Arbitrum DAO News: Security Council Elected, Entropy Advisors and Grant Updates, May 9th

The DAO has successfully elected a new Security Council, and with it comes a new advisor to support the development of delegate initiatives, new contributor proposals, and incentive outcomes.

Let’s dive into this week’s Arbitrum DAO news :rocket:

:eyes: TL;DR - Snapshot of the Week

  • Security Council Elected
  • Arbitrum GovHack Save the Date
  • Mint an open edition #Arbizuki on Zora
  • Arbitrum Ecosystem Spotlight: On This
  • Introducing Entropy Advisors
  • Questbook DDA 2.0 is live
  • UAGP Grants Updates
  • STIP Program Updates and Reports
  • Arbitrum Fellowships Groupss
  • Onboarding to the Arbitrum DAO
  • Discussions and Proposals
  • Voting Reminders
  • Governance Calls
  • DAO Resources

Ecosystem News :blue_heart:

Security Council Elections

The New Security Council Cohort has been Elected.

Congratulations to the 6 newly appointed members: Bartek.eth, Zellic, Yoav.eth, Fred, Certora, and OpenZeppelin.

A grace period is now in effect until May 16, after which the election results will be officially effectuated.

Save The Date for Arbitrum GovHack ETHcc Brussels

Mark your calendars for Arbitrum GovHack ETHcc Brussels, happening July 5th, 6th, and 7th. This exciting event, powered by Hack Humanity, promises to be a hub for innovation.

Stay tuned for full details and the application opening date, it’s coming soon!

Mint an open edition #Arbizuki on Zora

For the Arbitrum community, there’s an open edition of Azuki #723 on Arbitrum via Zora with a minting fee of 0.000777 ETH.

The open mint will last for one month! Mint your Azuki #723 here.

:speaking_head: Ecosystem Spotlight

On This

Onthis offers no-code tools that enable anyone to build on the blockchain without needing prior development experience. Users can create their own ERC20 tokens, bridge and swap ETH across different chains, or conduct multiple token trades in a single transaction.

Learn more about On This | On This Docs

:wink: DAO News

Entropy Advisors: Helping Arbitrum DAO

A new governance advisory firm, Entropy Advisors, has been launched to support the Arbitrum DAO. Founded by industry veterans Matt Fiebach and Sam Martin, Entropy Advisors will focus on streamlining the DAO’s operations and tackling challenges like decision-making, member alignment, and attracting skilled contributors.

For more information and contact details for Matt and Sam, click here.

The next phase of the Arbitrum Grants Program is now live

DDA 2.0, a new initiative spearheaded by Questbook and backed by a $4 million budget approved by the DAO, is set to fuel growth within the Arbitrum ecosystem. With a focus on Arbitrum Dev Tooling, Arbitrum Gaming, Arbitrum New Protocols & Ideas, and Arbitrum Education, Community Growth & Events.

The funding cap per proposal has been increased to $50,000, enabling larger, impactful initiatives, while proposals exceeding $25,000 will undergo additional oversight from two domain allocators.

Explore the full details and application process here.

Uniswap Arbitrum Grant Program Report

The second cohort of grantees delivered impressive results in March & April, with over 120 applications showcasing program popularity. So far, 11 projects are officially on board, receiving a total of $156k USDC this period and over $1 million allocated for future milestones.

Four grantees even achieved a combined 7 milestones, including funding and development progress. This program is fueling innovation within Uniswap and Arbitrum, and stay tuned for more updates, including grantee feedback.

For full program details and application process click here.

STIP Program Updates and Report

The STIP Bridge Challenge is now underway, alongside the release of a comprehensive STIP Program Update and Report.

I'm a delegate, what do I have to do?

The STIP Bridge Challenge period is underway! Delegates have until May 11th to review applications on the Arbitrum forum and identify projects needing further scrutiny before optimistic funding.

To challenge a project, delegates should comment on the application stating their intent to submit a Snapshot proposal. This Snapshot proposal, if garnering at least 66% support (excluding abstentions), will block the project from receiving bridge funding.

If you want to check challenge and review period clarification details, just click here.

I just want to read STIP Report

The full STIP Program Updates and Report can be found here.

Arbitrum DAO Onboarding for new contributors

Over 50 new individuals interested in contributing to ArbitrumDAO have attended the welcome calls in the first weeks of the onboarding group’s execution. In the coming weeks, they will receive participation instructions tailored to their profiles and skills.

If you’re interested in participating, the meetings occur every Monday at 1 pm UTC and Thursday at 11 pm UTC.

I'm interested in becoming an Arbitrum DAO member or contributor

Please make sure to add the Arbitrum DAO Calendar for the full schedule and the most accurate times.

