OpenZeppelin - Candidate for Security Council

Dear Arbitrum Community,

OpenZeppelin has been growing and securing the open economy from the very first-days of the Ethereum network. Since then, it has developed OpenZeppelin Contracts, the most used Solidity Contracts library, a security services arm that has set industry standards and built Defender, a developer security platform to code, audit, deploy, monitor, and operate blockchain applications with confidence.

Today, we are putting forward our candidacy to join the Arbitrum Security Council, aiming to leverage our extensive expertise with security and involvement with existing DAOs like Compound to keep the Arbitrum ecosystem and protocol secure.

Our Experience and Contributions

OpenZeppelin has left an indelible mark on the blockchain landscape, having developed OpenZeppelin Contracts, the most widely utilized library of Solidity smart contracts. Our security services have set industry benchmarks, and through Defender, our comprehensive security platform, we empower developers to build, audit, and manage on-chain applications confidently.

Our experience with DAOs, notably our significant role as the Security Partner of the Compound DAO, highlights our proficiency in enhancing security and governance within decentralized protocols and ecosystems. This collaboration has allowed us to develop a robust suite of tools and processes tailored to the unique needs of DAOs, ensuring their operations are secure and governed effectively. This includes being an active signer for their Pause Guardian Multi–sig, a close equivalent to the Arbitrum Security Council, with powers to pause functionality in the Compound Protocol and take other actions in emergency situations.

As a testament to our capabilities and commitment to the Arbitrum community, we have also secured the security member position for the Arbitrum DAO within the ARDC (Arbitrum Research & Development Collective). This role underscores our expertise and the value we bring to the table in safeguarding decentralized platforms and ecosystems.

SEAL Wargames Initiative

OpenZeppelin’s active participation in the SEAL Wargames initiative exemplifies our dedication to community-driven security. This initiative, focusing on emergency response and vulnerability disclosure, has been pivotal in enhancing the safety and resilience of the Ethereum ecosystem. We were one of the first to participate in a wargame conducted with the Compound Pause Guardian Multi-sig and used it as a learning opportunity to implement improvements including a pager system for signers and greater response times.

Why OpenZeppelin?

Our candidacy is not just about the roles we’ve held or the initiatives we’ve supported; it’s about what we bring to Arbitrum:

  1. Proven Expertise: Our work, spanning over 400 security audits, including foundational projects like Compound and Aave, reflects our deep understanding of blockchain security.

  2. Comprehensive Security: From smart contract development to incident response, our holistic approach addresses the full spectrum of security needs.

  3. Community-First Mindset: Participation in initiatives like SEAL 911 and contributions to Ethereum’s security standards show our commitment to public goods and ecosystem safety.

  4. Educational Leadership: We are dedicated to raising security awareness and capabilities within the blockchain community, providing resources, guidelines, and training to foster a safer ecosystem.


Joining the Arbitrum Security Council is a natural extension of OpenZeppelin’s mission to secure the decentralized web. By combining our vast experience, comprehensive security solutions, and a community-first approach, we are uniquely positioned to contribute significantly to Arbitrum’s security and governance. We look forward to the opportunity to bring our expertise to the ArbitrumDAO, working together to ensure its long-term success and resilience against emerging security challenges.