Pablo Sabbatella (pablito.eth) - Candidate for Security Council


I am Pablo Sabbatella, also known as pablito.eth. I am Argentinian, 39 years old, and based in Buenos Aires. Fully doxxed.
As you will see in my application, my main focus and experience are in Operational Security. I have been involved in cybersecurity in some way for the last 24 years and am now fully dedicated to Blockchain security, specifically researching new kinds of attacks and conducting some on-chain investigations. I am doing this research for Blockfence.

I am also part of SEAL (Security Alliance):

I have quite a big Twitter profile (66K), where I talk mainly about security in the blockchain ecosystem both in Spanish and English:
My Twitter account:

I do regular audits for people and teams who are usually the target of attacks due to their exposure in the crypto and financial world.

I understand what measures have to be put in place to secure Infrastructure, teams, and communication channels and avoid things like hacked Discord, Twitter, and Telegram accounts, private keys stolen from developers, social engineering, domain and DNS hijacking, etc.

  • Zero-day exploits, Social Engineering, Private Key management, Secure devices, VMs, Multisigs, Physical security, Data retention and backup, Email and phone security, OSINT, Secure Browsing, Malware, Firewalls, Secure messaging channels, hardware wallets, etc.
  • In the early 2000s, I founded one of the biggest Cybersecurity portals in Spanish (Hackemate)
  • I have given many talks and participated in panels at different conferences about Blockchain Security (ETH Latam, LaBitConf, Ethereum Argentina, and many more)
  • Created one of the best Blockchain Opsec Security courses (with a framework) through Defy Education.
  • Teach about blockchain security in one of the most important tech universities in Argentina (ITBA) at the subject “Blockchain & DeFi” I founded 2 years ago.


  • Hackemate (1999)
  • Defy Education (2020)
  • Defy Foundation (2022)
  • Ethereum Argentina (2023)

I think it is key to understand that there’s a new wave of malicious actors coming from the Web2 ecosystem to Web3, and those kinds of attacks are very effective.

You can check lots of talks, panels, and classes I gave on Youtube:

Many thanks
Pablo Sabbatella - pablito.eth