free to DM.


Hello! I am following up on this proposal because AIP-1 has a “failed status” on this forum. Considering the current market conditions, this proposal is a good way to incentivize builders. @0x_Buidler @DisruptionJoe, can you share your thoughts on this?


We are in the final stages of completing the first draft of the proposal, which we aim to release for public-community review hopefully within this week.