Open Dollar’s first community distribution includes 69,000+ Arbitrum delegates

Open Dollar has announced the first airdrop of our governance token, ODG, to begin DAO operations and elect delegates ahead of the mainnet launch. As a new, Arbitrum-native CDP stablecoin protocol, we’ve included over 69,000 Arbitrum users in this airdrop - everyone who delegated at least 100 ARB before the snapshot in late November.

The full list of Arbitrum users included in the distribution is:

  • The top ARB token delegators who delegated at least 100 ARB to voting members of Arbitrum DAO before the snapshot early December.
  • Arbitrum CDP users - Some users of CDP protocols like Vesta Finance, on Arbitrum, with some bot filtering.
  • Arbitrum LST bridgers - People who bridged rETH or wstETH to Arbitrum before the snapshot.
  • Camelot LPs - Those who provided any amount of liquidity on Camelot using the NFT Position Manager.

Additionally, Open Dollar testnet users, Reflexer vault users, members of Meta Cartel DAO, Jasmine Energy Sunsetters, and dSentra RAI foundation donors are eligible.

You can check your eligibility and claim your tokens on our governance dashboard, powered by Tally, here: Open Dollar. Eligible users will have 90 days to claim their tokens, beginning today, January 17th, until April 17th, after which all unclaimed tokens will go to the DAO treasury.

This announcement also marks the open call for delegates for the Open Dollar DAO. Holders of ODG may choose to create proposals or vote independently, or assign their voting power to their delegates of choice on the governance page - structured the same way as Arbitrum DAO. If you are already a delegate for Arbitrum please consider becoming one for Open Dollar too!

You can learn more about Open Dollar on our website: and on our docs at