I'm looking for new contributors for my Arbitrum DAO projects or working group

A list of contributors with different backgrounds and interests in the DAO will be created. If you’re a member of a working group in the DAO, interested in recruiting new members or contributors for your initiatives, or involved in creating a new proposal, etc., feel free to reach out on TG at @ArbitrumDAOOnboarding so we can connect you directly with interested contributors.

You can find more details about this working group in the Arbitrum Forum.

:bookmark_tabs: Some Governance Discussions:

[RFC] Arbitrum Multi-sig Support Service (MSS)

This proposal outlines the creation of a “Multi-sig Support Service” (MSS) to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance transparency.


The current system of individual multi-sig signers across various Arbitrum DAO programs is financially unsustainable. The costs are projected to rise significantly with future program growth, placing a strain on the DAO’s resources. Additionally, the fragmented structure lacks consistency, transparency, and professionalism. This proposal seeks to address these issues by establishing a centralized and efficient “Multi-sig Support Service” (MSS).

  • Elected MSS Committee: The DAO will elect 12 individuals to form the MSS committee. These members will be responsible for managing multi-sig signing across all DAO-funded programs.
  • Tiered Signing Threshold: A tiered signing threshold based on transaction value will be implemented. This ensures appropriate oversight for larger transactions while streamlining smaller ones.
  • Compensation & Payment Structure: Signers will receive a fixed monthly fee in USD, paid in ARB at the spot price. This eliminates fluctuations in signer compensation due to the volatile nature of ARB.
  • Standardized Approval Flow: Each program will utilize a standardized payment approval flow within the MSS framework, ensuring clarity and consistency in spending processes.
  • Den Integration: Den, a multi-sig management tool, will be implemented for improved efficiency and security.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy: A strict Conflict of Interest Policy will be enforced for MSS members to maintain the integrity and impartiality of the service.
Project Asks
  • Approval of the MSS program through a Snapshot vote.
  • Allocation of 400,000 ARB to fund the MSS for approximately one year, with a renewal proposal for continued operation.
  • Community participation in the application and election process for MSS members.

The proposal also presents the option to implement monthly “Token Flow Reports” by r3gen finance. These reports would analyze DAO inflows and outflows, providing valuable insights into financial activity. The cost of this service is $6650 USDC per month, paid in ARB at the spot price.

Ask: 400,000 ARB

AIP: BOLD - permissionless validation for Arbitrum

BOLD aims to enable permissionless validation across Arbitrum chains and enhance security by mitigating delay attacks. This protocol ensures that any single honest party can successfully defend against false claims to an Arbitrum chain’s state, marking a crucial advancement towards establishing Arbitrum as a Stage 2 Ethereum rollup.


The upgrade to BOLD is designed to significantly reduce execution costs and bolster the security of smart contracts. By ensuring interoperability within the same ecosystem, BOLD facilitates smoother transitions and integrations, setting a new standard in blockchain technology.

  • A thorough audit by Trail of Bits.
  • Extensive testing on public testnets for a minimum duration of eight weeks.
  • A broad public audit program.
  • The release of mathematical safety proofs and detailed formal specifications. This upgrade will necessitate modifications to the onchain smart contracts and the introduction of a new challenger manager contract on Ethereum, facilitating the transition for validators on Arbitrum One and Nova to participate under the new protocol.

You can also view “Uncovering BOLD & Permissionless Validation” by OffchainLabs here.

Temperature Check: Change Arbitrum Expansion Program to allow deployments of new Orbit chains on any blockchain

The Arbitrum Expansion Program is proposed to be expanded to enable deployments of Orbit chains on blockchains beyond just those deriving security from Ethereum. This proposal seeks community feedback on allowing Orbit chains to launch on networks like Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos, among others.


Revenue Potential: Broadening the permissible deployment landscape could significantly enhance revenue streams for ArbitrumDAO due to a higher number of deployments.

Industry Influence: By allowing Orbit to deploy widely, Arbitrum could reinforce the dominance of EVM-compatible technologies, promoting further adoption across diverse blockchain environments.

Ecosystem Advantages: While restricting Orbit chains to Ethereum-related blockchains could centralize and strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem, diversification may prevent potential limitations exclusive to Ethereum and address evolving definitions and configurations in blockchain technology.


Operational Changes: If approved, the Arbitrum Foundation will handle the collection of the 10% profit share from new chains, ensuring these contributions are funneled back to the ArbitrumDAO’s treasury and the Arbitrum Developer Guild.

Multi-Signature Requirement: Projects must verify that the Arbitrum Foundation has established a multisig on the chain of choice to collect and manage revenue shares effectively.

Program Documentation Update: The Arbitrum Expansion Program description will be updated to reflect the ability to deploy on any public blockchain network, with continuous support and alignment with the Arbitrum DAO’s governance and community values.

Project Asks

The community is asked to participate in the decision-making process through upcoming governance calls and a Snapshot vote to determine if the Expansion Program should be broadened to include any blockchain network or remain exclusive to Ethereum L1.

Discussion and Voting:

  • Governance Calls: Scheduled for April 22, 2024, at 10:00 UTC and April 26, 2024, at 16:00 UTC.
  • Snapshot Voting: To decide between allowing any blockchain network or restricting to only Ethereum L1. The outcome will guide the Arbitrum Foundation’s subsequent adjustments to the program.

AIP: Nova Fee Router Proposal

This proposal seeks to streamline the handling of transaction fees on Nova by automating their transfer to the Arbitrum DAO Treasury on Arbitrum One. This system change will allow for faster, more efficient access to funds and simplify financial management within the DAO.


Currently, transaction fees collected by the DAO on Nova are routed through a governance-controlled address, requiring constitutional proposals for fund transfers. The proposed system automates these transfers, reducing the need for frequent governance actions and lowering the quorum requirement for spending, which enhances operational efficiency and reduces potential delays.

  • Implementation of fee router contracts to automate the distribution of funds from Nova directly to the Arbitrum DAO Treasury.
  • Following the initial upgrade, a subsequent proposal will be introduced to reallocate any remaining funds at the original timelock address to the new fee router system, ensuring complete transition to the automated process.

AIP: Support RIP-7212 for Account Abstraction Wallets

This proposal advocates the adoption of RIP-7212, which introduces a precompile for the secp256r1 curve, facilitating the use of account abstraction wallets that leverage passkeys and secure enclaves. The implementation of this precompile aims to significantly reduce operational costs and improve the user experience on Arbitrum One and Nova.


Introducing the secp256r1 precompile aligns with the Arbitrum community’s values by enhancing accessibility, security, and inclusivity. It enables cheaper and more secure account abstraction wallets, supporting users who prefer not to manage private keys traditionally. This proposal also embodies Ethereum’s ethos by promoting broader adoption through enhanced user experience without compromising security.

  • Public discussions on the Ethereum Magicians Forum to refine the proposal.
  • Testing on the Arbitrum Sepolia test network following a Snapshot vote approval.
  • Deployment on Arbitrum One and Nova upon successful testing and subsequent on-chain governance approval.
  • The implementation will coincide with the next ArbOS upgrade, including Stylus integration.

You can also view the recording of the Gov Call discussing the RIP-7212 and Nova Fee Router Proposals here.

:ballot_box: Voting Reminders

Active Proposals Live for Voting

The following proposals are available for voting, and we encourage all delegates to analyze and exercise their right to vote.

M&A for Arbitrum DAO (Snapshot)

The Arbitrum M&A Working Group is proposing the establishment of a dedicated M&A Unit within the DAO. This unit will focus on identifying and executing merger and acquisition opportunities to strategically enhance the Arbitrum ecosystem.

8-weeks Pilot Phase will provide further platform for discussion and focus on:

  1. Analysis of M&A value upside for Arbitrum DAO
  2. Development of strategic areas for Arbitrum DAO
  3. Analyses of target examples and presentation to the DAO

Ask: $50k ARB for Pilot Phase.
Deadline to vote Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Link to vote

GovHack at ETH CC (Brussels) (Tally)

The proposal aims to solidify Arbitrum’s presence at a key Ethereum event, enhancing community ties and attracting global talent. The strategic importance of ETH CC makes this an essential opportunity for demonstrating Arbitrum’s leadership in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Seeking $309k from the Arbitrum DAO to create an immersive three-day event prior to the conference, focusing on fostering community engagement and showcasing Arbitrum’s capabilities in decentralized governance.

Ask: $309k ARB.
Deadline to vote Saturday, May 18, 2024.

Link to vote

No longer Active Proposals for Voting

The following proposals have concluded, and we invite delegates to stay tuned for their development within the Arbitrum DAO. The approval of a proposal is just the beginning, not the end.

:iphone: Governance Calls

:soon: Upcoming Calls:

  • ARDC DAO Advocate Discussion with Arbitrum DAO
  • Arbitrum DAO Onboarding
  • Ecosystem Mapping Fellowship
  • Business Development Fellowship
  • Incentives Working Group Call
  • Education Fellowship Group
  • ADPC Call
  • AVI Working Group Call
  • Social Media Fellowship Group

You can subscribe and add the Arbitrum governance calls to your calendar here

:books: Arbitrum DAO Resources

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